Great Ocean Road Australia – Our route with great highlights, tips & Map

How do we start this text? Maybe with this: Australia’s Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful coastal roads we’ve ever seen. For two days we drove along the route with our camper and couldn’t get out of the amazement anymore.

You can expect long sandy beaches, huge cliffs, wild animals and gigantic viewpoints as far as the eye can see. The Great Ocean Road is rightly popular and a must-see on every trip to Australia. read more

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Useful German Phrases and Words for Travelers

You may hear that everybody in Germany, or Austria/ Switzerland, speaks English. It was not what I experienced, to be honest. On your trip to Germany, you may find some people don’t speak any English at all. Like I did.

So, before you pack your bag and get on the plane, learn some basic German first! Knowing ein bisschen Deutsch (a little German) is useful. read more

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Seniors traveling alone

It is a painful experience that many elderly couples have to make sooner or later: The partner dies and suddenly you are alone. Everyone copes with the time of grief differently and it lasts for different lengths of time. Depending on age and personal condition, the life forces awaken in the partner left behind at some point after all. He/she wants to be with other people, welcome the spring and feel the warm sun on his/her skin. A trip is ideal to get out of your own four walls and to gain new impressions. read more

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10 tips for pollen allergy sufferers

Pollen allergy, spring allergy, hay fever – there are many names and even more symptoms. Especially in spring, the air outside is full of pollen. Many people react with nasal itching, sneezing and watery eyes to these actually harmless pollen grains. In addition to medication, these symptoms can already be prevented with these simple 10 tips for hay fever: read more

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Road trip through Germany: The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations by car

Adventurous backpacking through Thailand, a relaxing cruise on the Caribbean Sea or a road trip through the spectacular national parks of the USA – due to the Corona travel restrictions, we will have to say goodbye to these vacation plans for the time being. The alternative: Home vacation in Germany. Sounds boring? But it is not! We have picked out the 10 most beautiful places in Germany, which you can travel quite relaxed by car. Where the trip could go, we tell you in this article. read more

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