Discussion about blessing homosexual couples

The Catholic Church and homosexuality – a difficult chapter. "No discrimination," demands the catechism. But a blessing of same-sex couples goes so far nevertheless too far, so the opinion of the church. That could change.

In the Catholic Church in Germany, there could be a cautious opening for the blessing of same-sex unions. Osnabruck Bishop Franz-Josef Bode is the first Catholic bishop in the country to suggest a discussion on blessing these couples. "One can, for example, think about a blessing – which is not to be confused with a marriage ceremony," he said in an interview with the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung" (Wednesday): "We need to discuss this in more detail in the church Silence and tabooing leads nowhere and makes people insecure."

Christina Cherry

"My will is strong, the wallet is closed. I won't buy anything" – a quote from the movie "Shopaholic". Doing without is not so easy. From the expert's point of view it is worthwhile to persevere.

Preferably, one would always have everything one wants at all times. Who takes the Lent seriously, knows this problem.Alcohol, sweets or electronic continuous sprinkling are taboo: In the Lent before Easter some humans do 40 days without different pleasures. Voluntary, respectively out of religious conviction – or simply out of a fashion.

Christina Cherry

Munster's Bishop Felix Genn sees in Pope Francis a provocation for the German Church. Dioceses and parishes should consider whether their property really corresponds to the church's mission, he says in an interview in Munster.

CBA: Bishop Genn, everyone is concerned about the size of their car. Does that surprise you??

Bishop Genn: No. In the debate about the church's finances, people look closely at how its ministers live. Since people can't come into my living room, look for how I move on the street.

Christina Cherry