International driver’s license Thailand – and how to obtain the Thai driver’s license!

Arrived in the Thai holiday paradise, the question of locomotion arises quite quickly. In Thailand very common and therefore also accepted by many tourists is the scooter. You can get from A to B quickly and easily, rent a scooter on every corner and it’s also fun. Most Thailand tourists using this locomotion do not care much about the necessary Thailand driver’s license. This is also because most landlords (including car rentals) do not ask for an international driver’s license but are satisfied with any driver’s license. Of course this is not a problem at first – until it becomes one, for example. after an accident or traffic control, the latter i. d. R. is done with a few hundred baht penalty. In an accident with personal injury that quickly looks different, the own health insurance can make trouble because of driving without driving license and foreign debt can be really uncomfortable, because the Thai laws are not just playing in the cards. Remember always, in an accident, the operations entails or repatriation pays then no more insurance! Even with an international driver’s license, it’s not as easy as you think, Thailand has different laws.

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A grandparents day in the sense of a day of remembrance for grandparents? It is celebrated in the US, the so-called Grandparents Day. Many overseas blogs and media are then packed with tips for beautiful trips or gift ideas for grandma and grandpa. Germany does not know such a day, but various demands finally introduce it. We summarize a few facts about the grandparents day.

It is available in various countries around the world: In Europe, a grandparents’ day is celebrated, for example in Italy, Spain or France. He also has tradition in Asia, as in Singapore or Taiwan. In Germany, much is discussed about it. Former Federal Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen greeted him years ago, whatever that means; Grandpa bloggers insistently urge him and there are even websites that offer the ‘Superoma for coloring’. Recently, an online florist is said to have simply proclaimed a grandma’s day.

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Make Smoothie Yourself – The 14 Most Popular Ingredients for the Power Drink and Their Healthy Properties

For many, a smoothie in the morning is the drink to start your day. It’s tasty, it’s made up of many healthy ingredients and could not be more varied. But which ingredients are the most popular? We tell you.

As a beginner you are a bit skeptical about the drink. After all, many recipes talk about ingredients that most people only know as weeds on the meadow. How should one imagine being able to drink the green stuff? Of course, tasting is about studying here.

The first attempts at newcomers often go wrong. Not infrequently, this is simply due to the wrong combination or that one must first get used to the taste. The smoothies, however, there are typical classics that just go and taste in the taste is not particularly strong.

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Surprisingly cool: my short trip to Wittenberg & Dessau

There are these regions that I have underestimated for many years of my life, I just have to admit that. For a long time, only the coolest metropolises and most exotic destinations were on my bucket list. They still do, but the more I travel, the more I realize that my home country Germany has a lot to offer. In the Canadian Rockies, I had to think about our forests and wonder why I’m looking for elks like crazy, but hardly pay any attention to deer at home. Am I in a foreign country on the flat land, I mean to have found a restful place, but there are in Germany but also.

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We love celebrations and we love beautiful things – we want to share these passions with you

Here you will find regular articles and Inspiration from our world of ideas. Under the menu item “wedding”, for example, great ideas for planning your own wedding party wait. But even if you are invited as a guest to the marriage of a loved one, you get here great tips for gifts, games and more.

Do you also celebrate all festivals as they fall? Or are you quickly overwhelmed by the party planning? Here you are in any case correct. In “Planning Celebrations” we have creative theme party ideas, delicious recipes and practical tips collected and tell you how to bring the next family celebration, but also the birthday of your children guaranteed stress-free on the stage. Creative and craft friends heard in our “DIY” category, we collect great ideas for small and large DIY projects. Here you will find nice ideas for homemade decoration articles, Ideas for crafting with children and great DIY gifts. Speaking of gifts, under “gift ideas” we collect great presents from the extraordinary variety. End with perfume and chocolates, here we present fancy, personal and creative gift ideas. There is something for every occasion and every budget. And of course, if you’re invited to a wedding or a birthday, your gift also includes an individual greeting card. You can even design them yourself in our “shop”. Are you still looking for a greeting idea for the greeting text? In our section “Sayings & Quotes “you’ll find fun, inspirational and profound phrases and sayings of celebrities. Let yourself be inspired. We hope you enjoy browsing, celebrating and tinkering.

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Cape Coral story

The city of Cape Coral has an impressive history

The History of the city of Cape Coral in southwest Florida is very impressive. Today it is a modern city with 180,000 inhabitants become. There are more and more people per year and the number of inhabitants continues to increase. The reason is certainly the very good infrastructure and Cape Coral offers exactly what retirees want.


But now back to the history of Cape Coral. It is a very young city which was founded in 1957 by the Gulf American Land Corporation. The land originally belonged to the Brothers Leonard and Jack Rosen. The Gulf American Land Corporation realized what to do with Cape Coral and was planning to build a city with many water channels. There was no such thing in Florida yet and it was something completely new. The original fallow and pastureland had to be drained and tapped.

