Child car seat test and comparison

Child seat

Here we have compared current child seats, booster seats and infant carriers with each other. Child seats are not only required by law, they also provide a reliable support, reduce the stress associated with the journey for the toddler and ensure optimal protection during the ride. But which child seat is the right one for you?

The market offers an almost infinite variety of different models from a wide range of manufacturers. The age and weight of your child also plays an important role in the selection process. It’s not easy to find the right model from this almost infinite supply. For this reason, we have selected and compared the test-winning models from well-known manufacturers such as maxi cosi, cybex and britax romer. We hope to give you a good orientation with our child seat test and wish you always a good and safe ride!

Which child seat or. Which car seat is the best? What are the differences between the child seats? We from the child seat test have made it our business to answer these and other questions. Our selection is based on experience and test reports. Our website deals mainly with these topics:

  • Child seat reviews / baby car seats reviews
  • Comparison of the best child seats
  • Buying advice and recommendations for child car seats / infant carriers
  • Finding the best offers

It can be a very difficult decision to find the right child seat for your child. That’s why we will introduce you to the best child seats and infant carriers according to size below.

The 5 best child seats in comparison

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Video of the child seat test

Child seat with straps

Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the test seal on the car seat raiser. Since 2008, only child seats and booster seats with the ECE 44-03 and ECE 44-04 markings are approved. Since you can buy on the internet many seats that do not comply with the standards, you should pay special attention to them. To avoid having to buy a new seat over and over again, it is advisable to choose a model with a height-adjustable backrest that grows with the child from the outset. Apart from that, the child seats are divided into various weight classes.

In addition, you should pay attention to the processing of the materials used. Furthermore, the seat must be stable and safe in the car can be installed. In addition, the safety belts must be able to be tightened firmly and firmly so that the child is optimally protected. In principle, the car booster seat should only be locked in the back seat, unless there are no active airbags in the front part of the car. The corresponding construction of a child booster seat is basically always the same. Nevertheless, you should either read the assembly and installation instructions. Read the instruction manual to find out exactly how to attach the booster seat correctly, or browse through various test reports and reviews online.

All information about the child seat with isofix

Many parents dream of attaching their child’s seat to the car in an uncomplicated way – safety and comfort in one: the child seat with isofix makes it possible. Products that think ahead, use scientific findings as well as new ideas, and are thus also suitable for everyday use, are rightly in demand as never before. The child seat with isofix has more than proven itself on the market since its introduction. This is how the child seat with isofix works: isofix is a quick attachment for child seats. The system for the car includes hooks on the child seat and standardized eyelets, which are firmly attached to the car body. The slipping or tilting of a child seat with isofix mount should be made virtually impossible. Special handles and a snap lock lock the seat to the car. The risk of the "wrong seat belt" is to be avoided with the child seat with isofix.

What does isofix mean?

Isofix is a fastening system for child seats. Here the child seat is firmly connected to the car. This works with retaining brackets, which are usually hidden under a removable part of the seat. With the help of these brackets, the child seat can be connected to the vehicle quickly, easily and, above all, safely. The child seat is rigidly mounted on the vehicle, so that the child seat cannot move during evasive maneuvers and emergency braking. The prerequisite for this is an isofix-compatible child seat and an isofix-compatible vehicle. Since today almost all cars are equipped with isofix anyway, it is easy and hassle-free to install an isofix child seat from 15 kg. Whether a child seat is isofix-compatible from 15 kg is stated in the product descriptions of the various manufacturers.

A child seat with isofix makes sense or not?

Even if this system is a bit more expensive: the child seat with isofix is a smart idea that saves a lot of time and nerves. The so-called i-size standard makes the system mandatory anyway. In the 1990s, the isofix was introduced by the Romer company, which was the first child seat manufacturer to market seats with this fastening system: the child seat with isofix was a real innovation. As a car manufacturer, VW was immediately on the spot. He appropriately supplied the first connection option for the new system; the golf 4 offered in series the possibility to use isofix. The isofix restraint system was born. And was well received. It doesn’t take much: the car only needs to have the two isofix anchorages; then there’s nothing standing in the way of the child seat with isofix.

Safety and comfort: the child seat with isofix offers both

Driving with small children, which is not infrequently stressful anyway, can be easier on the nerves if, for example, the baby car seat does not have to be strapped down every time, but can be secured with a click. The safety offered by a child seat with isofix is indisputable, so it is mandatory for cars that since the year 2013 to bring the installation requirements for such a. A model child seat with isofix, various designs a number of suppliers now have a wide selection available. The seats themselves are generally adjustable in a variety of ways and optimized for different weight classes. For longer trips and for sleeping children, a number of convenient gimmicks have been invented to increase the comfort even more. the child seat with isofix convinces many users with its simplicity and time savings. Depending on the manufacturer, safety is ensured by a patented (?) system of attachment, harness, side impact protection and so on.

Child seats with isofix are relatively easy to install

It works according to the click principle. The R129 standard now even makes it mandatory for car manufacturers to install isofix child seats. yet another reason to use this innovative system. On the back seat of the car, mostly on the outer seats, you can find the described brackets in the gap (backrest and seat surface). The two locking arms on the child seat with isofix are connected to the permanently installed mounting bracket in the car. When unfolded, the two arms are first hooked into the car restraints. Voilà. (attention: if you want to attach a baby car seat or a child seat to the passenger seat, you must always deactivate the passenger airbag!)

child seat with isofix – be careful with the car upholstery

To ensure that the initial installation – which will save so much time in the future – is successful without any problems, insertion aids can be used. They help if the car restraints are not hidden behind a flap, as would ideally be the case, but are "hidden" in the gap on the backrest, sometimes even with dangerous edges, or if the recesses for inserting the restraints are sometimes too narrow. The child seat with isofix must be attached carefully:

A rough structure of the above mentioned car brackets can damage upholstery. Simple insertion aids in the form of narrow plastic sleeves are slid over the isofix brackets and help to prevent this from happening. so everything remains whole and you can integrate your child seat with isofix perfectly into your vehicle.

Does my car have such a device for attaching a child seat with isofix??

Older cars often do not have this. However, there are lists that list car models with such. In the meantime, a child seat with isofix – at least the possibility of its installation – is already standard and is usually no longer a problem. check: is everything tight on the new child seat with isofix? If the latching arms are attached one after the other, the correct latching can be better controlled. Has the engagement of the latching arms been clearly audible? Was it to hear?

the child seat with isofix is only safe if the connection is correct. Your child seat with isofix tells you if everything is sitting as it should. Colored indicators provide additional information on whether the installation has been carried out correctly: attached to the rest arms, they change from red to green to show that everything is okay (alternatively, there are also indicator lights or corresponding signal tones). A strong push / pull after the installation of the seat also acts as a test for the correct installation of the child seat with isofix. No play or even clicking noises must be perceptible. If in doubt, simply contact a professional who will safely install your child seat with isofix.

Child seat with isofix use

There are different seats with isofix option: child seats, infant carriers, combination seats or toddler seats. All is: up to a maximum of 33 kg may weigh the child in the child seat – together with this – with isofix. The rigid connection of the seat to the car body promises the highest level of safety when the seat is properly installed and used. The child seat with isofix offers the most advantages for infant carriers and seats for toddlers. Your new child seat with isofix: please be safe! Universal fastening systems that go beyond this are the support point or the top-tether belt. All i-size child seats (and: groups 0,0+, I) have a further fixation option: in a head-on collision, for example, there is a risk of the seat tipping over in front.

to prevent this from happening, the child seat with isofix has a support point which, when unfolded, rests on the floor and thus gives the device more support (note: a storage compartment under the support point may compromise safety). Therefore: in cars with storage compartments in front of the rear seats – the storage compartment covers are not made for the load of the support feet – another solution must be found. special blocks can fill the storage boxes accordingly and stabilize the lid so that it reliably supports the support foot.). For the child seat with isofix, the top-tether belt is placed over the back seat and hooked onto the special device provided for this purpose (on the backrest, in the trunk floor or on the inner vehicle roof). this special belt (its marking in the car is the anchor) is also intended to reduce the forward tilt of the head in a child seat with isofix – in the event of a head-on collision.

Removal of the child seat with isofix

you no longer need your child seat with isofix? by the way, the removal is done by a switch that pushes the snapped hooks in the rest arms out again; sometimes pressure and push are needed at the same time. (in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website, the exact position of said charters can usually be found).) if the belt is correctly attached and tightened, this is indicated by the buckle color green. Not every seat fits in every car: which vehicles offer the possibility of using a child seat with isofix can be found, among other things, at the respective manufacturers or at the general association of the german insurance industry.

Keeps a list of also older isofix car types ready. As a rule of thumb, if you drive a younger car, you have a good chance of having the necessary equipment in it. All cars with registration from 2013 must include even these. What you need to know: for older children, the child seat with isofix is simply a system for anchoring the seat to the back seat. The car seat belt itself holds the child, but the isofix fastening also secures the empty child seat (risk minimization). For infant carriers and group-I seats up to approx. 4.5 years, the isofix device makes multiple sense: baby seats are completely held by the isofix bracket. The child is strapped in using the harness straps of the seat.

