A car is not something you buy "on the side. It is a purchase that often takes longer to prepare for. To make sure that your expectations are not dampened during or after the purchase, we have a whole bundle of services ready for you.

It goes without saying that you can rely on the quality of the entire car group.

In the area of "services", too, you can rely on the know-how and motivation of our employees. If you want to know how we can help you in a practical way, please contact us: your contact persons service.

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The eleven most important tips for prospective buyers of used cars

A good half of germans who want to buy a car in the near future are considering a used car. Almost two-thirds are considering buying a car online. This increases the choice. Bargains become more tangible. We show you what to look out for to avoid nasty surprises. And how to buy your new one at the best price.

the internet has decisive advantages for the search for used cars: it offers an enormous selection of regional and national vehicles. This creates competition – so the selling price drops.

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The Formula 1 season starts on March 28

the 2021 formula 1 season is just around the corner. Before the upcoming test drives, however, the racing teams will be presenting their new cars. Here at SPOX find out everything about the new service cars of sebastian vettel, mick schumacher and co.

Formula 1: the rule changes for 2021

The following car rule changes will come into effect for the 2021 season:

  • Underbody

This change is being introduced because of the ever-increasing downforce generated by the teams, which is making pirelli’s tires too hard to handle.

Since pirelli has been producing basically the same tires for two years, it was decided to slow down the cars a bit. The FIA and the teams have agreed that changes to the car should reduce downforce by around ten percent to compensate for the gains during this period. Designers are now prevented from having fully enclosed holes in the underbody throughout the range.

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Barbara weber reports to finanztip on insurance and legal topics. Barbara Weber, a lawyer specializing in labor and social law, came to writing in a roundabout way: after studying and then completing her traineeship, she first worked in a business consulting firm and helped companies set up their own businesses. in 2020 she took an additional journalism course. with this you bring ideal conditions for the work in the finanztip editorial office with you.

  • If you buy an electric or hybrid car, the government rewards you with an environmental bonus of up to 9 percent.000 euro.
  • You can also get the car premium for electric leased cars and used cars.
  • Purely electric vehicles are also exempt from vehicle tax for up to ten years.
  • choose an electric or hybrid vehicle that is on the list of eligible cars.
  • If you need a car loan, we recommend a comparison via credit portals. Start at verivox. After that, you can check with check24 to see if it’s even cheaper.
  • Apply to the federal office for economic affairs and export control (bafa) as soon as your car is registered.

In this guide

the new federal government wants to push the purchase of e-cars. By 2030, 15 million electric cars are expected to be on German roads. To this end, one million publicly accessible charging points are to be created over the next few years. As a driver of an e-car, the government rewards you with a substantial subsidy, the environmental bonus. Up to 9.000 euros you can currently get back if you switch to electromobility. According to the ministry of economics and climate protection, there will be a double federal share (innovation premium) until the end of 2022 there will be.

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car repair shop berlin – you are looking for a car repair shop you can trust?

Perfect. You have found it. Professional work at a low fixed price. just call now and get information and advice without obligation at phone 030-5488 3358

"workshop work and services on all automobiles at fair prices" – to all car drivers who love their cars..

Autowerkstatt berlin: car drivers save with us more than 37% of the costs, using original spare parts, on average per repair on their automobile ..

We as a car repair shop in berlin wilmersdorf attach great importance to reliability and quality of our work. Because that is what makes a good service provider. We want to stand out from other providers not only because of our professional and accurate work, but also because of our customer service. For example, we will pick up your vehicle in need of repair, if you wish.

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Faster computers, better sensors – the autonomous car will probably arrive sooner than expected, if the legal framework is right. Now bosch and daimler have joined forces to form the self-driving alliance.

Germany Self-driving car

carmaker daimler and its supplier bosch want to bring self-driving cars into series production faster than before with a joint development project. the goal is to bring fully autonomous cars for urban traffic to market by the beginning of the next decade, the two companies said on tuesday.

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Company cars: determining the gross list price made easy

It’s simple: to calculate the imputed income according to the 1% method, the list price of the vehicle at the time of initial registration is decisive.

How to correctly determine the gross list price of your company car

Attention: list price including sales tax applies here. Do not forget.

But the tax authorities have laid another egg for you. For the tax calculation, the gross list price including optional equipment at the time of first registration is always taken into account.

  • So not the price you paid for your car!

Get the original price confirmed .

So, in order to be able to determine the applicable gross list price for the 1-% method, have the manufacturer confirm the original price in writing. This is the only way to be on the safe side in the event of a company audit. After all, hardly any cars are sold at the actual list price.

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from olga prosvetova independent tax advisor with many years of experience in various small and medium-sized tax law firms. • published on 15.05.2017- last updated on 17.11.2021

For drivers, it’s simply part of everyday life on the road: vehicle tax. Many people who are even just considering buying a car compare in advance the amount of tax that would be due on the various models. Depending on the brand and engine capacity you can save a lot of money here. The fact is: on all domestic vehicles and foreign vehicles, which are located in the country, the vehicle tax must be paid. But how is the amount actually calculated and how can the tax be declared on the tax return??

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All-season tire test for small cars to SUVs: These tires are recommended by the ADAC. Changing tires on the car: all-season tires can be a sensible compromise. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images/Boonyarit)

Tire changes are a nuisance and cost money. All-season tires are a remedy, because they allow you to drive all year round. Do drivers have to make compromises? We explain what you should bear in mind when buying all-season tires and which tires have been tested by ADAC and autobild have done well.


How you do it, you do it wrong. This is the impression that many drivers get when they change their tires twice a year. Because winter and summer are no longer what they used to be. And who then drives around at 14 degrees in december with his winter tires or drives in hail with summer tires from the swimming lake, is far from using the most suitable tires.

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Is a trailer hitch necessary?. Trailer coupling (Source: Getty Images/Astrid860)

Trailer couplings are practical and versatile, and even a small car can be transformed into a donkey for heavy loads. However, if you misuse it and use it for towing, for example, you risk consequential damage.

Just quickly taking away the tree cuttings, transporting bulky furniture from A to B or fetching wood for the fireplace: with the right trailer and a trailer coupling, that’s no problem.

Retrofitting only partially possible

In principle, almost any car can be equipped with this, says Dietmar Clysters from the German Association of the Motor Vehicle Trade (ZDK). "Technically this is not a problem, and with many new cars this is even possible ex factory. Otherwise, a trailer hitch can always be added later."

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