Air conditioner in the car: an important companion through the summer!

Air conditioner cleaning service stinks circulating air e1618225873464 Air conditioner in the car: an important companion through the summer!

Temperatures are rising and the car is uncomfortably hot. Now only the air conditioner helps. The first cool breeze can be felt on your hot skin as soon as it is switched on. But that is not all. In the car suddenly spreads a unpleasant odor off. And you may ask yourself where did that awful smell suddenly come from?? This is not only unpleasant for you, but also for the passengers. At the latest now it is time for a disinfection. In addition to the bodywork and the interior, you must also regularly maintain the air conditioning system. Here you can find out what you need to know about maintenance and cleaning need to know – also what the air conditioning service costs.

Air conditioner in car

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Why does the air conditioner stink?

As soon as the air conditioner stinks, it’s time to disinfect it. after all, there’s a reason why your faithful companion emits an unpleasant odor through the summer. Mold, bacteria and microorganisms: you feel like you’re in paradise in a warm and humid environment. Both favor spreading to evaporator and blower box. 《back

Air conditioner cleaning service stinks circulating air 1 e1618225914526 Air conditioning in the car: an important companion through the summer!

When the air conditioner stops cooling?

The fact that the air conditioner wants to be taken care of, makes not always noticeable by the smell. Sometimes it just cools no longer as required. Another sign for an appointment at the air-conditioning service. Because the reason for the decreasing cooling function is the refrigerant. Around 15 percent of refrigerant can be lost from the system each year. Only one thing can help: to refill the refrigerant regularly. Have your air conditioner serviced every two years, experts advise. because if the coolant leaks, it pollutes the environment. So regular maintenance fulfills two important points at once: it is protects the environment and saves them from high consequential costs due to unnoticed damage. 《back

Functioning air conditioner increases safety!

It’s because of the temperature inside the car. as soon as it rises, the driver’s concentration decreases Strongly off. This increases the risk of accidents. This makes the air conditioning system much more than a mere comfort function in the summer – it provides an active contribution for traffic safety. 《back

Microsleep car truck second sleep e1618226001232 Air conditioning in the car: An important companion through the summer!

Air conditioning service: the costs!

The cost of the air conditioning service depends largely on the refrigerant you use. For older models that rely on the refrigerant r134a the service costs between 40 and 120 euro. However, this remedy is now banned . That’s why, since the beginning of 2017, new cars have only been allowed to have r1234y as a refrigerant. This results in higher costs, as the agent itself is more expensive than its predecessor. Between 100 and 200 euros cost of the service, with the actual price depending on the quantity required and the hourly wage of the workshop. A repair to the air conditioning system can cut costs additionally increase. 《back

This is how maintenance works:

The climate service checks the most important components: expansion valve, condenser, refrigerant compressor and evaporator. In addition seals and hoses be controlled. They can dry out or age, and as a consequence leaking become. Manufacturers therefore recommend annual check. It is best to have this done at a specialist workshop. Because incorrect maintenance can damage incurred on the air-conditioning system, resulting in high consequential costs. In the specialist workshop, on the other hand, trained personnel take care of the service and use a special climate service unit. Inform yourself before the inspection, whether the air conditioning system is checked – this is not always the case. In most cases, however, you can book the service additionally.

If the cooling performance drops, an expert must examine (for example, by means of the addition of contrast media) whether the system is losing coolant. However, also without leaking a part of the agent (this is a gas) lost over time. For the driver, this means that the air conditioner cools less. At the same time, expensive consequential damage is more likely to occur.

There is a reason for this: the coolant is with oil enriched. Thus it lubricates the compressor and protects seals from it, to dry out. So the refrigerant doesn’t just help to cool the passenger compartment. If the workshop has to install a new compressor, the cost is around 800 to 1.500 euro. 《back

Air conditioning service: these services include

  • Maintenance as well as functional and visual inspections
  • Replacing the refrigerant
  • Add oil (for the compressor)
  • Disinfection
  • repair of the system (only if necessary)

In order to disinfect the system ozone used. this professional treatment removes bacteria and fungi. These may have accumulated on the evaporator, but also in the shafts and the air ducts. Treatment with ozone costs around 50 euro.

Cabin air filter Allergen filter Pollen filter e1581484340542 Air conditioning in the car: an important companion through the summer!

