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If you have purchased a vehicle in 2021 and receive a tax assessment from customs regarding the vehicle tax, the question arises as to whether customs has calculated the vehicle tax correctly. Here you will find the most important information on how to calculate the car tax yourself or how to calculate it yourself. check and which basic rules you can use to save taxes when buying a car.

With a tax software create your tax return faster, safer and easier. Which is the right one for you? Taxes.De-user have evaluated five programs.

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In view of the steadily increasing incidence of infection and the limited PCR testing capacities, the ministry for school and education NRW has announced that the resolution of positive.

Announcement of the monitoring locations in the 5. KW (31.01. – 04.02.) 2022

Rhein-erft district switches to digital notifications

announcement of the monitoring locations in the 4. KW 2022


  • district administration rhein-erft-kreis
    willy-brandt-platz 1, 50126 bergheim
  • Telephone: 02271/83-0 (mo-fr. 7:30-18:00)
  • E-mail: info at rhein-erft-kreis.De

Vehicle re-registration with BM license plate

Concerning the change of ownership of vehicles already registered in the rhein-erft district with BM license plates.

  • Identification documents
    (personal identification card or passport in connection with a current registration certificate)
  • Power of attorney in case of representation + identification documents of the principal
  • Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle title) / operating license
  • Valid inspection report
  • If applicable. safety inspection report (§ 29 stvzo)
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of vehicle tax signed by the owner (see downloads, only this form is accepted on site)
  • Insurance certificate in the form of an electronic insurance confirmation number (evb number)
  • If necessary. License plate(s)
  • Commercial register excerpt and business registration if the vehicle is used as a company vehicle + identification documents of the managing director
  • registration of minors only possible after prior consultation with the registration office!

Can I also get a license plate for a vehicle that is already registered??

Yes. in this case, please present the previous license plates at the time of registration.

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VW Beetle repair

Many car and also motorcycle drivers dream of this: your own hobby car workshop in the garage. To achieve this goal, there is a lot to think about and plan for. There are a few things to consider that are necessary for a well-equipped and safe hobby workshop. The advantages of having your own garage are obvious: it is possible to do a lot of work on your own vehicle yourself without having to visit an expensive garage every time. In addition, the self-screwing is great fun. The specialist workshop is then only necessary for difficult cases, because very special tools are not available or special knowledge is lacking. This helps to save money in the end.

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If you want to use the Internet via mobile radio in your car, you need special solutions for the particular application. There is a world of difference between pure navigation services in a private car, the mobile use of streaming services in a motor home and the requirements for emergency vehicles used by rescue services. FTS hennig informs you comprehensively and supplies you with powerful vehicle antennas.

You can’t get more mobile: LTE, UMTS& GSM also available on the road

The word mobile radio already implies the special suitability for mobile use of internet and voice connections via LTE& co. However, the problems associated with the use of LTE (4G), UMTS (3G) and GSM (2G) in vehicles are obvious: the outer shell of the vehicle forms a Faraday cage (area-wide problem). What’s more, cars, trucks& co. At high speed, which causes problems when switching between mobile cells.

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With fleet customers, global automotive service gmbh (G.A.S.) a high level of acceptance. With "dat autohus the essen-based company has now won one of europe’s largest internet used car dealers as a new customer.

"Dat autohus", which operates a total of three locations in bremen, berlin and bockel on the A1, is expected to have more than 16.000 vehicles sold. The task of G.A.S. Will be to ensure nationwide support for vehicle buyers in all types of warranty cases via the nationwide network of partner workshops. "as an internet used car dealer, we have customers in every region of the country. To be able to offer them a qualified warranty service, you need a high-performance partner," explains thomas araman, chairman of dat autohus AG. The area coverage and the resulting proximity to the customer were the deciding factors in the decision to cooperate with G.A.S. To close.

