My name is Margarita, I am 9 years old and I live in Cajamarca, a city in the mountains of Peru. I live with my mother, my big sister (15 years) and my younger brother (6 years) in a small house. We can grow some vegetables in the garden. We also have two sheep, a piglet and the two dogs Shadow and Beethoven. My mother cannot read and write. Therefore, she cannot find a well-paid job. I work in a brickyard on weekends and after school to support my family.

For example, my Saturday looks like this:

5 o’clock
I get up, get dressed, comb my hair thoroughly and wash myself. My mother made soup or pancakes for breakfast. I often have no breakfast on Thursday and Friday because I get lunch at school. The food for breakfast can be saved for the weekend.

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Child seat with baby – © JenainBildern /

Anyone traveling by car and children should find out in advance which regulations apply abroad. Because anyone who violates the rules abroad must also face the consequences. So if you don’t put your children in the right child seat, you have to assume that you will have to pay a fine and also endanger the child health of his charges.

In the EU, the fine varies from 14 euros in Estonia to 577 euros in Great Britain (as of 2012). So it can be really expensive if you make a mistake when choosing a child seat. Here Experienced Therefore, what you have to consider when it comes to child seats in other European countries.

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Do you know Lommelchen and the three little piglets? Classic GDR children’s stories

Well-known and less well-known authors and illustrators from the GDR tell great stories for young and old. 23 of the most popular stories by unforgettable children’s book artists like the story of the bull Ferdinand, who loves to sit in the flowers. Or from Bettina, who forgets time on the way home. Or the story of Tatu and the three Cecilia .
This book contains many a picture book treasure that has not been available for decades. Stories from Alfred Könner, Ingeborg and Günther Feustel, Fred Rodrian, Isolde Stark, Elizabeth Shaw, Friedrich Wolf, Heinz Kahlau. With the original illustrations by Ingeborg Meyer-Rey, Werner Klemke, Eberhard Binder, Erich Gürtzig, Konrad Golz, Bernhard Nast and many more.

Contains the stories: Brains, my brains, Bettina strolls, Lommelchen, Hans Fröhlich and the bird house, We have no lions, Antonio and grandfather bus .

Not available as individual titles: The Taurus Ferdinand, Little Duck nameless, Ticki Mumm, Tatü and the three Cäcilien, Das Eiszapfenherz, Das Osterhasenfell and many more

Gittis tomato plant by Elizabeth Shaw

One of Elizabeth Shaw’s very first picture books tells the story of Gitti, who so desires a small garden. Then she gets a tomato plant as a present, which she nurtures and tends on the balcony. But one night it storms violently and the plant falls from the balcony parapet. Whether Gitti will ever harvest tomatoes?

The turtle’s birthday

The turtle’s birthday. She would like to have a head of lettuce. Big. Green. Juicy. Does anyone think of it? The lion comes and gives her a piece of meat, the elephant a bucket of water. And so it goes until evening. Then the turtle hears a little voice. It’s the mouse with a big package.

The Grimm Brothers’ Children’s and Household Tales

8o of the most popular and well-known Grimm fairy tales have been compiled in this volume. Werner Klemke provided him with beautiful illustrations – more than four hundred black-and-white pictures and twelve double-sided colored plates – and made this a classic with this equipment.

The Dorle who didn’t want to sleep

Frog little attachments

Frog little attachments – Vladimir Suteev heirs

Frogs move into the world, but he doesn’t get very far.

A little frog once lived with his at a pond in front of the city parents.

Squirrel Pinselohr – Nils Werner

Squirrel Pinselohr Nils Werner

# Hardcover: 32 pages

# Publisher: Leiv Buchhandels- U. Verlagsanst.

# Age: 3-5 years

who does not know it?

You want to be someone else or at least have their skills.

The Mole at School – Zdenek Miler

Alright, I got my first one! Now learns You too, dear ones, because every friend is sweet, with a lollipop or without it.

Zilli, Billi and Willi: Bon appetit. Two animal stories – Elizabeth Shaw

Zilli, Billi and Willi, three lively pigs, build different houses. Zilli builds his house out of straw, Billi out of wood and the clever Willi out of stone. "Now come on, wolf", call. And he comes and blows away the straw and wooden house. Had it not been for Willis Steinhaus, Zilli and Billi could not have saved themselves.

Elizabeth Shaw (1920 – 1992) was born in Belfast / Northern Ireland. In 1946 she married the German artist Rene Graetz and moved to Berlin with him. Elizabeth Shaw created her distinctive cartoons for many magazines and publishers. She illustrated books by Bert Brecht, Mark Twain, James Krüss and Astrid Lindgren. Since 1963 she has also written and illustrated her own stories, which have since become classics in children’s literature. For her work she received a. the art award of the Akademie der Künste Berlin and the Käthe Kollwitz Prize of the Akademie der Künste.


