For skiing in the cradle of skiing – the telemark, fjord line

01.08.2018 For skiing in the cradle of skiing

The Telemark region has an international reputation as the "cradle of skiing" and is easily accessible by ferry.

Southern Norway’s Telemark is easily accessible by ferry

Sondre Nordheim, the farmer’s son from Telemark, Norway, did not fool anyone when skiing. Born in 1825, he not only developed ski binding, but also the technique of skiing: Hardly anyone who does not know the "Telemark swing" named after his home. The Telemark region has earned Norheim’s skienthusiasm an international reputation as the "cradle of skiing".

A museum in the tranquil Morgedal attracts visitors from all over the world today, as winter sports in Telemark, which extends from the Skagerrak coast to the high mountains, have grown impressively from the cradle: the lifts whir between Gautefall in the south and Rauland in the north, and countless cross-country trails meander through forests and over plateaus. With 17 lifts and 46 runs spread over three ski areas, Rauland is the largest ski area in Telemark. If you don’t like alpine sports, you can go cross-country skiing in the beautiful expanse of the Vidda.

How different is the Gaustablikk ski center, vis-à-vis Gaustatoppen. Telemark’s highest summit, at just under 1900 meters, comes across like a miniature version of the Matterhorn. If the visibility is clear, one sixth of the land area can be seen from its summit. With 28 runs, the longest of which is around four kilometers, the Gaustablikk ski area offers a varied range of slopes for all performance classes.

A two-hour drive from the ferry port in Langesund opens up a winter sports region in Vraadal, which has also earned an excellent reputation among families: in addition to slopes, ski schools and children’s activities, the holiday homes are popular, which allow short distances between sofa, ski lift and cross-country trails.

The Norwegian shipping company Fjord Line runs daily from Hirtshals in Northern Denmark to Langesund in Telemark. The four-and-a-half hour crossing with one of the environmentally friendly cruisers powered by liquid natural gas (LNG) costs for 4 people and a car from 98 euros.

Fjord Line facts

The Fjord Line shipping company was founded in 1993 and today has around 750 employees, 450 of whom go to sea all year round. The company is headquartered in Egersund, Norway. Fjord Line currently operates the two modern cruise ferries MS Stavangerfjord (year of construction 2013) and MS Bergensfjord (year of construction 2014) all year round and daily the route between Hirtshals in northern Denmark and Stavanger and Bergen as well as the route between Hirtshals and Langesund in the Norwegian district of Telemark. The identical ferries MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord are operated exclusively with LNG natural gas and are among the most environmentally friendly ferries worldwide.

The HSC Fjord Cat express ferry commutes as the fastest ferry between Central Europe and Scandinavia on the Hirtshals-Kristiansand line in summer. Fjord Line has been operating a route between Sandefjord in Norway and the Swedish town of Strömstad with the MS Oslofjord since summer 2014. The managing director at Fjord Line is the Swede Rickard Ternblom

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