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Useful German Phrases and Words for Travelers

You may hear that everybody in Germany, or Austria/ Switzerland, speaks English. It was not what I experienced, to be honest. On your trip to Germany, you may find some people don’t speak any English at all. Like I did.

So, before you pack your bag and get on the plane, learn some basic German first! Knowing ein bisschen Deutsch (a little German) is useful. read more

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Road trip through Germany: The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations by car

Adventurous backpacking through Thailand, a relaxing cruise on the Caribbean Sea or a road trip through the spectacular national parks of the USA – due to the Corona travel restrictions, we will have to say goodbye to these vacation plans for the time being. The alternative: Home vacation in Germany. Sounds boring? But it is not! We have picked out the 10 most beautiful places in Germany, which you can travel quite relaxed by car. Where the trip could go, we tell you in this article. read more

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Starting a career abroad

Those who want a career must have worked abroad at least once. Is that really so? The fact is that globalization has opened many doors for us inside and outside Europe. And it doesn't hurt to get a breath of fresh air. The idea of getting to know something new, far away from family and friends, appeals to many young graduates. There are many possibilities to work abroad- a popular one is to start a career. But what is the best way to proceed? read more

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Australia’s mango season – The goldmine of farm jobs


Looking for jobs to fill the 88 days for the Second Year Visa is getting harder and harder. I know this myself, the only offers are either super low paid, or you have to shell out hammer hard weekly rents in a working hostel to be allowed to work there!

When I was in Australia I thought: “There must be other ways to get the damn second year visa”..” read more

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My exciting time in Ecuador – 10 months student exchange

It is March and I can say that I have a real life here now. A great family, real friends, hobbies and lots of fun. My Spanish is so good now that I just talk and don't have to think about every other word. Of course it is not flawless, but that is not a problem. Then sometimes I even put a grin on the faces of the Ecuadorians. I know that it is not meant badly. Honestly I never thought I would feel and think like I do now. My life here is pretty perfect at the moment. I haven't been homesick for ages either. The last time I think during Christmas and New Year's Eve. I'm going to start telling you about that too. read more

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Travel information for Hurghada

Hurghada visa

Located on the Egyptian Red Sea coast between Cairo and Luxor, Hurghada is a charming seaside resort popular with international tourists as well as Egyptian holidaymakers from Cairo, the Delta and Upper Egypt. Along with Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada is one of the most popular coastal resorts on the Red Sea in Egypt and is known for its extensive sandy beaches and exciting diving opportunities. read more

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New York – Manhattan neighborhoods

Among the neighborhoods of New York Manhattan is known around the world as the heart of the big apple. It is the richest district of New York City, where one of the largest financial centers in the world is located, as well as the headquarters of the United Nations, numerous corporate headquarters, major universities . mainly tourists who want to visit New York even if it is actually only one of the 5 boroughs of New York City! read more

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Credit card comparison: Find and compare the best credit cards

With our interactive credit card comparison you will find the perfect credit card with the best conditions in a few moments!

How does the credit card comparison work?

First of all, you can specify your parameters so that you can find the credit card or debit card that best suits you and your needs. In our credit card calculator there are the following parameters: read more

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Tricks how to get a cheap air ticket to South America

Travelling means for the fewest people to go all out. If that were so, no one would look for the cheapest flights. But just in this point already begins to save. If money is spent generously everywhere on vacation, when buying an airline ticket definitely not.

Cheap airline tickets and travel to South America

If you follow some tricks, you can save a lot of money when buying an airline ticket. First of all, it is important to keep a close eye on the offers of the low-cost airlines. However, only a few low-cost airlines fly across the pond. It is already necessary to observe the large international airlines with their price policy.
However, this pays off. If you are flexible in choosing your vacation period, you can save hundreds of Euros on a vacation trip or the purchase of an airline ticket. Unfortunately, families in particular are severely restricted in this respect for obvious reasons. It also depends on where the trip is going to go. Because when it's summer and peak travel season in Europe, it's just the other way around in the south of South America. Airfares drop drastically – no wonder, who also wants to spend their vacation on a cold beach? From the end of September and beginning of October things get exciting again. Especially in the Brazilian region you can save a lot of money with the best weather. The cheapest flights to South America almost always land in Rio de Janeiro or further up in the northern hemisphere in the always tropically warm Venezuela. read more

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