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The electric car 'Lightyear One' - here a prototype - is covered with solar cells. The energy thus generated is to recharge the battery and provide a range of 735 kilometers. The e-car is expected to be available from 2021. IDTechEx analysts believe such concepts can make up for Europe's thin network of charging stations. Photo: Lightyear

The "lightyear one" electric car from the netherlands – shown here as a prototype – is covered with solar cells. The energy thus generated will recharge the battery and provide a range of 735 kilometers. The e-car is expected to be available from 2021 onwards. Idtechex analysts believe that such concepts can compensate for the thin charging station network in europe. Photo: lightyear

Large cities may be all-electric as early as 2035

Cambridge, 19. July 2019. The year 2025 will bring a turnaround for electromobility. Industry analyst dr. Peter harrop from the British market research company "idtechex" in cambridge is convinced that this is the case. Stricter emissions laws and city toll systems could even lead to all-electric driving in major cities as early as 2035.

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While air conditioners were once considered a luxury and were only installed in high-priced vehicles, they are now available as standard equipment. Of course, they can be ordered as optional equipment for any vehicle. Pleasant temperatures in the vehicle interior have long since ceased to be merely a luxury, and are now a key factor in ensuring the safety of the vehicle’s occupants. In the heat, the ability to concentrate while driving decreases considerably and the risk of accidents also increases considerably. To avoid this, a functioning air conditioner is advantageous. In order for it to work properly, it should be serviced at regular intervals.

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Current articles from "PLUS-articles

China market insider

BMW could significantly increase sales of both SUVs and sedans in China in 2021

China market insider

Bosch and Cariad are developing functions for Level 2 and 3 in Volkswagen Group vehicles. Possible development targets for level 4 are being examined

Latest articles from "manufacturers& supplier"

Following the spin-off of the truck business, Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius sees good prospects for the remaining business with cars and vans

Hybrid transmission assembly at ZF in Saarbrucken

Valmet Automotive's battery plant in Salo, Finland: the supplier is strengthening its financial power with a 100 million euro loan

As the youngest brand of the Geely Group, Zeekr is an important part of its expansion strategy

China market insider

Current articles from "technology& DEVELOPMENT."

Dr. Matthias Donner, global Technology Manager Driveline & EV Fluids for the Castrol brand

The 'aircar' can fly and drive on the road like a normal car

Different companies sharing the same vision: to accelerate business by sharing data. Navigation specialist Here and platform provider Freenow are already getting involved in the mobility data space

Its Czech owner drove a Bugatti Chiron at 417 km/h on a German autobahn

Suspected illegal road race

Current articles from "production& logistics"

Volkswagen has started production of the ID 5 at its Zwickau plant

Porsche sees new opportunities opened up by 3D printing in the development and production of low-volume parts and components

Postponed: Hannover Messe will not take place at the end of April as planned, but from May 30 to June 2

Additive manufacturing is expanding the field of application for technical ceramics. The Luneburg lens, for example, is used for communication between autonomous vehicles

Current articles from "lightweight design& body"

Quality inspection on a magnesium instrument panel support

In the future, superlative die casting machines will also be used in Germany for the construction of Tesla's Model Y

China market insider

Milling aluminum without burrs: Sandvik has developed a tool family for this purpose

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  • Fully automatic espresso machine animo optibean
  • Fully automatic espresso machine animo optibean

Animo offers you the possibility to request a quote without obligation in a very simple and quick way. Please fill in the fields below. you will receive as soon as possible a suitable offer from an authorized animo dealer.

Fully automatic espresso machine

The standard for bean-to-cup

A strong espresso, a perfect cappuccino or simply an excellent filter coffee. It’s always about taste: the pure taste of freshly ground coffee. This is what the optibean from animo guarantees. It grinds the beans fresh every time to make authentic espresso coffee. The optibean is just right for connoisseurs, purists and anyone who loves real, fresh coffee.

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Search the delonghi automatic coffee maker test 2021? Then this is the right page for you. Think of fully automatic coffee machines, espresso machines or coffee makers? It’s something for everyone. Which de’longhi is the best for you?

Delonghi is by far the largest manufacturer of coffee machines. To give you a little idea of how big de’longhi is: they have a 33% market share when it comes to fully automatic coffee machines. This is big!

I explain the advantages of the different brewing methods and models. Because why choose an expensive model when your ideal de’longhi fully automatic coffee machine is much cheaper.

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