climate government: aid for private house builders after kfw funding freeze

Berlin – private house builders can hope for support after the controversial kfw funding freeze. There are to be hardship provisions for families in particular.

This was signaled by both finance minister christian lindner (FDP) and economics and climate protection minister robert habeck (greens) on sunday. An agreement within the federal government did not give it however yet.

On Monday, a surprise announcement was made that, with immediate effect, no new applications for subsidies for efficient buildings could be submitted to the state development bank kfw. The move had triggered large protests. 24.000 applications still open, 4,000 of them from private builders.

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Everybody knows it: you go to where you think you parked your car, and it is gone. In the first moment a shock, until you remember that it is located somewhere else. Once again all went well. But they have this luck not all. In germany, unfortunately, more and more cars are being stolen. Especially high quality vehicles with keyless-system can be locked in seconds digital crack and drive away. Before the theft is noticed, the vehicle is abroad and is disassembled into its individual parts. a nightmare for owners of a high-value car. Sure, the insurance might cover the theft, but they can often ask awkward questions "what has been done to prevent theft?" or "the vehicle was locked?" and refuse to pay.

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The car is the german’s favorite child, let’s continue the saying, then a good car repair shop is a good friend. Because you trust them and hopefully you will never be disappointed. Then acquaintances become really good friends. With us, you will find the right car repair shop in your area, where not only the service but also the price is right.

Who would you rather entrust your car to? A hobby craftsman, or a car mechanic who has done his training in a car repair shop? Where, in case of doubt, the vehicle inspector can take another look at your vehicle?

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Roberto Hamidi

In our neighboring country, poland, there are fees for the use of some roads. This article shows you how the toll system works in poland, which roads it applies to, and how you can save money when paying the tolls.

Is there a toll or a vignette in poland?

There is no vignette. Poland collects tolls for its roads through the so-called "distance-based toll" system. Unlike a vignette, you only pay for the distance you actually drive.

In return, however, this fee must be paid each time the toll road is used, while a vignette gives a certain right of use for the duration of the vignette.

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the promotion is only valid for private sellers who have not advertised any properties on immowelt in the last 24 months.De in the last 24 months. The action runs until 28.02.2021 unrestricted throughout germany for all properties available for rent on immowelt.De with a 14-day starter package. In addition, the currently valid general prices apply. The ad can be cancelled at any time at least 1 day before the expiration of the term. Otherwise it is automatically extended until it is cancelled by the provider.

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Depending on the type of business you are starting, vehicles could be one of your most expensive purchases. Surely you will also need a vehicle, no question about it. Nevertheless, I would like to ask you again: do you absolutely and compellingly need a certain vehicle or doesn’t your private car also do it for the time being??

The inside of a Mercedes

Image: mikebird / pixabay.Com

If you do not currently have a need for a vehicle, or if you have a need for a vehicle, you can. If you are already using one, you can skip this article and move on to the next one.

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Used car portals on the Internet: How to recognize fake ads

It is difficult for a layman to recognize a defective used car. Suspicious advertisements can be easily unmasked even without a great deal of specialist knowledge.

  • When it comes to buying a used car, online portals are one of the first places many people turn to.
  • However, fake advertisements often appear there.
  • However, it is quite easy to expose them.

Wherever large sums of money change hands, criminals are often not far away. also on used car portals in the internet they try with fake advertisements to pull the money out of the pockets of gullible prospective buyers or to induce them to pass on their private data. Users should look out for certain warning signs.

Used car portals: you can often recognize fake ads just by looking at the photos

the most obvious part of an internet ad are always the photos. Prospective buyers should be wary of both too perfect pictures of the car* and an overly incomplete selection of motifs exercise caution. If in doubt, it may be worthwhile to compare the images with the internet using a google image search – they will then often appear in completely different places. A clear indication that the car* is not owned by the advertiser at all.

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heavier vehicles with higher pollutant emissions are to be taxed more heavily. – thomas B.

The electorate in the canton of Bern will decide on the 13. february on a more ecological design of motor vehicle taxes. At the same time, car taxes are to be increased by around 40 million euros. francs to be raised and money used to cut taxes for individuals.

The Bernese parliament approved the amendment to the law by 101 votes to 43 with one abstention. The SVP and its allies, the Bund der steuerzahler (taxpayers’ association), have lodged a referendum against this proposal.

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Money in your pocket

"If you want it, you get it!" or "finance with a no-worry loan and take it with you on the spot" – advertising promises uncomplicated wish fulfillment through credit. Every second person now expects consumer goods such as televisions, smartphones and furniture to be paid for in monthly installments. In 2017, the banking association even came to the conclusion that 61 percent of financed purchases would not have been made without the option of repayment.

But be careful: favorable financing offers directly from the dealer are always a credit! And no credit is free. Whether zero-percent financing, immediate financing or tempting-sounding installment payments: all offers can harbor costly pitfalls. And then consumer financing becomes a financial boomerang due to additional contracts, insurance premiums or credit card fees. The following tips are available here as a compact checklist.

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How does the car alarm work?

A modern car alarm system is a system consisting of several sensors connected to an electronic module (processor). The module analyzes the data and generates possible events. So if an attempted theft is detected, an alarm is triggered in the car. Normally, its activation is indicated by flashing indicators and a wailing siren. the operation of the alarm system is simple: when one of the sensors "reports" a security breach to the processor, the alarm is triggered and the device will block the ignition or the starter of the car through an internal or external relay.

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