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More and more cyclists stay in the saddle in winter too. Both the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) and the German Automobile Association (ADAC) have already reported this. What tips and tricks can help?

especially with the right clothing, winter cycling loses much of its terror. "good breathable, rain-repellent and windproof sportswear is relatively expensive, but it definitely makes sense," says ADAC spokesman Jurgen grieving.

They are part of the standard products of the most popular brands for cycling clothing. So-called pogies are somewhat unusual. These are handlebar gaiters that keep you warm like thick gloves, says bischoff. However, because cyclists grip the handlebars with their bare hands, their fingers remain free for better braking and gear changing.

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Child seats have been around for over 50 years. So something has been done for a long time for child safety in the car. This number is all the more astonishing because it was only in 1993 that it became a legal requirement in germany to transport the offspring in a child car seat, a so-called restraint system. Since then much has changed. But what are the current laws and standards?? We provide an overview of child safety in the car.

Sitting still? Better not! Few children want to spend hours in the car. That makes it all the more important to find the right child seat that fits the child. It should not only be comfortable, but above all guarantee the safety of the little passengers. Nowadays, a baby car seat is at the top of the list of purchases for parents-to-be. Already on the ride home from the hospital it is used for the first time. This seems so self-evident today that it’s hard to imagine that a child car seat wasn’t mandatory not so long ago.

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Dipl.-Kfm. Reinhard Bleiber

Small companies in particular often do not have the necessary experience when it comes to provisions for deferred maintenance. What are the different conditions for setting up maintenance provisions?? Practical tips and practical examples make the subject clear.

In addition to sufficient knowledge of the facts and reasonable preparation, a systematic approach is also necessary when setting up the provision for deferred maintenance. the legal basis for the provision for deferred maintenance is § 249 HGB abs. 1 S. 2 nr. 1. The content of the provision must be interpreted, the amount of the provision must be calculated correctly. For this purpose, it is necessary to know the effects of the formation and to deal with the operations in the audit, to the extent that the correctness of the calculations from the accounting is doubted.

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Car drivers or motorcyclists who are found to have been involved in illegal racing no longer get off lightly: since 2017, illegal car racing has been considered a criminal offense and no longer a regulatory offense.

This entails considerable consequences – even if no one is harmed in the process. In addition, people often don’t consider the consequences of an illegal car race in the event of an accident for car insurance.

We explain what penalties may be incurred and what speeders still have to reckon with.

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Also under windows 10 there are many possibilities to shutdown the computer, normally in hybrid mode (quick start) or completely. In addition, the menus also have the options to restart, save energy, log off or lock. But hidden in the menus are also the variants to get into the safe or advanced startup mode. Create shortcuts, links and paths for your own buttons, tiles and icons: no problem at all.

All this we want to explain and show you here.

Important from windows 10 1709:

  • Until now all programs were closed on shutdown / reboot
  • New: all programs and apps that are not closed will be reopened automatically after a reboot or normal startup.
  • See also [programs and windows start automatically after the update to windows 10 1709

This tutorial is suitable for windows 10 1903 (and higher), 1809, 1803, 1709, 1703 and 1607.

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The dog quickly becomes a danger. To transport him safely in the car, there are fortunately numerous possibilities. | info& tips now in the dog guidebook!

the dog is thrown through the car or gets under the pedals? If you want to avoid this horror scenario, you should think about suitable measures that guarantee the safe transport of your dog in the car.

Taking the dog unsecured with the window open? Not a good idea!

Take the dog unsecured with the window open? Not a good idea! © tim mossholder

Some dog owners underestimate the physical forces that can act on the occupants during heavy braking or – even worse – in the event of an accident. in the worst case the animal dies when it is thrown through the trolley.

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Fitness for drivers

We all sit too much and move too little. This is especially true for driving. Hundreds of kilometers are reeled off – especially during the vacation season – and only for refueling or a "pee break" is actually illusory get out of the car quickly, bend your back once – and continue on your way. This is bad for the circulation, the spine, generally for our overall well-being. There are some very simple exercises and tips to help us stay fit in the car.

Let’s start with the problem of night driving. It’s popular with many drivers because the highway is (perhaps) emptier and because you’re already at your destination on the first day of your vacation and don’t use it up getting there. Generally you should not start the night ride before 2.start at 00 o’clock in the morning and be sure to have slept a few hours beforehand. Before you start: five minutes of stretching, walking vigorously on the spot and circling your arms – this will get your circulation going.

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Well prepared when buying a used car: our checklist provides important tips

Well prepared when buying a used car: our checklist provides important tips.

A new car has a certain prestige and can be individually configured, but buyers also have to dig deep into their pockets for a brand-new vehicle. In 2016, according to the statistics portal "statista", Germans spent an average of 29.650 euros for a new car from.

Many people do not want to or are not able to invest such a sum in a car. How good that the German used car market is booming. In the whole year 2016, according to the statistics of the federal motor transport authority, there were around 7.4 million new car registrations to record. With such a wide range of vehicles, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right used car for you.

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in the happy people car game set there are two police sets or two fire department sets including. Accessories. The cars are provided with a freewheel, the size is approx. 12 cm. The sets are made of metal and plastic.

The delivery includes 1 set.

Dimensions and weight


219 g

attention! Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which may be swallowed, risk of suffocation!

Item is available in different colors.

"trunk too small? Just rent a transporter!"

Use our van rental service for heavy and bulky items – by the hour or day.

Transporter rental

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Ageing cracks in the tire tread Preview

With the purchase of used tires you can especially for branded tires a bargain and save a lot of money. But beware, with used tires there are often hidden defects. Therefore there are some important rules to follow. In addition to the general condition and age of the tires, it is important to consider this checklist.

Used Tire Checklist

Quick checklist of the most important questions to ask when buying used tires:

  • tire age: max. 10 years for car tires, recommendation max. 6 years
  • tread depth: mind. 1,6 mm, recommendation used summer tires at least. 3 mm, used winter tires mind. 4 mm
  • damage and other wear: look for blisters, cuts, dents and ask for mileage
  • Storage: the tires have been stored in a cool, dry, dark place?
  • warranty: usually there are no warranty claims for private purchases, so double check!

used tires guide

If you are afraid of the risk of buying used tires, you can look for cheap new tires in the tire comparison:

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