Conclusion: inform yourself about the models and costs beforehand: a child seat with isofix is sometimes quite a purchase, but it makes many things easier. Check whether your car has the necessary devices and if so, which ones. Then you can start. A good ride!

Isofix: improved safety standard

Modern cars are equipped with a so-called isofix-holder. This consists of two sturdy eyelets and is usually attached between the backrest and the seat on the back seat. The isofix system guarantees a firm anchorage of the child seat directly to the back seat and thus contributes significantly to increased safety. In the event of heavy braking, the child seat remains firmly anchored and guarantees maximum safety. Almost all of the child seats we compared feature this system. On car picture.De you will find an illustrated guide that explains step by step how to install a child seat with isofix. A suitable instruction manual is also included with every isofix-compatible child seat.

However, you still need a fastening system to secure the child seat with the isofix standard on the back seat of your car. The fastening system is usually purchased in addition to the child seat. Each manufacturer has its own system in the program. In our child seat test comparison table you will also find the suitable fastening system for each product.

What types of child seats are there?

As a parent, at some point the question arises: which child seat from 15 kg is best suited for our child?? Since the old child seat is now already too small and has served its time, it is now time to buy a new one. There are several criteria when buying a child seat. On the one hand, it should above all be safe, so that in the event of an accident the child is held in the seat in the best possible way. On the other hand it should also be easy to transport. With a child seat from 15 kg, one distinguishes between a child seat and a booster seat.

The classic child seat has the clear advantage that it is much safer than a booster seat. The child is held on the whole upper body and can therefore not fly in an accident, for example, with the head against the side window. For many parents, the safety of their child is most important. Some parents, however, who want to buy a child seat from 15 kg, have other purchase criteria. For example, these are looking for a lightweight child seat, which may also be a little cheaper. In this case a booster seat is the better choice. So everyone should make the choice best for themselves. Right here below are once again the pre- or. Disadvantages of the two different types listed.

Child seat from 9 kg

Not always worth it to buy a child seat from 15 kg. Often parents can save a lot of money by buying a child seat from 9 kg. Find out here which child seat from 9 kg is the right one for your child and when it is worthwhile to use it.

Child seat from 15 kg- different groups

Child seat from 15 kg-group 2/3

The group 2/3 is used by children with a weight of 15-36 kg or an age of 3 to 12 years.

Child seat from 15 kg-group 1/2/3

This group can also be used up to a weight of 36 kg and an age of 12 years, but it has a significant advantage over group 2/3. This group can be used from 9 kg or 9 months of age. The child seat usually consists of several layers, which can then be removed, so that the seat is larger. This means that the child seat grows with the child.

So you can use the child seat over a longer time and also save a lot of money. The child seat of the group 1/2/3 is also interesting for parents who only need a child seat from 15 kg, but still have or will have a baby. For this the child seat can then be used already from 9 months. From the time a child is born and until it switches to a child seat, a 3 in 1 stroller is the best choice for most parents.

Child seat obligation

German law states that children up to the age of 12 or a height of 1.50 m are only allowed to ride in a child seat in the car. If you are caught with a child without a booster seat, there is usually a fine to pay. Everyone should be aware that children can get life-threatening injuries in an accident if they are not sitting in a child seat or if the child seat is too big or too small. Too small for the child was chosen.

What do you have to pay for a good and safe car seat or booster seat??

Basically you can say that from approx. 90€ can already buy a good and safe child seat from 15 kg. Some can be purchased well below this price, although it is not advisable to buy a child seat of this quality, as the quality is usually not as good and the adjustment options for the backrest and backrest are not as good. side impact protection is not very flexible. In addition, quality manufacturers almost always offer isofix-capable child seats, which makes installation even easier. Booster seats range from about 15€ to 35€.The same applies here as with the child seats. Most of the time, more expensive products are of better quality and also offer more adjustment options.

Known and tested manufacturers

The advantage of well-known manufacturers is the quality of the child seats and the mostly years of experience in this segment. In addition, the seats are checked and tested for heart and kidneys before they are made available for sale. Another plus point is that a child seat from 15 kg upwards from a quality manufacturer usually offers many more adjustment options, so that it can be perfectly adapted to every child.
Here are a few leading manufacturers:

britax roemer

Britax romer is an established manufacturer of child safety products. the company was founded in 1978 as a result of a merger between the german manufacturer romer ("romer" seats) and the british company britax. while the ulm-based company romer started operations as early as 1872, britax was founded in the 1930s. Today, britax romer is one of the best known manufacturers of child seats, strollers and bicycle helmets.

Britax romer child seat: on this page we have compiled selected models of the respective weight groups 0,1,2 and 3, so that you can quickly and easily get an overview of them. A detailed comparison incl. All important product features can be found on the respective test pages: look here for the child seat test and baby car seat test.


There is hardly a company that is associated with baby car seats as much as maxi-cosi. The company from helmond in the netherlands is synonymous with outstanding, particularly high-quality baby car seats of excellent quality. in 1984, at a time when compulsory seat belts and child safety were still largely foreign words in this country, the dutch entrepreneur sjef van der linden brought the baby car seat concept from the usa to europe and hit the bull’s-eye.

Maxi-cosi baby car seat: on this page we have compiled some baby car seats from maxi-cosi so that you can quickly and easily get an overview of the most popular models. You can get a detailed insight in our complete baby car seat test, in which we also compare individual product features with each other. If you are instead looking for a child seat, you will find the appropriate comparison on the page child seat test. We have also taken a close look at booster seats, the results of which can be found on the booster seat test page.


young, modern and hip – or simply: everything but stuffy. These are the characteristics of the relatively new child seat manufacturer cybex. Company founder martin pos, himself a father of two children, started the company in 2005 with the aim of bringing something different to the market. Younger and more modern, but still outstanding in terms of quality, function and safety. Today, cybex is one of the most established manufacturers of child seats, buggies and baby carriers.

on this page you will find some selected cybex child seats of the weight groups 0,1,2 and 3, so that you can get an overview quickly and easily. Detailed information on the respective cybex child seat can be found in our detailed test, in which we have compared the models solution X-fix and juno 2-fix with those of the competition. here you can find the baby seat test.

Low cost manufacturer

In the area of child seats, there are, in addition to the well-known brands, also very inexpensive examples to buy. These can be recommended despite a few compromises in comfort and safety. Examples would be safety 1st or kinderkraft. With these manufacturers you can buy a child seat from 15 kg for less than 60€. So you can get a really great bargain here. Many cheap manufacturers offer even child seats of the class 1/2/3 already at a very low price. Nevertheless, it has to be said that higher-quality products usually offer many more plus points.

Child seat in the test

Thick jackets in winter

Should I take off my child’s winter jacket in a child seat from 15 kg or can my child leave it on without worrying??

This question is asked very often, because many parents are simply not sure whether they should let their child ride in the car with or without a jacket. First of all, it should be known that thick winter jackets in child seats are a very big risk and it can be very dangerous for the child in case of an accident. This is because it is not properly strapped in, as the belt only holds the jacket and not the child. This is not only true for a child seat from 15 kg, but also for all other types of child seats.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to take off the child’s jacket before putting the child in the car seat. It would be advisable to put on the child several thin layers of clothing anyway. These usually fit better to the body and also keep very warm. Many child seats from 15 kg have a soft backrest with additional heat function.


In germany child seats are compulsory. This means that children up to the age of 12 years or a height of 1.50 m are only allowed to ride in a child seat in the car. Basically, you can choose between a child seat from 15 kg or a booster seat from 15 kg when purchasing. The child seat from 15 kg is much safer than a booster seat, but the booster seat is much easier to handle. Quality child seats from well-known manufacturers are available from approx. 90€ to buy, moreover, these have very many advantages over the cheap manufacturers, such as more varied adjustment possibilities and isofix.

Child seat Kiddy blue

Isofix is a child seat fastening system that makes the installation of a child seat from 15 kg very easy and also ensures a stable connection between the child seat and the car. Since almost every car is isofix capable, this system is highly recommended.
Basically, it can be said that children in a child seat from 15 kg from well-known manufacturers are safest in the car on the road.

Most of the cheaper child seats also offer a lot of safety, but mostly less comfort when sitting or mounting the seat. Booster seats are highly recommended if you change cars frequently, as they are very compact in design.

Child seat Kiddy Phoenixfix 3

Because many children often tend to sleep in the car, you should look for a child seat with enough adjustment options for the optimal sleeping position of the child. This function is offered by almost all quality manufacturers. Children should also not ride in a thick jacket in the car, because the child is not properly strapped in and it can lead to serious injuries in an accident.

The best reviews about the best child car seat

In the navigation bar you will find more information about the individual brands. By answering the questions we provide our child car seat test for you and recommend you three products.

  • The first product is our test winner, the baby safe plus SHR II, the right child seat for you.
  • The second product of the price – performance winner, the cybex juno 2-fix, of the corresponding child car seat group.
  • The third product, the cybex solution X2-fix, is an alternative proposal that combines both elements of the car seat test as well as possible. In the subpages you will also find a good child seat comparison

We are happy to help with the choice!

