If you take good care of your fully automatic coffee maker on a regular basis, it will provide you with many years of delicious coffee. However, even with careful maintenance, defects cannot always be avoided. As a rule, you do not have to dispose of your machine straight away, but can have it repaired! Tips and tricks for "coffee machine repair" in our magazine!

Which factors should you take into account for a repair??

Repair tips

Some defects are irreparable, for example due to missing parts availability of suitable spare parts. Also, the expenses you have to spend on a repair may be disproportionate to the former purchase price stand. Therefore, it is useful to keep an eye on the manufacturer’s warranty terms at the time of purchase.

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You dream of a car in your desired color or would like to design individual vehicle parts differently? you want to give your car more character with cleverly applied decorative elements or provide your company fleet with a logo or advertising inscription?
Then you are right here, because with a vehicle foiling you can make your car more than a unique eye-catcher.

Car foiling Berlin - Next Design Berlin

Which advantages has a foiling?

Car wrapping Berlin - Workshop

Service and benefits

Vehicle foiling Berlin - Next Design Berlin

Frequently asked ask

Foil car Berlin - FAQ signs

Vehicle wrapping

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on this page we have collected information around the topic of vehicle wrapping. This way you can not only get an overview of the possibilities and advantages of vehicle wrapping create. you will also learn about costs, types of film and the filming process. in addition, here you will find tips and advice and what to consider before having your vehicle wrapped. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our work.

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Prevent frozen car windows overnight

although we do not have a miracle cure either. but our tips are easy and inexpensive to implement, so you can start the day stress-free even without frost protection for your car, garage or carport.

how to prevent frozen car windows?

It’s an early winter morning – you want to drive off in your car. Then you see: ice on the windshield. A scenario that every driver is sure to be familiar with. Basically, you have two options during the cold months: either you take precautions to prevent the car windows from freezing up. Or you use car de-icer in the morning. We have tips and tricks for both options that will make the winter months easier for you.

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Anyone who has driven an electric car can feel the fascination: they accelerate beautifully, are extremely quiet and have zero emissions. But how do you actually charge an electric car?? Vattenfall presents the possibilities and explains how to refuel at a charging station.

Where to charge an electric car?

At home: wall socket or wall charging station

At the socket

Charging the electric car is possible in principle, but many experts advise against it. A power socket heats up considerably during continuous charging for several hours. If it is not installed properly or is defective, it can overheat, melt or catch fire. If you still want to use this charging option, car manufacturers recommend that you have the condition of the socket and the power grid checked by a technician.

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Whether you are one of those car drivers who simply you often forget where you parked your vehicle again has, or to those who have their beloved wire donkey protect from car thieves would like: car tracking devices are a technical achievement of our time. But how to locate the car with cell phone?

In order to be able to locate the car with the cell phone, a location system must first be installed in the car. The device will then determine the location of the vehicle with the help of GPS. the location is sent directly to the car owner’s cell phone or via a tracking service to the owner’s receiving device.

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Fogged windows in cold and wet weather due to too much moisture in the car

As soon as it’s cool and wet outside, we have to contend with the windows of our cars fogging up from the inside. The main reason for this is the accumulated moisture in the car, which can form in the winter. Fogged-up windows not only obstruct your view, but can also freeze from the inside in cold temperatures. scraping free the interior is particularly annoying and time-consuming. Furthermore, the humidity in the car promotes odor and mold growth, which can be harmful to health and contribute to impaired concentration.

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Many visitors to motor sport events will be familiar with this image: a lot of track, no car. Or many cars, but also many of them out of focus. Racing cars are naturally fast, and therefore often pass through the frame much faster than some index fingers can press the shutter button on a camera. So that the most beautiful impressions of an exciting race can still reverberate in the picture at home, so that a photo brought back from the track literally reeks of gasoline and clutch, the motorsport photographer frits von eldik gives exclusively for autonatives.A few very useful tips.

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Imagine: on an already stressful day, the car key is suddenly gone – and the child is locked in the car. Now is the time not to panic. We show parents how to react correctly when keys and a child are locked in the car – and provide important tips for the worst-case scenario.

A hectic day – for mother and child

The cashier pulls the goods across the belt at breakneck speed, so that the young mother is quickly sweat on the forehead stands, while she visibly tries hard to keep up with the rush of packing the goods into the shopping bags.

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Buying a used car (tips)

Buying a used car (tips)

We give you tips on what to look out for when buying a used car! >> more on the topic of advisors

Especially when it comes to buying a used car, there are often black sheep who make sure that the dream car later turns out to be a nightmare. We give tips on what to look out for in used cars and in the contract!

Who wants to buy a used car- whether from private or from the dealer, can quickly experience a nasty surprise. Often serious sellers are not so easy to distinguish from black sheep. Trustworthy sellers can usually be recognized by the fact that they openly address any previous damage and defects of the used car for sale and provide complete vehicle documentation. In addition, they offer the opportunity to inspect the car at leisure and allow a detailed test drive. To avoid falling for tricks such as a manipulated speedometer, concealed damage or even missing documents, interested parties should follow a few tips for buying a used car. AUTO ZEITUNG explains what to look out for when inspecting, test driving and signing a contract, and how to unmask dubious used car sellers. More on the topic: current used car prices
buying a car

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There are different electric car batteries. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different variants and reveal tips for careful handling and a long service life.

Structure and function of a battery

Batteries consist of three components: cathode (negative pole), anode (positive pole) and electrolyte. The electrolytes lie between the poles and ensure that the ions move back and forth between the anode and cathode – depending on whether charging or discharging is taking place.

Battery or accumulator – which?

Have you ever wondered why electric cars are sometimes referred to as batteries and then again as accumulators, and which is correct?? The answer is: both! Every battery is a battery, but not every battery is also a battery. "battery" is the generic term for energy storage devices. If it can be recharged, it is not only a battery, but also a rechargeable battery. Since the car battery can be recharged, it is also an accumulator – namely a lead battery. For example, forklift trucks are also powered by such an electric car. However, it is no longer used to power a car because of its characteristics.

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