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  • Affichage digital
  • Bracelet rond
  • Bracelet color noir
  • Fond de boîtier gris
  • Guarantee 2 ans

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A great Kinderuhr, June 27, 2009

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Review refers to: Casio Collection Children’s Wristwatch Digital Quartz LW-200-1AVEF (watch)

I bought this watch back in May 2009 and since my son (8 years) has been wearing this watch, he is not only happy, but also enthusiastic about all the functions. The operation was very easy for him and after a short explanation he can now explain it with of his watch with it bypass.Since this watch is not only Waterproof, shockproof and has a very long battery, I can recommend it unconditionally.Mfg Sam

Christina Cherry

Simply drive away with the family and discover the unique nature with the children! Hiking with children can be really nice if the route selection is right. Discover the most beautiful family-friendly hiking tours all over Europe, because various tours around our Familotels invite you to go hiking together. Ideal for spending time with the whole family!

Hiking with children – great fun for the whole family

Children love to explore nature. Whether meadows, forests or mountain streams – nature has many exciting adventures for children. And if the hiking route is selected according to the age of the children, then the little ones can really enjoy the joint exploration tour. Our Familotels offer one ideal starting point for family walks together. Start in a few steps in front of the hotels the first family-friendly hikes.

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Instruction in tube diving (7.4.-10.4.2014) at the BAH / AWI

Tube diving is the alternative according to the rules of the professional or according to the guidelines of research diving, if dives become necessary, where the no-stop time may have to be exceeded. The legislator is of the opinion that this method can be used to achieve a particularly high level of security. The air supply comes from the surface, is controlled by additional personnel and also requires the provision of defined air reserves. The risk of the breathing gas supply running out during the decompression breaks is therefore minimal. The diver also has so much gas reserve with him that he can emerge with breathing gas even if the hose breaks.

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Friday April 30, 2010

Package is there!

Arrived today and I would like to take it out:

Two jerseys, a blouse fabric, the Adita Cord as discussed and a jersey from the rest of the bag (the striped one on the far left).

I would like to offer you these fabrics for exchange:

Two BW fabrics, the right one is from Stenzo, the left one I don’t know.

Picture above: a Poplin on the left, a baby cord on the right, I think from Hilco.

Again picture above: on the left a BW fabric, on the right a baby cord in a beautiful warm purple with sewn-in satin ribbon.

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“Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy. Although it occurs in some women in the early stages of pregnancy, lately it has become more common as the abdomen grows and the pressure increases. Alper Mumcu speaks about the curiosities.

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are no different from the varicose veins in the legs or other parts of the body. Basically, the expansion of the veins by the hemorrhoid rectum and anus and the accumulation of blood within these enlarged vascular structures. It can be in the rectum or attached to the anus. The size of these hemorrhoids that hang out from time to time can be like this large be like a grape grain. Their number can be one or more. From the outside, these protruding vein packs are felt as a soft mass. Inner hemorrhoids are referred to as inner hemorrhoids, and outer hemorrhoids are not visible.

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A handcart is the ideal one Helpers to transport your shopping or luggage on holiday. Your children will also be happy when they are comfortably driven to visit friends in a handcart. The market now even offers handcarts that children can play alone with.

A handcart for the transport of children – the purchase criteria

There are different aspects to consider when buying a handcart that you can use to transport children. The safety of children is of course the top priority. To ensure this, the handcart must be as stable as possible. If your child pulls the folding handcart independently, it must of course not fall over. In this way, injuries from accidents can be avoided. The handcart should made of pollutant-free materials his.

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Small children usually don’t feel like brushing their teeth. Our girl, for example, initially turned her head away, does not open her mouth or sometimes said "No!" My dentist is for the hard way: off to the headlock and let it scream. His mouth is much easier to brush with his mouth wide open, he says. Well, dental care is important, of course, but I don’t want to spoil our daughter’s fun with it for the rest of life as a toddler. If I keep forcing my child to do it, how should they ever brush their teeth? I am (as always) for gentle methods.

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Integrative creche Situlistrasse

care services

The crèche offers 42 childcare places in four groups for children from the age of 9 to the start of kindergarten.

There are only all-day places available for 5 days a week.

opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 7.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Friday: 7.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Bears – squirrel
• Rule groups with 12 children each

Badgers – Foxes
• Integration groups with 9 children each
• per group 3 Children with special needs

"We are not all the same, but we are worth the same amount!"

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Fiber foods help your baby’s digestive system keep working well. Many children don’t eat lots of vegetables and fruits. They have a relatively high fat diet and tend to have diets that are low in fiber. There are various foods your baby can naturally provide fiber with. Do you want to know what high fiber foods are available for toddlers? If your answer "Yes" then you should read this scripture. In this article, show you 17 high fiber foods for toddlers list above. The scripture collected a list of safe and effective high-fiber foods for toddlers from reliable sources. However, there is no medical advice and it is for informational purposes only. Keep reading this scripture to learn more!

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Beatings and ill-treatment are not tied to a specific shift.

(Photo: imago stock&people)

In Germany, children have the right to a non-violent upbringing. Most parents find that right and important, but they don’t always stick to it. The experts in the child protection centers keep seeing incredible suffering.

The tension in the room is clearly noticeable. Hardly anyone says anything. The coordinator of the child protection outpatient clinic, Susanne Rother, and her colleagues are waiting for the next patient, a little boy. "You never know what’s coming", says Rother. Almost every day, she and her team examine injured girls and boys in the child protection outpatient clinic in the Vivantes Clinic in Berlin-Neukölln. The experts are trying to find out whether their parents are responsible for an injury.

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