Even if the top 3 is not the right one for you and your child, take a look at the top 3 of each brand. You can find them in the navigation bar below. Also these would be determined on the basis of test reports from various institutes and private experience reports, if you have any questions please contact us under contact and we will be happy to help you with the choice further. Not every child is the same and for this reason you should spend quite a bit of time choosing a child seat. In addition, you will find many helpful tips and tricks on child seats, strollers and baby carriers under blog.


What groups are child seats divided into and what do they mean??

A general distinction is made between groups 0+, 1 and 2/3. Most manufacturers are also oriented to these groups.
Attention: these are only average values, every child is individual and can deviate from the values!

  • Group 0+ (infant carriers)
  • Up to approx. 18 months
  • Up to approx. 13 kg
  • Ca. 40 – 85 cm
  • Ca. 9 months – 4 years
  • Ca. 9 kg to approx. 18 kg
  • Ca. 80 – 105 cm
  • Ca. 3 years – 12 years
  • Ca. 15 kg – 36 kg
  • Ca. 100 – 150 cm

the weight groups are designed to overlap. Experts recommend that the change to the next largest child seat should be made as late as possible, i.e. the existing system should be used to the full. In our child seat test, we have selected the test winners from well-known manufacturers such as z.B. Maxi cosi compared with each other. From 4. From the age of approx. 13, you can use booster seats, which are often a very attractive alternative (see also our booster seat test).

Recommended models by weight group

Child seats are divided into different weight groups according to the European approval label ECE-R 44. The classification of the individual models is not based on age, but is primarily based on the weight of the child. In the following sections, we will introduce you to the different weight groups and present you with the respective test winner that was taken into account in our child seat test.

Weight group 0/0+: infant carriers

Advantage: many integrated cushions, isofix system and suitable for air travel.

Group 0/0+ includes all infant carriers that are suitable for newborns or infants. children with a weight of 10 to 13 kg body weight can be used. This means that this product range is not included in the actual child seat test (click here for the baby seat test). They are installed against the direction of travel and are therefore particularly safe. It is important that you deactivate the passenger airbag when you install the infant carrier in the passenger seat. In the following video you will find easy to understand installation instructions for a baby car seat.

Weight group 1: 9 kg – 18 kg

Advantage: above-average test results from ADAC& co.

This weight group includes all child seats that are approved for children weighing between 9 and 18 kg. Parents can choose between two different systems: in addition to the classic variant with a harness belt, there are also models with a so-called "catch body". This is an additional "table" (see illustration on the left), which guarantees optimum protection against the loads acting in the event of a frontal crash. The disadvantage of this system is that the small table generates more heat and makes the sleeping position more uncomfortable. In our child seat test you will find both systems. Child seats of this type can be used on average up to the fourth year of life, but up to a maximum weight of 18 kg.

Weight group 2: 15 kg to 25 kg

Advantage: can also be used as a child seat in weight group 3.

If your offspring is over the age of four or weighs more than 18 kg, you need a child seat in the 2. Weight group (see also our child seat test in the table above). These child seats can be used up to the age of seven or, alternatively, up to a body weight of 15 to 25 kg. These are usually well-equipped booster seats with integrated back and sleep supports. A three-point belt running centrally over the shoulders additionally secures the offspring in the car. Tip: child seats in weight group 2 are used for up to three years on average. Make sure you buy a child seat that grows with your child, i.e. one that can be adjusted in height. Our test winner "solution X" from cybex meets these requirements.

Weight group 3: 22 kg to 36 kg

Advantage: can also be used as a child seat in weight group 2.

congratulations! From now on, you no longer need to buy a new child seat, because with a child seat of weight group 3, you can now strap your child into the car until the end of the child seat obligation. Weight group 3 starts from the seventh year of life or alternatively already from a body weight of 22 kg to 36 kg. It ends with a height of at least 150cm or from the age of 12. Year of life. An important note for child seats in this weight group: adjust the belt so that it runs over the shoulder and does not touch the neck of your child. Modern, high-quality child seats (such as our test winner) are particularly well padded at precisely these points. This also applies to the "solution X-fix" from cybex – for all further details please refer to the child seat test.

All-rounder: weight group 1/2/3

Advantage: patented head protection that prevents the dangerous tilting of the head forward during sleep.

The all-round child seats of the group 1/2/3, which are also available in the trade, form a long usable compromise: they correspond to the needs and proportions of different age ranges, can be individually adapted and thus represent an interesting alternative. Good models – such as. Our test winner "silver" from cybex (see picture on the left or the child seat test in the upper area) – are characterized by a comfortable sleeping position in group 1. The advantage of an all-round child seat is obvious: you can use it until the end of the child seat obligation and do not have to buy a new model over the years.

General information about child seats

Whether you’re just shopping at the supermarket, visiting your grandparents, or going on vacation, you need the right child seat to arrive safely at your destination with your children. the following tips will help you to find the right child seat.

Depending on the age and weight of the child, there are different child seats, but the choice is easy due to the division into weight groups. Therefore it is important to know the exact weight of the child. A distinction is made between five weight groups: 0, 0+, 1, 2 and 3. For parents of newborns and infants up to 13 kg, the relevant child seat groups are 0 and 0+, which are often referred to as infant carriers. Group 0 is suitable for children weighing up to 10 kilograms, 0+ for children weighing up to 13 kilograms.

Three-point belt system or ISOFIX

Children are secured in a baby car seat using an integrated harness system, and in the car the car seat is secured using a three-point harness system or ISOFIX. In group 1 you will find the right product if your child weighs 9-18 kilograms and is not older than 4 years. In this group, too, seat shells are equipped with an integrated harness system, or you can opt for a model with a catching body (for example, with a belly table). Group 2 and 3 child seats are booster seats, some of which have a backrest or backrest support. Sleeping support. In this weight class, the three-point safety belt is used for safety.

When you have found the right weight class, look for the orange label (ECE test mark), which provides information about the safety standard of a child seat. In any case, the new child seat should have the currently valid test seal ECE R 44/04. The latest results from the ADAC and stiftung warentest will also help you to find a suitable and safe child seat. Don’t forget that in germany all children smaller than 1.50 m are required to wear a safety belt until they reach the age of 12. The child must be secured in a child safety seat when driving a car.

The new I-size test standard

In July 2013, the ECE-R129 directive, also known as the I-size test standard, came into force. For the time being, it exists parallel to the ECE-R44, but brings with it significant new features (further information on this can be found on polizei-dein-partner.De). For example, the approval of child safety seats depends on passing a side impact test. In addition, the standard requires new models for children up to 15 months of age to be transported in the opposite direction of travel.

When choosing the I-size child seat, it is no longer the body weight that is important, but the size of the child. The classification of models into fixed classes is no longer necessary – the manufacturer is free to determine the range for which his product is suitable.

Sleeping position

Since children like to fall asleep on longer journeys, it is often important for parents to buy a child seat weighing 15 kg or more in which their child can fall asleep comfortably and safely. Everyone can confirm that booster seats are not so well suited for this purpose. But which child seat should you choose??

Basically rather to a quality manufacturer. With a high quality child seat from 15 kg, you can almost always adjust the headrest and backrest of the seat in many different ways. The optimum position can be adjusted for each child. Sometimes also cheaper manufacturers offer various adjustment possibilities, but it is nevertheless advisable here to reach for a quality manufacturer. Examples would be.B. Britax roman or cybex. These manufacturers offer a wide range of adjustment options for all seats, so that the optimum sleeping position can be found for each child.

child booster seat test – safety is paramount for small passengers

A booster seat protects the child reliably during the journey in the car as well as in possible accidents. It also keeps children in a straight, supportive sitting position at all times.

In Germany, the use of a booster seat and a child seat is permitted up to the age of 12. Obligatory for children over the age of 12. It is a legal requirement that children up to the age of 12 must be in a child seat. The child should be secured with a booster seat or a suitable restraint during car journeys before the age of 15. Also children who are older than 12 years and have a height under 1.50 m must be secured by a booster seat according to the law.

Child seat Kiddy red

In principle, a booster seat is approved for children over 1.10 m tall. It is recommended to make sure that the booster seat has either guide horns or a backrest. In addition, before each journey in the car, it must be ensured that the safety belt setting is optimally adapted to the body size of the child. In this way, it can be determined whether the belt is properly fastened and does not run at the level of the neck.

As with all other child seats, it is recommended that the booster seat be placed in the back seat of the car if possible. Furthermore, when buying a booster seat, it is important to make sure that it meets various test specifications and safety seals, such as the "ECE-R 44" mark.

Which child car seat convinces the parents??

Where are the decisive differences – and which child seat with the isofix fastening system provides the greatest possible safety for the child??

