Emigrating to the usa - living in the land of unlimited possibilities

Emigration to the US – Living in the land of opportunity

A picnic has never been the emigration to the US. For centuries, Europeans have been heading west; mostly to escape the harsh living conditions in their homeland. America, with its rags-romance and seemingly unlimited possibilities, was not just a place of longing, especially for Irish-Americans, Italians and Germans at risk of famine, but something of a life insurance policy.

It is not that dramatic today, at least for those wishing to emigrate from Europe, but even the newest generation of migrants does not have it easy. Now it is harsh immigration regulations and a strict bureaucracy that can make the dream of living in the US a troublesome walk through the instances. For anyone who wants to emigrate to the United States, one thing is clear: The key to success lies in the careful preparation of the project. And: The US is picky. Whoever has a criminal past or is deeply in debt, will, to put it mildly, have a little harder with his immigration than anyone else.

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Bleaching – whiten teeth in the Dental Spa

Whitening is on everyone’s lips!

Dental Spa uses the proven Zoom2 system from Discusdental for professional teeth whitening. The zoom! Tooth whitening system is in practice a scientifically proven method for whitening your teeth. It’s safe, effective and fast – very fast! Your teeth turn whiter in just over an hour. The zoom! Tooth whitening system is ideal for those who want an immediate result. Zoom! It is also practical and comfortable and does not require days of wearing rails or strips. This makes it the perfect choice for professionals.

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New York Saving Tips 1/2: Flight, Hotel & Orientation! :-)

Christmas on Times Square

5 perfect days in New York City!

In the last week I was in for 5 days new York. Now of course I want to tell you about this trip here on my blog. Today it’s all about the topics:

  • Where do you find cheap flights to New York?
  • Where can you live in New York as a family good and cheap stay? And:
  • How can you be in New York orient or move?

There are impressions from the Christmas New York. The Christmas season is namely next to the May / June mine Travel time recommendation. In January, it is the cheapest and pleasantly empty, in the summer (August) it is almost too hot. In my next post I’ll put you then the best free sights and show you what else you need to see, experience, or taste when you’re in New York.

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Anton’s whole world

A travel blog for mobile families

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Addition to the family! Woom 4 has moved in.

Kids, how time flies … You always notice that the kids are getting bigger, right ?! Did not we just look forward to it that Anton can ride a bicycle and that the first Woom bike moved in with us? Was not that quasi yesterday? No, that was two years ago and we had it on vacation in Croatia with the camper. On the coast, he made the first speedy driving attempts and after the holiday he was already super safe. The toddler is now in school and Ida could not wait to take Anton’s blue bike. That went just as fast as the big brother. Thank the impeller. Sit down, feet on the pedals and go! Experience after 2 years Woom Just because we were still so enthusiastic about the first bike after two years, it was obvious to buy the next size again at Woom. It was never necessary to do anything on the bike except pumping up tires. The brakes are still working like the first day. Ok, it has a few …

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Anton’s whole world

A travel blog for mobile families

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Camping kitchen: pasta with broccoli and sausage kebab

What do I cook on camping holidays? This question comes up almost daily at 11.30 clock in my head, because then I get hungry and once again have no plan, what I should do with four hotplates and an oven. Since the kids eat at kindergarten, it usually runs on salad and what‘s out of the pan. Noodles are always welcome too … pasta! Noodles are also in the camper! And noodles also like the kids. Clear. Vegetables must be too. A dish still results from the break time, because broccoli like Anton and Ida very much: potato broccoli tamping. At some point I replaced the potatoes with pasta, probably because they were there ;-) The practical thing about this station wagon is that you can cook both in a pot. Noodles with 8 minutes cooking time and broccoli are very good in salt water. Cook together, pour together. It does not take much for the sauce: 2 tablespoons of pasta water, 2 tablespoons cream, a few drops of lemon, salt, nutmeg. With a few grains of sesame, also like roasted, it gets a fancy topping. On the …

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A grandparents day in the sense of a day of remembrance for grandparents? It is celebrated in the US, the so-called Grandparents Day. Many overseas blogs and media are then packed with tips for beautiful trips or gift ideas for grandma and grandpa. Germany does not know such a day, but various demands finally introduce it. We summarize a few facts about the grandparents day.

