The Christian Münich dental practice as a provider of the complete dental spectrum enables you to do just that
non-binding advice and a second opinion on your dental plans.


A plus in quality of life through natural
looking, stable reconstruction


Quality and competence for function,
Aesthetics and a perfect fit


Nice teeth and
healthy jaw position

You are looking for long-term treatment concepts?

After a comprehensive dental examination, we present you with possible treatment concepts. Taking into account the functionality, aesthetics, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the dental restorations, we create reliable solutions for you. By evaluating these individual criteria, we can present various treatment alternatives and their prognoses.

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the information center for children’s culture

Tongue breakers and rhymes for children

At around 5 years of age, many children develop a preference for tongue twisters and rhyming. At this age, children can express themselves well and feel safe in their main language, so they start to actively play with the language themselves. Even the much younger ones like rhymes. Just think of the numerous children’s books, songs and knee riders that we, as parents, grandmas, grandpas, aunts or babysitters, read from the beginning or sing and play with children. In contrast to the younger children, preschool children try to rhyme themselves or to invent funny sayings. They also discover the world of jokes and begin to recount or invent them themselves.

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Future for children of the world e.V..

Help for poor children, orphans in Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma), school, education, accommodation

Annual report 2019

I was on a project visit to Myanmar and Burma for three months. I’ve seen a lot of poverty everywhere, but I’ve also seen so many happy faces. So here is the report:

The students at the Sankt Aloysius Gonzaga Institute

Education – the central issue, especially in developing countries.

Future for children of the world e. V. attaches great importance to the well-founded education of the children we support. Meanwhile, more and more are graduating from high school. But what’s next? In Myanmar, the study places are regulated by the state. Most students study the specified subject at the distance learning university, because either the final results or the costs do not allow a regular study at the university. There they have to study full-time at the relevant university for two months each year (October and November). They spend the remaining 10 months at home or, with luck, find a low-paying job. After their studies, they are generally there as before, unemployed.

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»Today many children have too much power«

Zoë Readhead, as Head of Summerhill, follows in her famous father’s footsteps.

SZ-Magazin: Ms. Readhead, Summerhill has recently turned 90 and the state is still critical of your school. The inspectors had just returned. What did they want?
Zoë Readhead: This time it was just routine. The inspectors regularly check all schools in England.

A school where teaching is voluntary has long been a thorn in the side of the authorities. Please understand?
A lot has changed: This year we got the best assessment since our foundation. You obviously start to appreciate our work.

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Quotation research: a man should plant a tree in his life, build a house and father a son


FALSE QUOTES with evidence and comments. Hundreds of wrong quotes, memes, cuckoo quotes, citation puzzles, apocryphal, problematic and distorted quotes, misquotations, misattributed and fake quotes. (The collection is constantly being expanded.) By GERALD KRIEGHOFER.

Saturday April 21, 2018

"A man should plant a tree in his life, build a house and father a son." Martin Luther (allegedly)

The old adage is sometimes attributed to Martin Luther, among others, but has not been found in his writings.

The origin of the proverb is in two sources: in the Babylonian Talmud and in Montesquieu’s letter novel "Persian letters".

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Now Todd Phillips’ "joker" also in German cinemas. You may have seen the movie before, but do you remember the villain’s early days? Here are 10 questions that only a real fan can answer.

Cartoons – information and backgrounds

"The world" offers you the latest news, pictures and reviews of new cartoon and animated films.

They take the viewer into another wonderful world and shaped the childhood of countless people – cartoons.

Originally, the classic animated film was painstakingly made with paper and pencil – one of the most important pioneers for today’s cinema productions was the US entrepreneur Walt Disney. With full-length animated films like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1938), "Bambi" (1940) and "Peter Pan" (1953) his company laid the foundation for the genre’s success in cinema.

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Supplementary dental insurance only for dentures »test 01

Supplementary dental insurance (only for dentures): Top 5 tariffs in comparison & test

Since high-quality dentures are associated with very high costs, they represent the central component of most dental insurance policies.

If you want to protect yourself against high costs for dentures, you don’t necessarily have to resort to an all-round premium tariff. A tariff that limits its services to the dentures module can also provide good conditions in this area. Since these tariffs do not include additional services, such as dental treatment or professional tooth cleaning, they are characterized by significantly lower monthly contributions.

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Dental supplementary insurance comparison 2020

The best dental supplement insurance in the test.

A beautiful smile can not only enchant, bright white and healthy teeth also strengthen our self-confidence. But if you are not naturally blessed with intact rows of teeth, you should make provisions early and rely on dental insurance.

The services can differ significantly depending on the provider. If you focus on dentures, you should pay attention to the highest possible subsidy or a complete assumption of costs. Which insurers also high Prophylaxis and treatment grants guarantee, our test or comparison table shows you at first glance.

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Dental supplementary insurance prophylaxis, test winner 2020

Dental supplement insurance including prophylaxis: Top 10 tariffs in comparison & test

Those who think about taking out private dental insurance usually want to protect themselves against high costs for dentures and expensive dental treatments. Often underestimated, however, dental prophylaxis is also an important benefit of private dental supplementary insurance. In the field of dental prophylaxis, statutory health insurers provide little or no benefits. In contrast, more and more private dental insurance companies also provide preventive measures, such as professional tooth cleaning, in their scope of services. Accordingly, when choosing a tariff, it is worth taking a closer look at the services in the area of ​​dental prophylaxis.

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dental insurance

What is dental insurance??

A private supplementary dental insurance reimburses the costs for dental treatments that are not or only partially covered by the statutory health insurance companies. As a result, they reduce their own contribution to high dental bills.

Because especially when teeth have to be replaced, it often becomes really expensive. High-quality dentures such as an implant quickly cost several thousand euros. At the same time, the health insurance companies have reduced their benefits significantly in recent years.

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