Sarah ferguson: from royalty to children’s books

by Redaktion October 15, 2019 at 7:36 a.m. She stirred up the British royal family: Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Prince’s ex-wife…

A children’s book about adventures related to sustainability, sustainability adventure

Children’s Sustainability Book We are students from Sweden, Iceland, Germany and the USA who are enrolled at the University of Lund in southern Sweden…

Children’s books: these classics don’t age

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Toothache: these are the 7 most common causes, dentolo

Toothache: these are the 7 most common causes

They are among the most unpleasant pains: toothache. Almost everyone has ever had to get to know them. The causes can be varied. It is worth taking a closer look: where does the toothache come from and how can the causes be combated?

Toothache: the 7 most common causes

Caries – pain through a hole in the tooth

How does caries develop? Caries is often referred to as a widespread disease and unfortunately already occurs in small children. The reason for tooth decay is insufficient oral hygiene and poor nutrition. Even those who regularly clean can sometimes suffer from tooth decay sooner or later. Often this clinical picture develops between the teeth and is associated with sudden toothache. If the interdental spaces are not cleaned thoroughly, most plaque will stick there. Bacteria are found in these deposits, which convert sugar for energy. During this chemical process, the sugar is converted to an acid, which in turn attacks healthy tooth enamel.

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"Best of Web" to child health

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Editor’s recommendations:

the message is a matter of the heart
– the ingredients of pure nature

Developed in 2010 by Stefan Kolle and Korefe as a matter close to the heart, the natural, fragrant products with their important message (especially to our children) encourage you to save water. Each of the products makes the world a little better because part of the proceeds go to the GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative. It brings clean drinking water to areas where it is in short supply.

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In the following now birthday games for children from 3 years. These games are great for the home or other space. The games have all been tried and tested by the children "Excellent" rated. So here are our TOP games for children’s birthdays, which are ideal for bad weather:

Dress blindly
This game is fun dress up.
A large laundry basket with as many different items of clothing as possible is provided:
Jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, undershirts, etc.
It gets particularly funny when the clothes are much too big for the children: the older and more unusual things are, the better ;-)) A player is now blindfolded.

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Children with migraines can do worse at school than other students, a new study suggests.

Children in the study who suffered episodic migraines (i.e. migraines occurring less than 14 days per month) were 1.3 times more likely to perform below average in school, compared to children who did not have any type of headache. And children with chronic migraines (e.g. migraines occur at least 15 days a month) 1.6 times less than average in school, compared to children without a headache.

"For years we have had only a few studies that have linked child and family stress to the symptoms of migraines", said Dr. Lenora Lehwald, a neurologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Studies like this can help "Buy-in" out of schools to get immediate treatment for children who suffer from migraines, she said.

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Toothache - causes and treatment at a glance

Immediate help for toothache

What can I do about toothache and how can I alleviate it??

Toothache usually occurs when you need it the least: just before a vacation, at the weekend or during an exam. This is of course a coincidence. The symptoms do not always come from the teeth.

The roots of the teeth in the upper jaw have a connection to the maxillary sinuses, so that sensitive people can feel a feeling of pressure on their teeth even with a slight cold. If the cold, runny nose, ear infections and similar diseases that manifest in the head area are cured, the pain also disappears. For more information on how to counter toothache, read the menu item toothache treatment.

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For toothache is usually one damaged or sick tooth responsible. In rare cases, however, can also Diseases in the upper or lower jaw, in the neighboring area of ​​the head, the paranasal sinuses or the eyes can be the cause of toothache. Painful teeth can also very rarely Harbingers of a heart attack his. Therefore, toothache should not be taken lightly, but should be examined and treated professionally by a dentist.

Overview of this article

What are toothache?

Toothache can in many different forms and types occur. The most common is short, pulling and stinging pain when eating cold or warm food or beverages. The pain stimulus is uncomfortable at first, but evaporates as quickly as it came. 90% of Germans suffer from this type of toothache, which is often ignored lightly or even completely, since there is no recognizable disease or inflammation in the oral cavity for the naked eye.

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Funny invitation birthday whatsapp: original invitation children’s birthday crafts

Funny Birthday Whatsapp Invitation – Are you looking for a sweet idea for your next party? Or are you looking for a reason to host your next party? Who says you need a reason or opportunity to organize a party? Almost always is a good time to plan a party. If you are looking for a vacation, you also have to compete with many of the other party. Choose You one Day, every day and to organize A party for no reason.

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