All three of the child seats presented here can be adapted to the size and physical growth of the child. Both the saturn child seat from LCP and the comet child seat from osann are suitable for children weighing between 9 and 36 kg, while the LCP comet seat is only certified for passengers weighing between 15 and 36 kg. Both child seats – saturn and neptun – also offer a wide variety of adjustable headrests, a stable position for the child and a secure harness system.

How do comparative tests turn out?

Official tests by independent bodies, such as the ADAC or stiftung warentest, with regard to quality and safety do not (yet) exist for any of the three child seats. Only the seat with the optimum price-performance ratio was scrutinized a little more closely and was convincing all along the line. Not least because of the variable adjustment to the body size of the child without neglecting aspects of safety, the child seat isofix LCP neptun is considered a recommendable product for parents. The easy handling, as well as the easy-care and washable materials that are used, convince the testers.

While the isofix LCP neptun has shone in tests, the child seat isofix LCP kids 33 saturn has not yet had the opportunity to prove itself in an official field test. However, a direct comparison with the LCP kids neptun and the comet child seat from osann shows that the saturn child seat is a strong companion in the car when it comes to guaranteeing safety and comfort.

Sophisticated seat belt technology ensures secure restraint during impact and jolts. In addition, the body of the young passenger is optimally protected by the side impact protection system. Finally, the comet child seat from osann is the only one to offer a variety of exploited safety factors and aspects of comfort that can not be surpassed by the child seats of the manufacturer LCP kids.

Which child seat is the best?

For parents who care about the safety of their child, three different child seats are shown, all of which were able to convincingly demonstrate their advantages. But which seat is the best of the three??

Child seat Maxi-Cosi comparison

Really convincing is the trendsetter comet of the manufacturer osann. With its integration of the safety sleeping cushion, this child seat is the most optimal and clever solution when it comes to safety AND comfort for the child in the car. The child seat comet offers the highest adaptation possibilities of the seat to the growth of the child and provides additionally most strongly for a stable seat attitude – also during the sleep.

Given the different factors that characterize LCP’s saturn and neptun child seats and osann’s comet child seat, it is hardly surprising that osann is the most convincing child seat with the isofix fastening system, while LCP is a close second and has its own clever and ingenious advantages.

Top 5: child car seat test and comparison

Infants always need special protection in everyday life! To ensure that your offspring are optimally protected during car trips, whether on journeys or daily short journeys, you should have an appropriate child safety seat. When buying a sensible child seat, there are a number of things to bear in mind.

Weight and age

First of all, the child car seat must be suitable for the child’s age – there are child seats that can be modified as the child grows older, so that they can be used for a long period of time. Weight also plays a decisive role in the selection of a new child car seat.

Joie child seat from below


A good child seat is an important investment in the safety and health of the child. Good child seats not only guarantee the best possible protection in the event of an emergency, but also support a healthy and child-friendly sitting posture so that the little ones do not suffer any postural or physical damage while driving.

If you want to protect your child in everyday life, you need to buy a reliable and safe child seat. In our child car seat test, we have taken a closer look at some products and tested them for you – you can find the results right here.

Maxi-cosi priori XP

Maxi-cosi is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of reliable child seats. Products of the well-known brand convince by maximum safety and pleasant, healthy seat comfort for your child. In our child car seat test, the maxi-cosi priori XP model performed well, as expected. The general workmanship, as well as the materials used are very high quality and promise a high durability, as well as a reliable use in everyday life.

Maxi Cosi

to ensure that your toddler can always find the right sitting or reclining position on both short and long journeys, the maxi-cosi child seat offers four comfortable positioning options at the same time. For optimum safety, the priori XP, in our child car seat test, features robust belt tensioners, which are very easy to operate. In addition, the maxi-cosi priori XP has practical belt hooks with which you can easily and quickly adjust the height of adjacent belts. In the event of a serious incident, the side protection technology protects your child from side impacts.

The design of the maxi-cosi priori XP convinced us in the child car seat test. The spacious, comfortable seat, which offers plenty of room for children from 9 months to 3.5 years of age, is also a convincing argument for buying the RECARO young sport hero. This car seat grows with its occupants and can be used for a very long time.

  • Four comfortable seating and sleeping positions
  • Comfortable seat
  • Maximum safety
  • Practical belt hooks
  • Side protection system


In our child car seat test, the maxi-cosi priori XP was consistently convincing. The chic design combines maximum safety and comfortable seating for small children. In addition, the top workmanship and the choice of high quality materials are convincing. In the event of an emergency, the built-in safety features provide optimum protection for the small occupant – our test verdict: recommended buy!

RECARO young sport hero

Most customers will know the manufacturer RECARO because of its famous sports seats. Proud parents can also enjoy child seats from the renowned brand. With the young sport hero product series, the company presents innovative safety child seats, in the usual sporty design – ideal for all active parents who like to be sporty on the road.

The safety system from RECARO, called HERO, could absolutely inspire in our child car seat test and receives the possible top score. The RECARA child seat has reliable advanced side protection and promises a very long service life. Children from 9 months to 12 years of age should be able to sit comfortably and safely in the RECARO young sport child seat. Especially practical – when your child gets older and thus bigger, the integrated headrest can be adjusted in height.

The innovative belt clamps, which make it easy to attach to the vehicle, are extremely practical and simple to use. When it comes to design, the RECARO brand is hard to beat – the young sport hero child car seat is a real eye-catcher. In this child seat, the offspring can travel safely and sportily on the roads of this world.

  • Innovative safety technologies
  • Long service life
  • Unique sporty design
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Advanced side protection


The RECARO young sport hero child seat was able to impress all along the line in our child car seat test. It combines chic, sporty design with excellent safety features. Our test verdict is correspondingly positive – we give the RECARO child seat a clear buy recommendation. Especially in sporty, young cars, the RECARO young sport hero makes a really good figure.

Stork mill solar

Storchenmuhle is known for its safe child car seat systems. products from the brand regularly receive top marks in various tests. the storchenmuhle solar child seat was also convincing in our child car seat test. The child seat is suitable for children in the weight classes 15 – 36 kg – so the storchenmuhle product promises a long service life.

in terms of safety, the stork mill car seat really comes up trumps – it offers a very high level of side impact protection, which is ensured in the hip area by fixed armrests, and in the shoulder and chest area by lateral elements that have an energy-absorbing effect in the event of an emergency. Crah slats, combined with support foam and additional crash pads, provide optimum protection and guarantee ideal load distribution. Particularly practical – in the child car seat test, the height of the headrest could be adjusted 11 times with a simple flick of the wrist. The footrest, which is available as an additional accessory, is also continuously height-adjustable and supports a healthy, safe sitting posture for the child.

The cushioning made of ventilated foam and exclusive ventilation slits ensure the best seating comfort on long and short journeys. In combination, these ventilation features prevent the child from sweating excessively. Especially in the hot seasons, this breathability is a real plus point.

  • Convincing design
  • Maximum safety
  • Innovative safety equipment
  • Ventilation slots reduce sweating in the seat
  • Comfortable seat that can be used for a long time


In our child car seat test, we give the storchenmuhle child seat a consistently positive test rating. We were convinced by the chic look, the safety technology and the seating comfort for the child. The height-adjustable headrest and footrest also contribute to the fact that we can recommend parents to buy the storchenmuhle child seat.

Kiwy SLF123 Q-fix

Parents who choose a child seat from the kiwy brand are not only buying maximum safety for their offspring, but are also demonstrating a sense of style – child seats from kiwy inspire with their Italian design. So it is no wonder that the kiwy SLF123 Q-fix child seat, in our child car seat test, in terms of appearance and design is very good. The curved lines of the seat are a real feast for the eyes. But also in terms of safety, the kiwy product receives from us, in the car seat test, several times top marks.

The isofix fastening, including 3-point belt, inspires with easy installation and secure belt guidance. In addition, the central belt system at the front has a reliable safety lock. The kiwy SLF123 Q-fix child seat is designed for young passengers from 9 months to 12 years of age. For the smallest occupants, the kiwy product is equipped with an additional, comfortable seat cushion. The practical fact that the seat grows with the child, has inspired us in the car seat test. Among other things, the wide backrest is height adjustable and suitable for children up to 36 kg.

The height and side-adjustable headrest ensures optimum side impact protection and thus maximum safety. Particularly clever – the kiwy child seat has a storage pocket on the seat. To prevent the little ones from sweating unnecessarily, the kiwy child seat is made of anti-allergic and anti-sweat fabrics. Overall, we were impressed by the high-quality workmanship of the child seat, as well as the selection of the best materials.

  • Italian design
  • Long usability
  • High level of safety
  • Maximum seating comfort
  • Breathable, reduces sweating


Our child car seat test verdict for the kiwy SLF123 Q-fix is very good. We were impressed by the child seat’s comprehensive safety system, driving comfort and excellent workmanship. In addition, the kiwy child seat uses anti-allergic and sweat-resistant fabrics – child car seat test note: one! At this point, we can recommend this child seat without hesitation.

Britax romer DUO plus

In our child car seat test, of course, a product from romer must not be missing! The britax romer brand is known for its safe, reliable and flexible child seats. It is therefore hardly surprising that the romer DUO plus child seat received consistently good test marks. Even the modern, chic design of the seat appears coherent and skilful. the romer child seat can be used for smallest children from 9 to 18kg – so it is a car seat for the smallest children.