It is available in various countries around the world: In Europe, a grandparents’ day is celebrated, for example in Italy, Spain or France. He also has tradition in Asia, as in Singapore or Taiwan. In Germany, much is discussed about it. Former Federal Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen greeted him years ago, whatever that means; Grandpa bloggers insistently urge him and there are even websites that offer the ‘Superoma for coloring’. Recently, an online florist is said to have simply proclaimed a grandma’s day.

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Travel games on the go – it’s guaranteed not to be boring!

  • Employment through travel games is particularly important in the car or on the plane in order to make the journey as pleasant as possible for the children.
  • Travel games can be done both with material (books, toys) and without material (quizzes). Which variant is used depends on the age of the child.
  • Always bring something to eat for an emergency. Even a pretzel or biscuits can be enough to provide for a short-term employment on the way.

When driving on vacation, they are with the most important: the travel games. These occupy the little ones and ensure on the way that the journey time feels shorter. In this guide, we will show you which travel games are particularly suitable for on the way and what you should pay attention to when choosing the travel games, if you are traveling by car or plane.

1. The choice of appropriate travel games should be made according to the age of the children

Keep the first rides as short as possible

Keep the first rides always short. The less boredom arises, the better your child will feel – and less whining!

Sometimes it is not that easy to keep toddlers busy. But there are many travel games and not every one is suitable for all ages. A first good clue, what infants on the go, are the Toys that also meet with enthusiasm at home. For 1 year old games are interesting, which need dexterity. These can be activity books, in which you have to close Velcro on each side, feel different materials and structures or even wooden cube, which can be rotated and make noise inside.

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MBA degree marketing

Marketing – no company gets by permanently without. If you want to acquire further qualifications for the marketing management career, MBA marketing can be the right course of study. Below you will find all the information – from study models (extra occupational, distance learning, etc.) to costs and reports from graduates. And of course all degree programs and business schools.

Table of Contents

Marketing has been of enormous importance in the business world for many years. At a time when businesses need to respond more quickly to customer inquiries, engage in social networks like Facebook and Instagram, or only reach growth through better marketing than their competitors, marketers are in demand.

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Omega Green Linseed Oil Mixture by Bio Planète

The linseed oil mixture was tried by our expectant product testers in various recipes. Bio Planète Omega Green accompanies you in the context of a health-conscious and varied diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


The linseed oil mixture Omega Green is a finely tuned composition of various organic oils. The base is our very mild, 3-D-filtered linseed oil. With its diverse and rich ingredients, the oil mixture is the ideal companion to an active lifestyle. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. In particular, the contained omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid contributes to the maintenance of a normal blood cholesterol level in the context of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and health-conscious diet with a daily intake of 2 g (about 1 tbsp Omega Green)


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Agriturismo l agrifoglio tuscany - holiday in gaiole in chianti - siena - tuscany italy

L’Agrifoglio, Gaiole in Chianti – Siena

L’Agrifoglio is a charming country house in the heart of Chianti, in the small typical Tuscan hamlet of Bricciano, which consists of several 18th-century buildings. The cottage is compact, but the living areas are surprisingly spacious and bright, thanks to the windows on both sides. If you see the picturesque location and the panoramic views of olive groves, vineyards and the wooded hills of L’Agrifoglio, you will immediately understand the owner. This property has inspired the owner, an artist immediately, so he lovingly renovated it with great attention to detail. An artistic and welcoming atmosphere has been created in the house, with appealing tasteful interiors and a wonderful outdoor loggia, a fantastic outdoor dining area. The elegant private infinity pool is located in a spacious part of the quiet garden nearby. Everything is very carefully and lovingly designed.

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