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Levente Simó

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opening hours

Mon: 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Tue: 07:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Wed: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Thu: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Fri: 7 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Appointments by appointment

Children at the dentist

The regular visit to the dentist as a positive experience

From when children should visit the dentist regularly, it is not possible to determine a general rate. There are different recommendations from dentists, with the age of around three years often being used as a guideline. Regular visits to the dentist ensure, on the one hand, that the development of the teeth is monitored, and on the other hand, parents have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information from the dentist about the development of the teeth, the correct oral care of the child, sensible aspects of nutrition and other things.

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With heart and hand
Your dental practice Ute Knobloch in Hamburg-Wilstorf.
We are experts in prophylaxis, prosthetics, fillings, periodontitis, CMD, root canal treatments and in the treatment of the elderly.

First aid

Dentist emergency service in Hamburg

In the event of sudden dental problems such as tooth loss, pain and swelling, please contact your dental practice immediately.

emergency service announcement

On the phone number 01805 050518 find out which practice has emergency services at your place of residence.

The dentist emergency service in Hamburg is available outside of office hours.

Nightly dentist emergency service in Hamburg

From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Stresemannstrasse 52, 22769 Hamburg

No telephone registration is required.

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dental emergency service

You are looking for a dental emergency service?

Important questions about the dental emergency service …

When is it advisable to go to the dental emergency service?

It is not always necessary to go to the dentist straight away, but there are some cases in which you should go directly to a dental practice. These are primarily dental accidents. If a tooth is knocked out or a part of the tooth has broken off, it is important not only that the root should not be touched under any circumstances, but also that a dentist be consulted as soon as possible. If there is a dental accident, then it is also important to bring the tooth to the dentist in a tooth rescue box or in an emergency in UHT milk. The faster a tooth can be replaced or restored, the higher the probability that the tooth’s health can be restored.

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For dentists

In our video, as a dentist, you will receive the most important details about us in one minute! Convince yourself as a dentist of the possibilities of cooperation.

patient Reviews

"I found a dentist quickly and easily via the portal, so I was quickly helped with my toothache. Thank you very much!"

Ms. Vollmerhausen from Gelsenkirchen, got information on

"With toothache in Hamburg I quickly found the right phone number, was connected directly to a dental practice that was available to me in the evening and immediately got an appointment as a pain patient. I can highly recommend the announcement and mediation of the Dental Emergency Service e.V.!"

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Second dental opinion and auction portals

The essentials in brief:

  • Every insured person has the right to a second opinion. There are no costs.
  • Health insurance companies offer support, and the dentist community has had the second opinion model since 2005.
  • Auction portals can be helpful, but they say nothing about the quality of the dentist and the final price.

When is there a right to a second opinion??

Patients have the right to a free choice of doctor and clinic and, in principle, always have the opportunity to have a second opinion. If there is any doubt about the proposed therapy, each insured person can see a different doctor to get a second opinion. Because dental treatments are often associated with a high own contribution, a second cost estimate makes sense here.

How do I get a second opinion?

Patients can go directly to another dentist or take advantage of offers from the health insurance companies, some of which offer second medical opinions with their own doctors or cooperating centers.

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Dental services from our practice in Karlsruhe-Durlach

Our practice offers the entire range of treatments from prophylaxis to high-end solutions with high-quality dentures from our practice laboratory. Healthy starts in the mouth.


Your tooth preservation specialists Teeth diseases, such as tooth decay or periodontitis, can cause extremely uncomfortable pain. Caries is still one of the most common diseases of civilization.

Dentures and prosthetics

Even though tooth preservation has improved in dentistry and many teeth that previously had to be extracted can still be preserved today, in the event of tooth loss, it is often necessary to use dentures to restore the physiological bite.

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Dental benefits from private health insurance

Dental services in private health insurance

Regular check-ups are essential for long-lasting healthy teeth. In the past three years, however, around 15% of the German population avoided visiting the dentist for financial reasons, since without the appropriate insurance, the dentist is often associated with high costs.

Dental forms of treatment such as prophylaxis or professional tooth cleaning to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis are generally not insured by the health insurance companies and must be paid by the patient out of their own pocket. Statutory health insurance (GKV) does not necessarily pay for aesthetically pleasing dentures, so that insured persons have to fall back on inexpensive alternatives wherever possible.

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Dental services, pan clinic dentist cologne on neumarkt

dental aesthetics

A bright white smile with straight, even teeth is important for many people.



Hollywood stars or you, everyone has the desire for snow-white, shiny teeth.

3D Diagnostic

3D Diagnostic

The innovative and high-resolution process for 3D imaging of the jawbone.


Root canal filling

In addition to preserving the hard tooth substance, the aim of caries prevention is to maintain tooth vitality.

Services provided by dentists in the PAN clinic

Your satisfaction, your health and your radiant smile is the top priority of our dental practice in Cologne.

Click on our services for detailed information.

If you have any questions about individual services, please call us on 0211 – 2776410 or write us a message using the contact form.

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Dental services, pbeakk

Dental services

No matter what age: healthy teeth and gums make a decisive contribution to the quality of life. And not just because well-groomed teeth give an attractive smile – but for another reason as well: the health of your gums and teeth has a significant impact on your whole body. We support you in matters of dental health – with our dental services.

A wide range of services

Depending on the specific condition of your teeth, your dentist uses various dental measures. These include, among other things, preventive examinations, caries treatment, pulling diseased teeth, root canal treatment, periodontal treatment, surgical interventions, treatment of oral and maxillofacial diseases and much more. Your dentist can also carry out orthodontic or implantological treatments if you have certain indications. Basically, these dental services are covered by our basic insurance.

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Dental treatment

Dental treatment

Full coverage – for preventive care, early detection and treatment

Dental treatment includes all activities that are necessary for the prevention, early detection and treatment of dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases as well as a possible supply of dental fillings.

Your dentist checks and decides which treatment is useful and necessary for your teeth individually. But no matter which treatment you choose: with the SBK you save costs on your dental treatment, because the SBK takes care of it for you.

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