The romer child seat offers a comprehensive safety package so that the little passengers can enjoy maximum safety during the journey and the parents can relax and concentrate on the road. This makes it easy to install the child car seat using the ISOFIX system and provides optimum impact protection. Particularly practical – a color indicator shows whether the ISOFIX locking arms are securely engaged. The ISOFIX system ensures optimal fastening to the appropriate ISOFIX connections in the vehicle. In our child car seat test, the romer product also stood out for its lightness – the light weight of the product makes it easy to switch between different vehicles.

  • Much safety
  • Maximum driving comfort
  • ISOFIX system
  • Very light
  • Flexible use


In the child car seat test the romer child seat comes off with the test judgement very well. Convincing design, coupled with uncompromising safety and maximum flexibility, characterize the romer product, as well as the existing ISOFIX system and the generally excellent quality of workmanship.

Child seat 9-36 kg

In the course of childhood, a child usually needs three child seats. The first is the baby car seat then follow group 1 group 2 and group 3. For the last three child seat groups, there is also the possibility to combine them in one seat, namely in a child seat 9-36 kg. This seat can be used from an age of approx.9 months of use. But it should always be done before buying a detailed research. For this purpose we have made this page.

In any case, the child seat 9-36 kg on the side should be a sticker with a current E number, because then the seat meets the current standard and may be used without hesitation. It is also important to test fit the child in the seat of your choice. Because not every seat is suitable for every child and that should always be absolutely clarified beforehand. There are enormous price ranges for child seats, so it does not have to be the most expensive or the cheapest.

Child seat 9-36 kg kiddy guardian pro2 2014 sunshine

The kiddy guardian is a so called catch body child seat 9-36 kg. This means that a table is placed in front of the child. This replaces a five-point harness inside the child seat. The body of the seat is heavily padded and made of the same material as the car seat itself. To buckle up in the guardian child seat 9-36 kg, the child is simply placed in the seat, which is preferably placed on the back seat in the car. The child is then strapped in around the safety harness with the car’s own three-point belt. How to use the harness is explained in detail in both written and pictorial form in the user manual.

The impact shield does not serve as a safety device

On the manufacturer’s site are also some videos so the safe installation of the child seat 9-36 kg nothing more stands in the way. The restraint is only not used as a safety device in the event of sharp braking maneuvers or a side impact. It can also be used as a play table on longer car journeys. The general recommendation is to use the safety gear up to a weight of the child of 18 kg. For very slim children, this may be possible for longer, as it often happens that the straps slip off the narrow shoulders of children. Furthermore, the safety seat offers the advantage that even very active toddlers cannot unbuckle themselves. With a normal 5 point harness, however, this already goes.

After the catch time the guardian child seat 9-36 kg is attached as usual in the car. The child is strapped in with the three-point belt. The procedure is also in the instructions and also on the page of the guardian child seat 9-36 kg to be read. When the child grows, the backrest can be adjusted in height. the headrest is also height adjustable. The side impact protection of this child seat 9-36 kg is very far outstanding and thus corresponds to the latest technical standard.

The cushions of the child seat kiddy guardian pro 2 sunshine are very high quality and robust. The cover of the guardian child seat 9-36 kg can withstand even small children who spill. In case of stains and dirt, it is usually sufficient to wipe with a damp cloth. The entire cover can be washed in the washing machine in the event of major soiling. The unbuckling and buckling is very easy and does not take much time. In this child seat 9-36 kg children sit very comfortably not too soft and not too hard. This makes driving longer distances by car much more comfortable.


  • Restraint up to 18 kg
  • High side impact protection
  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • dimensions: 63 x 53 x 49,8 cm
  • weight 7 kg


The child seat 9-36 kg kiddy guardian pro2 2014 sunshine is a visually appealing child seat it offers safety and comfort in equal measure. The price is moderate and for the long duration of use of ca. 9 months to 12 years very favorable.

Child seat 9-36 kg CYBEX GOLD pallas M-fix

It is a child seat 9-36 kg available in 10 different colors. In addition, the customer has the choice of whether to purchase the cybex gold pallassen seat with or without isofix. The cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg is a safety seat. The safety harness, which is placed very tightly against the child’s abdomen and hips, can be fastened from approx. 9 months so in about 9 kilos up to a weight of 15 kilos can be used. These data are of course only approximate values, because it always depends a little on the development of the child.

A strong child will probably not be able to stand this impact body sooner. For a slim child at the weight limit, the protection of the safety harness is always preferable because in the event of an impact, the child’s cervical vertebrae are better protected by rolling than by a five-point or three-point belt. The body of this child seat 9-36 kg replaces the child seat own belt. The safety harness is fastened with the car seat belt.

Optimal safety

In the beginning, many parents find this technique a little complicated, but after practicing once or twice, it is child’s play and can be done just as quickly in everyday life as buckling up with other harness systems. When the child no longer needs the safety harness, or. Used, the child seat 9-36 kg can be adjusted in height. The side impact protection of the cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg can also be adjusted. By adjusting is always optimal safety for the child, because it does not grow out of the protection. In group 2 and 3 mode of this child seat 9-36 kg the child is secured with the car three-point belt. Also this seatbelt technique can be found in the user manual.

reclining position and the headrest

In addition, the use with understandable pictogram is attached to the side of the cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg. The cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg is fantastically well padded. This means that even on long journeys the child does not suffer from back pain. In addition, there is the possibility to put the cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg in a rest position with a handle. On the one hand, this is extremely pleasant for the child, because some children simply cannot sleep sitting up, and on the other hand, it is another safety aspect. Because with sleeping children, the head always bobbles a little back and forth during the car ride. This is prevented by the reclining position and the headrest of the cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg.

The cover of the child seat 9-36 kg is insensitive to dirt and even after years of use still beautiful to look at. From time to time it can be washed in the washing machine. the cover of the cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg can be removed completely – it’s very simple. After washing, this is again quite uncomplicated to put on. It is only important that the cover is really 100 percent dry when it is put back on the styrofoam base of the cybex gold pallas child seat 9-36 kg.


  • The backrest is adjustable
  • Side impact protection adjustable
  • Washable cover
  • Catch body usable up to 18 KG
  • 10 different colors
  • Optional with isofix
  • dimensions 45,4 x 54 x 70 cm
  • Weight 9 kg


The child seat 9-36 kg CYBEX GOLD pallas M-fix has a long use of approx. 9 months to 12 years. The seat is high quality and can withstand the long use well. The handling is simple. The safety and technology meets the latest standards. The price is considered reasonable.

child seat 9-36kg CYBEX SILVER pallas 2-fix car seat group

The pallas 2-fix car seat group is available in 6 different colors so there is really something for everyone’s taste and especially to match the respective car. This child seat 9-36 kg can only be used in cars that are equipped with an isofix system. This is standard nowadays. Only very old cars do not have this system yet. However, this can be changed if necessary. Retrofitting. The cybex silver child seat 9-36 kg is simply hooked into the isofix system of the car using the hooks and is thus stably connected to the car seat.

The advantage

This has the advantage, if the seat is taken on the back seat without child, that it does not wobble or tilt forward. The seat can be used from the age of 9 months or from a weight of 9 KG. The maximum weight of the child is 36 KG. This corresponds approximately to the age of a child of 12 years. To begin with, this child seat is used with a safety harness, which serves to protect the toddler and especially the cervical vertebrae in the event of an impact. With a safety cushion that looks like a small table, the body rolls off in the event of a collision or a sharp braking maneuver and is not caught by the belt. The safety harness is fastened with the car seat belt. This technique is very quick with a little practice and does not take longer than the usual seat belt.

The correct execution is important here. An instruction manual both in pictures and in writing is on the side of the cybex silver child seat 9-36 kg. You will also find all the information in the user manual. After the catch time the seat is fastened with the car belt. This technique is also described on the child seat 9-36 as well as in the instruction manual. The safety cushion, on which the child sits, can be adjusted in height. The headrest can be adjusted in the same way. This is especially important when the child falls asleep in the seat, because it prevents the head from bobbing back and forth during the ride. In addition, the headrest of this child seat 9-36 kg can also be tilted. The side impact protection of the cybex silver child seat 9-36 kg is covered with padding on the inside and plastic on the outside. It offers the child optimal protection in the event of an accident from the side.


  • Headrest height adjustable and tiltable
  • Isofix system
  • 6 different colors
  • Safety cushion height adjustable
  • Optimal side impact protection
  • Dimensions 45,5 x 55,5 x 90 cm


The child seat 9-36kg CYBEX SILVER pallas 2-fix car seat group is a safe seat for toddlers and older children. The handling is easy and the comfort for the child is great, because the seat can be adjusted individually. The long period of use justifies the one-time purchase price.

child seat 15-36 kg

The child seat 15-36 kg is not only official obligation for children and if it is not present, the police will impose severe penalties. The child seat 15-36 kg is often the life saver. For infants, a child seat 15-36 kg is recommended and of course it should be of high quality to fully perform its task.

