For many, the car is indispensable. the reasons for this are as varied as the individual life situations of our customers are. But it is not always possible to fully finance the new or used car. In this case, an interesting choice of financing options is open to you. Together with our partners, the automotive banks, we support you in the purchase of a new or used car. Buying a car has never been easier and more affordable than at the present time.

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Instant financing check

Check your personal financing options right now. within a few seconds you will receive a free and non-binding preliminary check of your loan request.

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VW Beetle repair

Many car and also motorcycle drivers dream of this: your own hobby car workshop in the garage. To achieve this goal, there is a lot to think about and plan for. There are a few things to consider that are necessary for a well-equipped and safe hobby workshop. The advantages of having your own garage are obvious: it is possible to do a lot of work on your own vehicle yourself without having to visit an expensive garage every time. In addition, the self-screwing is great fun. The specialist workshop is then only necessary for difficult cases, because very special tools are not available or special knowledge is lacking. This helps to save money in the end.

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you can take out the loan completely from home.

The car loan is so inexpensive

From1,48% * effective

*mandatory legal disclosures: net loan amount 3.000-50.000 EUR | contract term (months)/number of installments 24-84 | effective annual interest rate 1.48% – 3.47% | bound target interest rate 1.47% – 3.42% annually | installment amount 37.61 – 2.158,36 EUR | total amount 3.046,15 – 56.294,45 EUR representative example: net loan amount 13.800 EUR; contract period (months)/number of installments 67; fixed target interest rate 2.95% per year; effective annual interest rate 2.99%; amount of installment 223.65 EUR; total amount 14.984.59 EUR. At least 2/3 of the customers receive these conditions.

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Hand wash

Many car owners don’t want to spend money on a car wash, so they prefer to use a sponge and cleaning cloths to wash their car themselves. So you also know that everything has been thoroughly cleaned and no place remains dirty. But if you want to wash your car by hand, you need to plan enough time as well as the necessary utensils, because an optimal and sustainable hand wash requires system and precision. Otherwise you’ll end up doing twice the work or your car will be dirty again a few days later.

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In the course of your life, you will have to make several large purchases that are not always easy to realize on your own. Whether you need a new car, want to fulfill your long-awaited dream of owning your own home, or want to finance your studies – KVB finanz is the right partner for you. We are your financial service provider with fair conditions. We are particularly concerned that you feel comfortable with our financing offer. Buying a house or a car is a significant step. For this reason, trust and security have top priority. We look back on over 40 years of experience in the financing industry. The KVB-finanz stands for competence and quality – see for yourself.

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Besides investment banking (which also carries risks), banks earn the most with the granting of credit. of course, because they get interest from us bank customers on money, which was "created" with the granting of credit in the first place.

guiding idea: as smart bank customers, we will not change the banking system, but we know or learn how to use it cleverly!

If you know the banking world a little bit, you know that there are different interest rates on different types of loans. Last time we told you about the trick with the favorable installment loan about the form of home loan presented.

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This Facebook page promises big prizes

You have to be careful with the following facebook competition!

Note: we have checked the following facebook competition from a legal point of view. Since this does not meet the criteria of the facebook sweepstakes guidelines, this has been classified as negative.

Time and time again, high-priced cars, caravans, houses, etc. are being. Raffle. But in the rarest of cases, the coveted prize is actually up for grabs… no matter how well the attempt to hoodwink the facebook user has been done..!

Screenshot of the current fake raffle:

Screenshot by

According to the facebook page VW golf 7 – germany, the genner family is also said to have taken part in the competition. Shown are a man and a woman standing next to a car with a red ribbon.

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no money for car repairs

Car damaged or the electrical system no longer works, or. No longer flawless. As a rule, a repair of the car is given and can no longer be postponed. But the account is already overdrawn, the next paycheck is still a long way off and the solution to this problem is not so easy to answer.

There are various ways to have your car repaired in spite of everything. Alternative solutions include finding a cheap car repair shop, getting a mini-loan from a lender, or having the repair done at a later date or time. To pay in installments.

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Are you planning your canada road trip right now?? In this blog post we have tested our canada road trip costs and also give you tips on how you can save a penny or two during your trip.

We have spent a total of nine months in canada with our working holiday visa. During this time we worked almost seven months in the canadian winter in banff (alberta). if you would like to know more about our work in canada, please have a look here. in the middle of june we left our job in banff and drove across the rocky mountains to vancouver island. the most beautiful sights along the icefield parkway you can find in this article.

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Sono motors, one of the most unusual competitors of classic car manufacturers, relies on solar power, battery electricity – and moss. A first test drive.

Rolling solar collector. The electric Sion from Sono Motors is scheduled for market launch in early 2023 and will use built-in solar cells to produce its own electricity for extra kilometers. Photo: Stefan Schutz/Sono Motors GmbH/dpa-tmn

the clouds in berlin’s sky can do little to harm the sion. The solar modules embedded in the body of the black electric car soak up the remaining solar energy. The power of the integrated photovoltaic system can be read immediately on the display of the on-board computer. A rolling solar collector that charges the battery: the car from manufacturer sono motors can travel up to 35 kilometers on pure solar energy – without a charging station and, of course, without gasoline.

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