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Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein receives a UNICEF delegation and representatives of the municipality of Ruggell. Ruggell is the first community in Liechtenstein to receive the UNICEF label “Child-friendly community”. Before the label is awarded, the UNICEF Delegates Assembly, which also meets in Ruggell, decides to set up the Committee for UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

This morning, Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein received a UNICEF delegation and representatives of the municipality of Ruggell. There are two reasons for this special occasion: the starting signal of the Committee for UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and Ruggell is the first municipality in Liechtenstein to receive the UNCIEF label “Child-friendly municipality”. With the “Child-friendly community” initiative, UNICEF promotes the implementation of children’s rights at the community level and provides decision-makers in communities with an instrument for reviewing their programs and projects with regard to their impact on children and for increasing child-friendliness. Ruggell is the first community in Liechtenstein to receive the UNICEF process label. Hans Künzle, President of UNICEF Switzerland, presented Mrs Maria Kaiser-Eberle, the head of Ruggell’s municipality, with the award for “Child-friendly municipality” in a festive ceremony in the presence of Liechtenstein’s political VIPs and numerous other guests. Hans Künzle congratulated the community on its responsibility towards the children and young people: “I would like to express my appreciation and respect for what they have achieved in recent years for the quality of life of the children and young people, and in particular for what they will achieve in the future”.

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Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid, the credit card for backpackers. Prepaid card based on Bitcoin. Do prepaid cards make sense for minors? Current news on the subject can be found in our news.


Are prepaid credit cards accepted as normal credit cards? Are prepaid cards safe? What do they cost? Answers to your questions can be found on our guide page.

Prepaid credit cards at a glance

The prepaid credit card is a prepaid, rechargeable, prepaid card. The principle is: first charge, then pay. Then it can be used like any other credit card to withdraw money or withdraw money, the sales are deducted from the credit account on the card. A credit line is not available.

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District of Kaiserslautern: fortresses and castles

Nanstein Castle, Landstuhl

Nanstein Castle is the landmark of the Sickingen town of Landstuhl. It was built in 1150 by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa above a 15 meter high sandstone ledge. The fortress was part of the Hohenstaufen protections guarding the old imperial lands in the southwestern Palatinate. Nanstein Castle is first mentioned in a document in 1189. Franz von Sickingen modernized the medieval fortress in the 16th century and turned it into a "mountain castle" that was supposed to be with the guns of the time. In 1523, in the so-called "Imperial Knights’ War", the castle was shot to pieces by Franz von Sickingen, the "last knight", the there of his wounds.

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In-laws, dr


property disputes

between in-laws and in-laws

Claims in relation to the in-laws for failure of marriage?

A ugoal: Dr. Schröck – law firm for family law

Signpost to the "in-laws"

I. Contributions by in-laws to the son-in-law

Assets to children-in-law

and their legal quality – when is there a claim for reimbursement?

♦ The case law of the BGH to the Schieger parents problem since 2010

Annotation : Since 2010, assets of the parents-in-law and their repayment in the case of failure of the relationship of the son-in-law with his own child, the BGH intensified. This is due to the decision of the Federal Court of Justice of 03.02.2010 – XII ZR 189/06 with which the previous case law on the benefits of in-laws was completely changed. Since then, the BGH regularly qualifies the donation to the son-in-law (as well as to his own child) as one -> gift, to the privileged starting assets of the son-in-law i.S.d. Section 1374 (2) BGH counts. But that’s not all: Although such gifts to the son-in-law are donations in the legal sense, claims for redress are not only recognized by the gift law (§ 528 BGB: recovery due to impoverishment, § 530 BGB: revocation of the gift because of serious misconduct or gross ingratitude). In addition to this, a claim for redemption or compensation for cancellation of the business basis (§ 313 BGB) is considered possible (keyword: legal principles for -> marriage-related care: in practice, the claim to the most frequent redress in this field). Also to a claim for redemption according to Enrichment Law (§ 812 Abs.1 S.2 2nd Old Civil Code: reversal because of missing the intended success) or contesting the gift because of -> malicious deception can be thought. Without wishing to go into detail here, the case law received considerable criticism. Because it breaks with some common thought principles: e.g. it is not considered outside the Schwiebelternproblematik it is permissible to derive claims for back claims under § 313 BGB (discontinuation of the business basis), if the grant can be assigned to a specific type of contract (in this case Schenkungsrecht). In principle, in such a case, the right to redemption is derived solely from the law-specific recovery instruments. For a claim from § 313 BGB then no space is granted. As I said: with the in-laws problem sees the BGH exceptionally differently. Despite considerable criticism in the literature, the BGH has maintained its position since 2010 in consistent case law. The legal-political goal, which stands behind it, is the strengthening of possible reimbursement claims of in-laws. Before the BGH case law from the year 2010, it was hardly possible to come to a compensation claim in favor of the in-laws. Since this is different since 2010, of course, cases are piling up, which are decided by the BGH on the basis of the new high court case law. On a selection thereof (without claim to completeness), it should be noted here:

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