A high-quality child seat 15-36 kg must have certain features: it should protect the head and shoulder area well. The cover must be easy to clean and the child seat 15-36 kg should be easy to install without much effort. Here on this page you will find some high quality child seats for the weight class of 15-36kg. I present three of them here in more detail.

child seat 15-36 kg from cybex

The CYBEX SILVER child car seat solution X-fix, group 2/3 (15-36 kg), pure black belongs to group II / III for children weighing 15-36 kg. The child seat 15-36 kg can be used for toddlers from the age of 3 up to the school age of 12 years old. The patented head protection includes a three-position adjustable headrest, which prevents dangerous tilting of the child’s head during sleep and provides high comfort. The child seat 15-36 kg offers the possibility of using a handle to move the child additionally during the ride in the reclining position. Depending on where the child seat is mounted in the car, you can simply reach back at an angle and the child is already in sleeping position.

With the other, very well-known providers, you would have to stop for this tiny, very important "little thing" extra in a parking lot, to be able to bring the child in the comfortable reclining position. An attached linear side impact protection (L.S.P. system) ensures that in the event of a side impact, the sensitive head and shoulder area is protectively enclosed in the safety zone in the seat. The ISOFIX connect stands for special safety and stability. The headrest is 11-way adjustable in height and is designed to grow with the child for a long period of use.

The cover is made of 100% polyester and easy to clean. This is especially important for smaller children. The padding consists of 100% polyurethane foam. The entire child seat is extremely stable and robust. It is easily fastened with the two-point harness. The weight of the seat is 7kg. The seat comes with a german manual and two plastic holders to protect the car seats. Leather and upholstery of the car seats remain without traces, if you use this child seat on it for a long time. With the isofix connect system, the child seat 15-36 kg can be quickly and securely attached in many different car models.


  • 6 different color combinations
  • Weight 7 kilos
  • L.S.P. System against side impact
  • Isofix connect
  • Reclining position during the ride
  • 11-position adjustable headrest


The CYBEX SILVER child car seat solution X-fix, group 2/3 (15-36 kg) is well suited for parents who go on longer car trips with their children, where the little ones should also be able to sleep comfortably. It is easy to clean and safe.

Child seat 15-36 kg – the lightweight from maxi-cosi

The maxi-cosi – rodi XP child car seat group 2/3 (from 3.5 years to about 12 years), phantom also has its merits. It scores with its low weight of 4 kg. Easy installation with the help of the standard three-point safety belt in the car is another plus point. The child seat 15-36 kg has an optimal side impact protection for the head, the loins and the hips of the child.

The backrest grows with the child. It is adjustable in height and width. The belt hooks allow an optimal belt guidance, which is adapted to the size of the child. The low weight allows an effortless change between the cars of parents or grandparents. The seat is not very wide and adapts well to the body of the child. The child seat 15-36 kg maxi-cosi 75001756 has also been tested "good" by ADAC. It has very low pollutant levels. The head protection prevents the head from tilting forward when the child is sleeping. The entire seat can be dismantled and is therefore easy to clean. The seat cover is easily removable and can be washed at 30°C (gentle wash). The material of the outside is 100% polyester. The filling is 60% polyester and 40% polyurethane. The lining is made of 100% polyester. All easy to clean fabrics. Even a longer vacation trip is survived with the child seat 15-36 kg without problems.

The flexible backrest makes a reasonably comfortable sleeping position possible. It is necessary to move the seat slightly forward. The head then remains on the headrest and does not tip over onto the chest. Children will sleep soundly for several hours in this comfortable position. The belt guide on the child seat is good. A correct adjustment in the height of the headrest allows the belt to run over the shoulder of the child. With the use of an additional belt pad it is even more comfortable for children.


  • 3 different color combinations
  • ADAC test "good
  • Very light at 4 kilos
  • Low pollutant levels
  • Washable at 30
  • Good harness


The maxi-cosi 75001756 – rodi XP child car seat group 2/3 (from 3.5 years to about 12 years), the lightweight can be quickly and easily mounted in another car. The child seat 15-36 kg is safe and has good head protection. Due to the good results in the ADAC test a recommendation!

Child seat 15-36 kg – maxi-cosi RODI SPS STONE up to 12 years old!

Maxi-cosi child car seat from group 2/3 (15-36 kg), from 3,5 years to ca. 12 years is a very easy to install child seat. With the three-point safety belt it is quickly installed in a car and also removed again to ride in the next car. The ideal seat for changing cars on the fly, when the child often travels with mom and then with grandma in different cars.

The child seat 15-36 kg RODI SPS is unfortunately not equipped with an ISO-fix fastener. But it can also be fastened with a three-point belt well without this technology. The maxi-cosi RODI from the 15-36 kg child seat category has optimum side impact protection for the head, lumbar region and hips. The backrest is tiltable and therefore very practical, as the seat adapts to the tilt of the car seats. Unfortunately, it cannot be placed in a reclining position. The headrest can be easily adjusted. The backrest is also continuously adjustable. It grows with the child without any problems.

Another advantage of this model is its durable cover. The back can be removed when the child has grown up. Only the seat shell can then be used. The cover is easy and simple to remove from the shell and can be machine washed at 30°C. Even if hand washing is recommended in the manual. Chocolate and other leftovers can be easily removed from the seat. To put the cover back on the shell you need some practice and patience. Since the seat cushions are not so wide, three of these seats can be attached to the back seat. Parents with three children between three and twelve do not have to buy a bigger car.


  • 5 different color combinations
  • Stable side impact protection
  • Removable backrest
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Washable cover at 30


The maxi-cosi 64402186 – RODI SPS STONE child car seat group 2/3 (15-36 kg) is rather ideal for short city trips, because the child seat 15-36 kg unfortunately does not allow a sleep setting.

Which is the ideal child seat 15-36 kg for your purposes?

The ideal child seat 15-36 kg is not the same for everyone. Those who often drive long distances should make sure that a child seat in the category 15-36 kg allows a good reclining position. The color is a matter of taste and very individual. The safety of the child must be guaranteed. Your child should sit comfortably in it and feel at ease. For mainly short city trips, easy handling when buckling and unbuckling the child is important. It does not necessarily have to sleep in the car seat, so you can do without a sleep setting in this case.

What features must a child seat 15-36 kg have?

The modern child seat 15-36 kg must fulfill many characteristics. The most important is to ensure maximum safety for the child sitting in the seat. The child seat 15-36 kg must be low in harmful substances and easy to clean. It should be easy to handle and also easy to install and remove. This is possible with the isofix technology in some models presented here.

But even without isofix it is no problem with many seats. The child seat 15-36 kg must grow with the child as it will accompany the child over several years. The removable back is an advantage. The large school child usually sits only on a seat cushion. The cover must be washable. With smaller children, things often go wrong and the cover has to be washed from time to time. The weight also plays a role in a child seat 15-36 kg. If the child seat 15-36 kg should change cars more often, the installation must be easy and fast and the child seat 15-36 kg must not be too heavy.

Last but not least the price-performance ratio decides. The models presented here all meet the above criteria and offer a good price-performance ratio in the category child seat 15-36 kg.

What is the isofix technology in the child seat 15-36 kg?

Isofix originated as an effort by well-known car manufacturers to establish a uniform standard for fastening child seats. Isofix child seats 15-36 kg are equipped with a simplified fastening device. The isofix child seats 15-36 kg can be used in all vehicles that are equipped with standardized plug connections for this purpose at the time of their manufacture. The child seat preparation includes two retaining lugs that are firmly anchored in the car body. For isofix suitable child seats 15-36 kg are fixed with two locking arms in d the connection. Isofix child seats 15-36 kg are quick and easy to install and offer a high level of safety.

Child seats with isofix

Parents who drive a car are always concerned about safety: which child seat is the right one for the child?? What is important when you want to offer the youngest member of the family optimum safety, even on long car journeys?? The child seats with the isofix fastening system provide this safety. What parents should look for when buying an isofix child seat and what the differences are between the various types of isofix child seats, is discussed in detail in the following article. three different child seats are presented to you and finally compared with each other: who performs best in the comparison? Who is the test winner? And which offers the highest level of safety?

isofix child seat: LCP kids 33 saturn I-fix

The child seat isofix LCP kids 33 saturn I-fix convinces with several factors at the same time. Previous users agree that it is an unsurpassed advantage of this child seat isofix that you can adjust the seat so far that the child can even safely lie down and sleep during the ride.

In addition, the safety is an aspect of this child seat isofix, which is hard to beat by other car seats. The LCP kids 33 saturn I-fix isofix child seat meets all safety criteria with its 5-point safety harness. In addition, a top-tether belt is supplied, so that the child seat is additionally secured and the young passenger is fully protected.

What else is convincing about the LCP kids car seat??

Apart from these points, the child seat isofix LCP kids 33 saturn I-fix is also ideal for longer periods of use, as the seat is certified for the weight class 9-36 kg.

