Air conditioning for the car – pleasant coolness inside the vehicle

The air conditioner provides comfortable temperatures in the car

The air conditioner ensures pleasant temperatures in the car.

With roaring hot outside temperatures it is usually of little help to roll down the windows while driving. Especially in stop-and-go traffic or in traffic jams can be so no cool airstream into the interior of the vehicle.

All the better if you air conditioning in car has. This regulates the temperature inside the car and lets you keep a cool head.

But what do you have to consider if you have retrofit air conditioner want? And does the process have a positive effect on the resale value of your car from? Why should you also regulate the automatic climate control turn on in winter? These and other questions are answered in the following guide answers.

FAQ: air conditioning for the car

For most car owners, air conditioning is now standard equipment. The lack of air conditioning can therefore be a significant defect when selling a car and can affect the purchase price.

With most vehicles, the retrofitting of an air conditioning system is possible. However, this complex task should be carried out by an expert workshop. In addition, the retrofit requires at least 2.000 euros.

Yes, because the air conditioning system should be cleaned regularly to ensure that it continues to produce cool air. The workshop charges an average of 20 to 50 euros for this service.

How do air conditioners work?

With the help of car air conditioners, you can set the temperature inside the vehicle regulate according to your wishes.

With the air conditioning system for motor vehicles, a distinction is made between different systems distinguish. Once you have set the desired temperature, the so-called fully automatic air conditioning system independently everything else and cools the interior.

Semi-automatic or. Manual systems must be be properly regulated. Adjust the blower and the air distribution best on the upper jets a. Because many drivers feel cool air at the head and warmer air at the feet as more comfortable.

The cool air is produced by the system over a refrigerant circuit produces. A compressor, which is usually driven by the engine through a belt, Sucks the refrigerant and compresses this. It is then cleaned from the compressor with high pressure directed to the condenser, where it is cooled down and condenses.

The refrigerant then passes through the dryer directed to the expansion valve, where it expands again. In this process cold arises.

In the so-called evaporator cools the air flowing through then cools down and, with the help of the blower distributed in the vehicle.

retrofit air conditioner for car – effort and costs

Cool air in the car: You can retrofit an air conditioning system

Cool air in the car: you can retrofit an air conditioning system.

When you buy a new car, automatic air conditioning is often part of the standard equipment. With an used cars on the other hand, there is a good chance that you will find a car without air conditioner buy.

If you still want to keep a cool head, you can install an air conditioner retrofit air conditioning let. The conversion you should in any case to be done by a workshop, since this is very labor-intensive and expert knowledge required. parts like compressor, evaporator and condenser must be checked and professionally installed.

Also consider whether the retrofit can be for your used car really worth, as it costs you at least 2000 to 4000 euro have to take into account.

However, especially for well-maintained, newer used cars with low mileage, which are still being traded at a good value, the conversion may be a worthwhile investment show. When selling a used car, an air conditioning system has the following effects adding value from.

Does the air conditioning system increase the resale value of a car??

for a long time, air conditioning in cars was considered a luxury and was found mainly in the upper vehicle classes. Today, however, it is offered in all vehicle classes and is increasingly becoming standard.

Most car buyers are increasingly looking for a car with air conditioning, even in the case of used cars. For this reason it increases the chance of a good resale. Furthermore, this also increases the price you can ask for a used car. The system therefore has the effect of increasing the value.

Tips for using the car air conditioning system

To ensure that you enjoy the air conditioning system in your car for a long time, you should check the heed the following advice:

  • Open all windows before you start driving and, if necessary, the sunroof, so that the warm air can escape from the vehicle interior.
  • Adjust the temperature not too cold a. It should be maximum five to eight degrees below the outside temperature you can find.
  • Turn off the air conditioning in your car about ten minutes before the end of the journey. This allows it to dry on its own, which counteracts the formation of germs. Furthermore, the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the vehicle is not so great, which can lead to a reduction in fuel consumption better for body and circulation is.
  • Turn the system on regularly – also in winter. This ensures that the shaft seal on the compressor is lubricated and does not leak.
  • Think of the regular maintenance in a workshop. In addition, the refrigerant at certain intervals refilled become.

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