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Gothenburg: Sights with style


Gothenburg is located in the southwest of Sweden on the coast. In this article I report on my stay and introduce you to places of interest. You can also find an interview that Maxi magazine did with me about Gothenburg here. Have fun and an inspiring read.

T he three dark, mirrored towers spiraling into the night sky of Gothenburg are reminiscent of the movie TRON LEGACY with their blue neon lighting. Futuristic and pretty cool looks the whole thing. The Gothia Towers are one of the most exciting sights of Gothenburg. Serving as a hotel, meeting location and exhibition center. The three towers have restaurants and even a theater. However, the theater does not see itself as a conventional theater, but rather as an experience place "on the level of Las Vegas". The people of Gothenburg lack self-confidence. Gothenburgers do not. Sweden is a design nation. This is often shown by little things. The desk lamp in the hotel room of Gothia Towers for example. It is stylized to a tower. Nice idea. read more

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The 10 best family beaches in Alaska – kid-friendly beach vacation!

Alaska, a beautiful and scenic state, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The pristine beaches are perfect for family fun as you enjoy activities together like fishing, boating, kayaking, surfing and more.

The most amazing thing about the beaches of Alaska is that you can not only spend time with your family, but also enjoy breathtaking views of Mother Nature. read more

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The 10 best places to visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States and the largest in California. Today it is one of the most important cultural, economic, scientific and entertainment centers in the world.

In this article we will talk about the best places in the city and its surroundings and what you can see and do in each of them. Whether you're spending a day or staying three or four, these are the tourist spots you can't miss, ranked from least to most interesting. read more

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My perfect 48 hours in Dresden

Advertising, unsolicited! This text is an editorial contribution, which could have an advertising effect without me being commissioned or paid for it!

"What does the perfect 48 hours look like at your favorite travel destination?"

Ulrike from Bambooblog recently reported about a very interesting blogparade on Traveller's Insight. So I looked there nevertheless immediately times – and was immediately inspired. When asked, "What does the perfect 48 hours look like at your favorite travel destination??"I did not have to think long. For me it will be about my perfect 48 hours in Dresden! read more

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The best ideas for a family weekend in Mallorca

Attention, question: if you had to choose one day of the week, which one would it be? Surely a very high percentage will answer this question with Friday, Saturday or, if that is not possible, Sunday. And as soon as the weekend approaches, there is a smile on the faces of the whole family, knowing that we have more than 48 hours to enjoy this wonderful island. So, get your people together and let's go! The best ideas for a family weekend in Mallorca. We start! read more

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City trip to Bonn in spring – 9 super sightseeing attractions

The city of Bonn in the south of North Rhine-Westphalia is the former capital of Germany and is still of political importance today as the seat of the United Nations.

A city trip to Bonn is worthwhile at any time of the year, because in addition to numerous sights, there are also many places to discover in nature and on the Rhine. There are also plenty of museums to explore on rainy days. read more

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Riyad El Cadi: In the heart of Marrakech

In the labyrinth of the medina of Marrakech one should let oneself drift. You get lost anyway, the further you get into the heart of the city. Here, in the midst of the colorful life are hidden behind thick clay walls magnificent town houses and city palaces: the so-called Riads. One of the most beautiful is the Riyad El Cadi, just a few cross streets away from the square of the jugglers, the Djamaa al-Fna. Editor-in-chief Friederike Hintze paid a visit to this gem .. read more

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Best time to visit Memphis, year-round weather

Many people visit Memphis in the summer. This is when there are many school vacations, but it is also the hottest and wettest time of the year. The summer season is quite long and can be very uncomfortable for visitors. This is also the time of year when room rates are the highest. Winters can be cold – daytime temperatures often stay below freezing and it can sometimes snow. The spring months of April and May and the fall months of October and November are the best times to visit Memphis. There are fewer crowds and the weather can be very pleasant. Photo: Henryk Sadura / Fotolia read more

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Why Visit Spitsbergen?

Why Visit Spitsbergen?

The vast snowy and rugged landscapes of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway, is the stuff of Arctic dreams. Most visitors head here to experience life at the northern extreme, soak up a magnificent visual feast and, of course, meet the unique wildlife that thrives this far north. Primarily, however, visitors head to Spitsbergen because it is from its main settlement, Longyearbyen, that Arctic expeditions set off during the summer months. read more

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