Air conditioner in the car

On hot days, the air conditioning system in the car is indispensable. Particularly in midsummer, the air conditioning system is often running at full blast and is supposed to cool down the vehicle as quickly as possible. But we all know the problem: it often takes far too long for the temperature in the car to drop and for driving comfort to increase. With the following tips and tricks, you can cool down the interior of your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

The most important steps at a glance:

  1. park the car in the shade and darken the windows
  2. Ventilate the vehicle before starting the journey
  3. Start the engine and leave the windows open
  4. Switch on air conditioner to lowest temperature and turn up blower
  5. After approx. close windows for 3 minutes
  6. leave circulating air on for about 5 minutes
  7. Never direct cooling air directly at the body
  8. Air conditioner max. Set the temperature 5 °C below the outside temperature
  9. Ca. switch off the air conditioning 3 minutes before the end of the journey
  10. Have the air conditioner checked regularly

Greenhouse effect in the car

Finding a parking space in the shade is often difficult in summer. Temperatures rise rapidly, especially when the vehicle is parked in the sun for a long period of time. The so-called greenhouse effect occurs in the car. With closed windows and an outside temperature of 30 °C, a parking time of 60 minutes results in a temperature of almost 60 °C inside the car. In order to reduce this extreme heat as much as possible, the windows should be well covered during a longer parking period and the car should be aired out before the next journey.

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Battery problems continue to be the cause of nearly 42. 1 for car breakdowns. as the ADAC found, the greatest increase in defects is between the fifth and sixth year of life of the power storage unit, which corresponds to the average life of a 12-volt on-board battery. To ensure that the starter battery lasts as long as possible or even beyond, kfztech has developed.De compiled a few tips on how to treat and care for the battery.

A common sight at the roadside. A breakdown service provides starting assistance. – picture: ADAC

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Air conditioning car

The individual components of the refrigerant circuit are connected by hoses to form a closed system. In the system, driven by the compressor, the refrigerant circulates. The circuit is divided into two sides:

  • The part between the compressor and the expansion valve is called the high pressure side (yellow/red).
  • Between expansion valve and compressor we speak of the low pressure side (blue).

In the compressor, the gaseous refrigerant is compressed and thus strongly heated. It is pressed through the capacitor under high pressure. Heat is extracted from the strongly heated refrigerant, causing it to condense, i.e. change its state from gaseous to liquid.

The dryer, the next station, separates impurities and air inclusions from the now liquid refrigerant. This ensures the effectiveness of the system and protects the components from damage due to contamination.

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Here you can find out what you should pay attention to,
when defective light sources such as halogen-
lampem or xenon bulbs
on vehicle from-
exchange and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

since 2006, german law regulates the (elektrog) take-back and recycling of old appliances. This also includes luminaires and lamps – so that at the end of their life they can be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. All old equipment is collected and sorted by group and later recycled. 90 percent of the components of old lamps are recyclable.

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Illegal car racing is a crime, because it endangers not only the drivers themselves, but also the lives of uninvolved persons. Those who take part risk a fine or imprisonment. A mere speeding, on the other hand, is a regulatory offence. Where are the limits – especially for drivers who are prosecuted for "racing against themselves"?

Illegal street racing: what the penal code (stgb) says

All information on traffic legal protection insurance from ADVOCARD

Since 2017, Section 315d of the German Criminal Code (stgb) covers "prohibited motor vehicle racing" as a criminal offense. Previously, they were only considered a misdemeanor. Background for the change were several serious accidents by illegal road racing, in which partly also uninvolved people were killed.

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The current weather is also unpleasant for children. What parents should keep in mind when temperatures are hot.

Not only for adults are the current temperatures unbearable, but also children suffer particularly from the current heat wave. Sunburns and heat-induced attacks of weakness" are currently a frequent cause of presentation in pediatricians’ and adolescents’ practices, explains the press spokesman of the professional association of pediatricians and adolescents’ physicians (BVKJ), Josef Kahl.

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You can do with munich chauffeurs!

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airport transfer munich

from the smooth, personal reception by name or company logo at the munich airport all the way to the comfortable transportation of passengers to their desired destination. For parking fees and waiting time after landing at munich airport, we do not charge any additional fees. Airport transfers in munich area is one of our exclusive limousine services.

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Most people with diabetes drive without major problems. However, hypoglycemia can become a problem at the wheel. If blood glucose levels drop too low, attention, concentration and reaction time usually decrease. Dangerous situations can arise quickly in road traffic.

Who has diabetes and knows, that he is prone to hypoglycemia, must ensure that the values at the wheel do not drop too low. If a person cannot perceive the appropriate warning signs, he or she must not drive a car.

Six tips to avoid hypoglycemia at the wheel

1. measure blood glucose before driving. If the blood glucose level is too low, eat one to two BE/KE of fast carbohydrates and do not drive until the blood glucose level has risen again.

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We are looking for independent authors for the independent creation of technical texts, teaching materials and scripts from the preventive health field.

  • sports and health, fitness training, orthopedics
  • nature education, homeopathy
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  • health management / health education
  • wellness consulting
  • NLP / talk therapy
  • cosmetician/ natural cosmetician
  • phytotherapy, bach flower therapy
  • psychology / psychological counseling
  • geomancy / holistic habitat design
  • veterinary practice, veterinary medicine& animal psychology, animal homeopathy
  • meditation, mindfulness training
  • music therapy, art therapy
  • care& holistic geriatrics
  • weight coaching
  • Well-aging consultant
  • yoga teacher training
  • Ayurveda consultation
  • acupuncture
  • aquafitness
  • respiratory therapy

Our goal is a trustful cooperation

  • fair author contract
  • Detailed briefings
  • Payment by pages
  • Immediate payment
  • Personal contact
  • experience in creating teaching materials (not a prerequisite)
  • Relevant experience in the creation of technical texts
  • reliability with attention to detail
  • Good sense of language and written expression
  • safe spelling
  • High demand for quality
  • interest and enthusiasm for new topics

Learn more about us here!

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Terramedus® academy for health gmbh
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master orthopedic shoemaker uwe damm celebrates 25th anniversary

Langen’s foot whisperer by passion

In the workshop on the top floor, 54-year-old Uwe Damm also likes to stand at the machine himself and put the finishing touches on the insoles

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customers even come from far away to uwe damm in langen. For a quarter of a century now, the native of leipzig has been running his store for foot orthopedic technology and shoe craftsmanship in the upper bahnstrasse. He explains why the trade is having such a hard time and why he almost ended up in a completely different industry.

Langen – how many feet he has seen in the past 25 years? Uwe damm silent. The foot health expert, who is otherwise at a loss for an answer, is considering. In his head, he calculates the number of his customers. Then he says: "so 50 000. Rough estimate."

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