In addition, the child seat isofix LCP kids 33 saturn I-fix offers a special protection system in the event of a side impact. The side bolsters and armrests are particularly high and softly padded, so that the child is still very well protected even in dangerous situations.


  • Headrest and seat angle each 4-fold adjustable
  • 5 points safety belt
  • Modern system regulates belt tightness
  • Side impact protection system (SPS)
  • Pleasant padding, incl. Top tehter belt


The child seat isofix LCP kids 33 saturn I-fix is an absolute highlight among the child seats with the isofix fastening system. The many advantages of the product will convince even the most skeptical parents. Safety concerns are also quickly dispelled when you consider that a comparative test by the ADAC will soon take place and that the product has also been manufactured in accordance with the applicable EU safety directives.

The child seat isofix saturn shows even without a previous comparative test that it is an absolute premium product. The high quality workmanship and the high safety standard, which is guaranteed by the belts, as well as the upholstery, already shows the high level of the child seat isofix from LCP kids 33 saturn I-fix.

isofix child seat: LCP kids neptun ifix

The child seat isofix LCP kids neptun ifix convinces with its ability to grow with the child. The child seat isofix neptun is certified for the weight class 15-36 kg and guarantees an optimal seat adjustment for the size of the child.

In this way, safety is always guaranteed. The seat adjustment of the child seat isofix neptun is possible in that it can be pulled apart in 4 steps, thus increasing the height of the headrest. Thus, even the larger child is still optimally protected. In addition, the side elements are pulled apart to protect against a collision, in order to adapt to the changing body size of the child.

But not only the possible adaptation to the growth of the child makes the child seat isofix LCP kids neptun ifix a good solution for parents. The child seat isofix neptun also convinces with its reputation for having the best ratio of price to quality.


  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Optimal adaptation to the body size of the child
  • Back element can be used as an additional booster seat
  • High quality materials for easy cleaning


The child seat isofix LCP kids neptun ifix has several advantages that make this child seat isofix a real alternative. Not only the possibility to adjust to the body size of the young passenger makes parents’ hearts beat faster.

The child seat isofix neptun convinces additionally by a very good price-performance ratio and the processing of easy-care and at the same time high-quality materials. The simple, practical use in everyday life is the focus of this child seat isofix and even if this child seat has not yet passed any comparative tests, the manufacturer LCP kids shows itself to be a capable producer for whom safety is just as important as the comfort of the young passengers in the car.

Child seat isofix: osann comet isofix

The child seat isofix osann comet isofix shows itself as a real trendsetter and offers numerous advantages compared to other child car seats. The isofix comet child seat from osann is suitable for children with a body weight of 9 to 36 kg, which corresponds to an age of about 8 months to 12 years, d.H. Until the end of the compulsory car seat. The manufacturer osann has developed the child seat isofix comet with the requirement of highest safety and comfort.

The isofix child seat boasts a system that is perfectly suited to the growth phase of the child and thus allows a long period of use. The headrest is 7-way adjustable and orthopedic aspects were also taken into account during development. The outstanding feature of the isofix comet child seat is that osann is the first manufacturer in the world to integrate the mounting device for the sleepfix safety sleeping cushion into the isofix child seat. This clever integration keeps the young passenger stable at all times, even during sleep, and allows the head and upper body to assume an upright sitting position, minimizing the risk of injury.


  • 7-position adjustable headrest
  • suitable for all ages (8 months to 12 years)
  • Designed according to orthopedic aspects
  • 5 point safety belt system
  • Comfort cover and seat reducer (100% polyester)


The isofix comet child seat from osann is a product that excels in terms of safety and comfort. The always secure seating position thanks to a 5-point harness system and the orthopedically optimally developed child seat isofix, the child car seat comet is a true all-rounder.

For children of almost every age group within the framework of the car seat obligation and for a body weight of 9 to 36 kg suitable, the child seat of osann is a true marvel of the variety on the market.

Reboarder child seat

In the accident statistics of the federal statistical office, the number of children killed in car accidents between the ages of 1 and 2 is increasing dramatically. In contrast to the under 1 year olds. Which can be due to the fact that the little ones up to one year are transported in the baby car seat against the direction of travel. From approx. 9 kilo most toddlers then change to a "normal" child car seat, which is usually installed in the direction of travel.

At the age of 1-2 years, however, the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the neck are not yet able to absorb the resulting forces in an accident. It is not uncommon for serious head and spinal cord injuries to occur. Mostly these end in a paraplegia or even with death! In the event of a frontal impact, a reboarder child seat, in contrast to a normal child seat, dissipates the impact energy via the backrest of the seat, which functions like a protective shield and stabilizes and secures the child’s head and sensitive cervical spine in particular. Moreover, since the forward movement of the body in a frontal impact is not braked by belts alone, the otherwise often observed serious injuries to internal organs cannot occur.

Reboarder child seat britax FIRST CLASS plus, black thunder

The reboarder child seat britax FIRST CLASS plus by romer is a cross-group model that is already approved for newborns and can be used up to a body weight of 18 kg (approx. 5 years) can be used.
Up to a body weight of 13 kg, the seat is used as a reboarder child seat and is installed against the direction of travel.
The child is secured with a height-adjustable 5-point harness both in the opposite direction and in the direction of travel. For small children, the size of the seat can be adjusted with the help of a seat reducer. An additional click& safe® safety system clicks audibly as soon as the correct belt tension is reached.

in the event of a side impact, the passenger in this reboarder child seat is protected by deep, very softly padded side impact bolsters. Additional protection is also provided by the spacers and the special shoulder pads on the belts, which significantly reduce the forward displacement of the body in the event of an impact and thus the load values. The seat position of the reboarder child seat can be adjusted several times, so that the child sits securely and stably in the seat even when asleep.

The installation of the reboarder child seat FIRST CLASS plus with a total weight of 8 kg is relatively light and is carried out by means of the 3-point belt of the vehicle and is very easy due to the spring-loaded shoulder belt stop. For forward-facing installation, the reboarder child seat from britax offers two belt guide options for adapting to different belt lengths. The cover is available in several color combinations and can be removed and washed without the hassle of unthreading the straps.


  • Group 1 (0 – 18 kg)
  • 4 different color models
  • Use as reboard seat up to 13 kg
  • 5-point harness with click& safe® safety system
  • Side impact protection through deep, padded side bolsters
  • Special shoulder pads and spacers to reduce forward displacement in the event of an accident
  • Installation with 3-point harness system
  • Spring-loaded shoulder belt stop for easy installation
  • 2 belt guide options for different belt lengths
  • Seat reducer and height-adjustable 5-point harnesses


Very easy to install reboarder child seat with long use up to ca. 3 years. Can be used as a reboarder child seat up to 13 kg. The 5-point harness, deep side bolsters and spacers provide optimum protection in the event of a crash. Variable seat position and seat reducer provide stable seating and a comfortable sleeping position.

Reboarder child seat britax romer MAX-FIX II

The reboarder child seat MAX-FIX II can score points with an ISOFIX mounting system in addition to the reboard installation and is attached as a reboarder child seat up to a weight of 18 kg. In addition to the isofix fastening, the child is secured in the seat with a 5-point harness system, the length of which can be adjusted and adjusted centrally. Impact energy is distributed over the entire body and dissipated into the seat, significantly reducing stress on the sensitive parts of the child’s skeleton.

ISOFIX system to be installed

With the seat reducer, the reboarder child seat can be used from birth onwards. The headrest and shoulder straps of this reboarder child seat are height adjustable, the operation is also possible with one hand. The seat position of the MAX-FIX II reboarder child seat can also be adjusted several times. The shoulder belts have shoulder pads that reduce the abrupt forward movement in the event of a frontal impact or heavy braking. The additional, spring-loaded support leg on the back of the seat, which provides additional stability, is also new.

In the event of a side impact, the deep, high and very soft padded side bolsters provide additional impact protection. The reboarder child seat MAX-FIX II has an easy to install ISOFIX system. And is simply connected to the ISOFIX attachment points in the vehicle. Installation is additionally simplified by colored installation indicators. Green symbols appear when the seat is correctly installed!

Thanks to the ISOFIX fastening and the compact size of just 53 x 45 x 78 cm, the seat is easy to install and remove and also enables a quick change between different vehicles!
All covers are removable and washable.


  • Group 0+/1
  • 2 different color models
  • Installation as a reboarder child seat up to 18 kg
  • ISOFIX fastening system
  • seat reducer and height-adjustable 5-point harness
  • Multiple adjustable seat positions
  • High side bolsters for side impact protection
  • support leg for additional stability
  • Installation indicators for easier fitting
  • Central belt length adjustment


Very easy to install thanks to ISOFIX and installation indicators, the seat also scores points with easy-to-adjust belt lengths, headrest and seat positions. Securing with height-adjustable 5-point harness, the seat can be adjusted to the body size by means of the seat reducer and can be used as a reboarder child seat for a very long time. A must for every family!