Also important: the filter for the interior change regularly. This contributes to clean air in the passenger compartment and an air conditioning system that is ready for use. Also, pollen will not have a chance. How to do it, you can read here. 《back

Disinfect the air conditioner itself

Who wants to clean his air conditioner cleans itself, prevents unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and fungi. Special cleaning sprays and foams help to disinfect the ducts, hoses and evaporator. These agents cost between 10 and 15 euro per bottle. Cleaning the system single-handedly is a substitute for professional air conditioning service, however not.

cleaning foam for disinfection: through a long hose you spray the foam from the can directly into the vaporizer. The foam must be left to work for about half an hour, then start the engine, open the air vents and turn the air conditioner on full blast. This distributes the active ingredient. This variant is particularly active, because it fights the bacteria and fungi where they have settled: on the evaporator.

Spray for disinfection: the spray you use With the engine running in the interior of the vehicle. The windows remain closed and the air circulation blower runs at the highest temperature and stage during this process. then place the spray in the footwell, i.e. in the intake area of the air conditioning system, and activate it by pressing a button. It takes around 15 minutes for the spray mist to escape completely. One can is sufficient to clean the complete air conditioning and ventilation system to disinfect. Meanwhile they may do not stay in the car . Once disinfection is complete, you must lubricate the interior with ventilate thoroughly.

Also important: the cabin air filter. You should replace this filter in the course of disinfection replace. It is usually hidden in the engine compartment, behind the fairing of the bulkhead. This makes the exchange a little more costly. Nevertheless, the exchange possible on your own. A new activated carbon cabin air filter costs between 8 and 35 euro. But the activated carbon filter is worth its price – because unlike the pollen filter, it filters 92 percent of the toxic nitrogen dioxide from the air in the passenger compartment. 《back

How the air conditioner works

Basically, all air conditioning systems work in the same way: they contain an gaseous coolant, which is first sucked in by the compressor and then compresses will. This creates pressure that heats the gas. It is then cooled in the heat exchanger, where it changes to a liquid state. If water is present in the coolant, it is then disinfected with the aid of a dryer filtered out.

The next stop of the coolant is the expansion valve. From here it goes into the evaporator in measured doses. As it passes through the evaporator, it becomes again GAS, because it is no longer under pressure. For it to change its state, however, it needs heat. This heat provides the air that flows to the evaporator.

This ensures that the air cooled down considerably is separated as soon as it passes the evaporator. The cold air is transferred to the passenger compartment with the help of the air vents. The compressor then sucks the coolant back in: the cycle starts all over again. 《back

air conditioning: two versions are common!

Air conditioning systems will manual and automatic models distinguished. If you have to operate the air conditioner manually, cooling will take place in the temperature range you have set. If, on the other hand, your car has a automatic air conditioning is installed, the system regulates automatically. sensors ensure that the desired temperature is maintained – even when outside conditions change. Particularly convenient multi-zone air conditioning: here you can separate regulate the temperature for the driver, the front passenger and possibly the rear window. Some models even vary their output depending on the position of the sun, depending on the sensors installed. 《back

Air conditioning car retrofit tuning Air conditioning in the car: an important companion through the summer!

Fuel consumption and costs of the air conditioning system!

Since a belt on the engine drives the air-conditioning compressor, there is a more consumption. The workload for the engine increases – so does the fuel consumption. According to the ADAC, however, manual air-conditioning systems consume more fuel than the automatic air conditioning. Because the automatic air conditioning system varies the cooling capacity independently after the desired temperature has been set.

In addition to the type of compressor, the operating conditions and the engine performance the additional consumption. Additional consumption varies between 0.3 to 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway and 1.5 to 5.0 liters per 100 kilometers in city traffic.

Reserve fuel gauge fuel needle air conditioning in the car: an important companion through the summer!

Additional costs arise from the coolant replacement, the wear of the compressor shaft and the workshop costs. However, it doesn’t help to keep the air conditioning permanently to switch off. If the air conditioner is not used in the long term, it comes on damage to the system. Because without working, the compressor of the air conditioner is still driven by belt. For the compressor shaft, this means too little lubrication and a permanent loss of refrigerant.

If the system then has to be sealed and refilled, the costs are high. That’s why it should also be used in winter do not remain switched off permanently. Better: set the temperature a little higher than the outside temperature. This is how the compressor runs with no extra consumption. 《back

Using the air conditioner correctly

  • Allow existing heat to escape through doors and open windows – only then switch on the air conditioning system. Because: precooled indoor air can be cooled down more easily with less energy.
  • doors, windows and sunroof as far as possible closed or open for as short a time as possible.
  • The pollen filter is installed in the circulating air mode less pollution. This reduces the cleaning and replacement cycle.
  • The temperature should not exceed 5 degrees celsius at the outside temperature.
  • To prevent residual moisture in the evaporator: switch off the system five to 10 minutes before the end of the journey switch off. This also counteracts the formation of germs. 《back

Air conditioning filling air conditioning in the car: an important companion through the summer!

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