CYBEX breaks completely new, innovative ground with its pallas car seat. Although this is not a reboarder child seat, it still performs very positively in the tests of ADAC motorwelt, stiftung warentest and autowelt. in contrast to a car seat where the impact energy is mainly dissipated through the back of the seat, the CYBEX has a patented safety cushion system that absorbs and protects the head and upper body of the child in the event of a frontal impact like a safety harness.

Impact energy is dissipated over the wide surface of the well-padded safety cushion, which is also made of particularly energy-absorbing material. The impact shield works like an airbag. From the age of 3 years, the safety cushion can be removed and the seat can be converted into a group II child seat. The safety cushion is depth-adjustable and can be optimally adapted to the size of the child. With the additional seat cushion, the seat grows easily from a body weight of 9 kg up to a maximum weight of 36 kg. The height of the headrest can be adjusted 11 times.

Linear sideimpact protection system

In the event of a side impact, an innovative side impact protection system, the L.S.P. System, particularly effective. The "linear sideimpact protection system" systematically dissipates the impact energy in a chain reaction via shoulder and head protectors. The kinetic energy of the body is intercepted at an early stage and the head is actively steered into a safe position and enclosed in the safety zone of the child seat.

The seat can be adjusted from the sitting to the reclining position with a single hand movement. The headrest can also be adjusted in 3 positions to prevent the dangerous tilting of the head forward during sleep.
The backrest can also be adjusted in inclination. The seat does not have its own harness system, and is fastened with the vehicle harness. Thus the child as well as the seat is secured with the vehicle’s own 3-point belt.

The pelvic and shoulder belts are guided through the safety cushion system when used in class I, so that the child’s upper body remains relatively mobile. This means that no belts can cut in and cause painful to life-threatening injuries to the internal organs in the event of a collision. With a weight of 10 kg, the seat is not too heavy and can be easily removed and installed when changing vehicles.


  • group 1/2/3
  • 6 different color models
  • Depth-adjustable safety cushion
  • Seat insert for size adjustment
  • Inclination adjustable headrest
  • L.S.P. System – linear side impact protection
  • 11-position height-adjustable headrest: for optimal growth with the child


A real alternative to a reboarder child seat is the cybex, which convinces with a completely new safety cushion system that works like an airbag and can be adjusted to the weight and size of the child. The linear sideimpact protection system ensures optimum protection even in the event of a side crash. The height-adjustable headrest, removable safety cushion and seat reducer make this seat suitable for use up to a weight of 36 kg!

Reboarder child seat or airbag – which safety system convinces in the test?

In the tests of ADAC, motorwelt, stiftung warentest, etc. the reboarder child seats have definitely convinced in terms of impact protection in frontal accidents. In contrast to conventional child seats, in which the child is transported facing forwards, in the reboarder child seat the impact energy and the kinetic energy of the child’s body are dissipated via the back shell of the seat and via the child’s back.

The child is simply pressed into the reboarder child seat, head and neck cannot tilt forward and are optimally protected by the headrest. A good alternative to a reboarder child seat, if one cannot be installed, is the CYBEX PALLAS with its patented safety cushion system, which works like an airbag and offers comparably good protection.

As far as installation is concerned, an ISOFIX mounting system is clearly preferable to other mounting models. The seat, whether reboarder child seat or conventional child seat, is directly connected to the body of the vehicle, the installation is usually done by a simple click system and can be done with a few simple steps. With the reboarder child seat MAX-FIX II, the correct installation is also facilitated with color indicators. Among the 3-point belt systems, the reboarder child seat FIRST CLASS plus from britax romer can score points, which can be adapted to shorter belt lengths, at least when installed facing forwards, because of the two belt guide options.

At what age can children use a booster seat??

booster seats belong to the legally prescribed weight groups 2 and 3. A simple booster seat may be used as soon as the child weighs at least 15 kg. It does not matter whether you use a simple booster seat or a complete booster seat system with a backrest – you must always use a three-point safety belt. booster seats must never be secured with a lap belt, as full safety can never be 100% guaranteed in the event of an accident or impact.

Kiddy child seat

In most cases, simple booster seats are not equipped with a side guard and often do not have guides for the lower safety belt. In most cases, it is also not possible to fasten a diagonally running belt with the aid of an integrated guide. It is critical if the child falls asleep while driving and slips out of the upper belt. Therefore, simple booster seats for toddlers without an integrated backrest are legally approved, but less recommended. If you want to use booster seats for toddlers, you should buy a product that has guide horns pronounced at the sides. In this way, it can always be guaranteed that the booster seat does not accidentally slip away when driving the car.

Despite a booster seat, the car’s shoulder belt may be much too close to the child’s neck. Therefore, before each car ride, it is necessary to check that the lower belt runs on the thighs or in the area of the pelvis and that the upper belt runs correctly over the shoulders of the child. It is generally recommended to choose a booster seat that is equipped with a backrest. Only when the child’s size and weight no longer fit into the system of the backrest and the seat should a pure booster cushion be purchased.

Booster seats are divided into 3 categories:

Simple booster seats/ seat cushions

Simple booster seats are in effect nothing more than a raised, stable seat cushion. They do not have side guards or guides to lock the top and bottom safety belts in place. Simple booster seats tend to slip quickly, making it possible for the child to be injured.

The correct run of the shoulder belt depends solely on the car and its belt geometry. Simple booster seats are approved by law, but are only recommended in exceptional cases.

Booster seats with guide for the three-point belt

This booster seat system optimally prevents the child’s bottom from sliding forward. However, this seat is not equipped with a side guard or a guide for the upper safety belt and is therefore only recommended for children aged 8 to 10 years and older.

booster seats with height-adjustable backrest that grows with the child

This booster seat is very popular. One reason is that this system provides a guide for the diagonal belt. In addition, the child is optimally protected from side impacts in this system. If the child falls asleep while driving, the head is supported by the height-adjustable backrest.

In this context, it should be noted that a booster seat for children cannot be used together with a lap belt. Neither are models that are equipped with a height-adjustable backrest that grows with the child’s height. A booster seat may only be used together with a three-point safety belt. For lap belts, there are other systems that may be used specifically for children up to 25 kg body weight.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about the child seat

Quick and easy answers: on this page we have compiled some questions that we are often asked in connection with our tests. We hope that we can give you a good orientation and we wish you always a good and safe trip!

Child seat I size safe

How long do children have to use a child seat?

Up to the age of 12. or if your child is taller than 150 cm.

What to look for when buying a child seat?

It is important that the child seat complies with the current safety standards ECE R 44 or ECE R 129. If this is not the case, you must not use the child seat in your vehicle. In our child seat test, we have only tested models that are certified according to the ECE R 44 or ECE R 129 standard.

Will three child seats fit in the back seat of my car??

It all depends on your vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle, three child seats may fit on the back seat. In general, however, it is recommended that you contact the vehicle manufacturer for information.

Are child seats also suitable for sport seats?

There are sports seats on which child seats can be installed without any problems even without isofix. However, this question cannot be answered with a general yes or no. We recommend that you ask the seat manufacturer specifically about this issue.

What is isofix?

Almost all modern vehicles have an isofix connection on the back seat. This allows you to secure the child seat in your car quickly and safely (see also this explanation). The appropriate connection point is already integrated in the seat of all the child seats we tested. So you simply hook the child seat into the isofix system in your vehicle and can drive off straight away. For owners of older vehicles without an isofix connection, we can recommend the maxi cosi "rodi SPS" model, which has been specially designed for this purpose.

My car does not have isofix. Can I have the system retrofitted??

This is usually not possible because the isofix mounting points are already attached to the vehicle during production.

can i use a child seat with isofix standard also in older vehicles?

Basically, all modern child seats are designed in such a way that you can use them without isofix fastening on the back seat. In this case, the seat is fastened by means of the belt, which of course cannot be compared with the particularly safe isofix standard, but is nevertheless a safe solution. In our experience, the seat holds without any problems and the child sits securely in your vehicle. However, it always depends on the individual case on it. Therefore, you should simply try this solution and if it does not fit, send the child seat back again. A very good alternative is the "rodi SPS" model from maxi cosi, which is specially designed for use in older vehicles.

Can I also attach the child seat to the front passenger seat??

Baby seats may only be attached to the front passenger seat (against the direction of travel) if the front passenger airbag can be deactivated or the front passenger airbag can be deactivated. Not available. Otherwise, the car seat must be installed in the back seat in any case. In the case of child seats and booster seats, attachment to the front passenger seat is generally permitted, but it is recommended that these seats be installed in the rear seat.

How to wash the fabric cover?

Carefully remove the cover and then wash either by hand or at 30°C.

Child seat safety instructions

My child is sitting in a booster seat and always tilts to the side when sleeping. What can I do?

This will put the child in an awkward sleeping position and the belt will no longer work correctly. In this case, use a sleeping cushion or a child seat with a headrest.

Are children allowed to sit in the passenger seat?. Do you always have to use a child seat?

For safety reasons, it is not recommended to put the children in the front, but there are no restrictions by the legislator on which seat the child sits as long as it is transported in a suitable child seat. Child seats are required by law and must be used for every ride, no matter how short it is.

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