ford puma driving report: clever crossover

Instead of being a sports coupe, the ford puma is now an SUV.

Old name, new car. Instead of being a sports coupe, the ford puma is now an SUV. And a very special one at that, because it contains ideas that were previously not to be found in this class. the puma rolls into dealerships in march, starting at 23.150 euros.


By michael specht/SP-X

To let such an easy-to-pronounce and internationally applicable name as puma go by the wayside so easily? No, that was never an option for the product planners at ford. Even though the modern puma of today has virtually nothing to do with its namesake from the 1990s, it still has a lot in common with its predecessor. Back then, the puma was a small sports coupe. But a model like this wouldn’t win a pot of gold in today’s compact B-segment.

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The car of the future

There are many ideas for the car of the future. Not only alternative propulsion methods, but also future-oriented visions such as digital networking and autonomous driving are already in focus. The goal is to make roads freer, the air cleaner and, above all, fewer accidents. Comfort is at the forefront. But the future of the automobile also lies in the changes in the implementation of high-tech materials. These can occur both inside and outside the vehicle. The car of the future should set new standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The merck company in darmstadt also presented a concept car. In this study, the Group showed which materials and innovations are being worked on and researched in darmstadt and around the world.

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Formula 1 : ferrari presents new car - SF 21 has poison green touch

ferrari has become the penultimate formula 1 team to unveil its new racer for the 2021 season. With the SF21, the scuderia wants to forget its epidemic year of 2020 and return to the front of the field. an ironic touch: after sebastian vettel’s departure to aston martin, the new color of the red car is green. But it is also known as the color of hope.

Scuderia focuses primarily on new engine

A lot is new with the ferrari SF21 – at least visually. The rear part of the car is painted in burgundy. It’s the same color as on the first Ferrari, the 125 S. from the rear, however, the ferrari becomes brighter and brighter, interrupted by a color that has never been seen before on an italian car: the logo of permanent sponsor phillip morris "mission winnow, emblazoned in green on the bolide this year. The color scheme is a clear message, the so-called "mission winnow" is an environmental campaign by the tobacco company.

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VIE HH 1933 prohibited license plates These are prohibited combinations on license plates!

Not every "desired license plate" and also not every combination of license plates is allowed in this country. In germany there are forbidden letter combinations on license plates. The majority of vehicle owners want to convey a specific message with the license plate, for example with the initials of the child, their own or even for company vehicles. However, not all combinations of letters are permitted in this country. the following article informs about which combinations are forbidden on license plates nationwide and in some federal states.

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Tuesday's opening of World Youth Day was a big day for the Archbishop of Sydney. Cardinal George Pell celebrated in Sydney's newest waterfront Barangaroo in front of 140.000 pilgrims and the international media the large, festive opening service. A day of personal affirmation also for a battle-hardened defender of Christian values in secular Australia.

Some people in the country will not like the fact that the cardinal has achieved such prominence. For Pell is a church leader as conservative as he is power-conscious. A German journalist has described the man from Ballarat as the "Dyba of Australia". Like the Bishop of Fulda, who died in 2000, Pell does not mince his words and does not shy away from controversy as head pastor in Sydney, which has the reputation of being a rather areligious leisure paradise. Again and again, the cardinal enters the social debate with controversial words on topics such as homosexuality, abuse, bioethics and the environment. Yet he is not always squeamish in his choice of means when it comes to achieving his goals. A few years ago, for example, he invited a priest and a psychologist from the United States to give a lecture on how homosexuality could be "cured" through psychotherapy and prayer. The audience was only allowed to ask questions to the speakers in writing. At the latest since Sydney was announced as the venue for the 2008 World Youth Day in Cologne three years ago, Pell has been perceived as the head of Australian Catholics – even though he is not president of the Australian Bishops' Conference. The actual chairman, Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide, understands that there is confusion among the public: "Until now, the Australian cardinal has always also been the chairman of the bishops' conference. This is different now." From the World Youth Day, Pell expects, in addition to new spiritual vocations, also impulses for a moral turn of the Australian youth as well as for a reconsideration of the country's Christian values. Some in Australia suspect that the cardinal is using the major ecclesiastical event with Rome's blessing to put his conservative stamp on the church there. His fellow bishops do not criticize Pell – not in public and certainly not to the media. That there are differences can be read between some lines. Archbishop Wilson, for example, says: "The cardinal is a strong leader with a great influence on church and society. This of course has its effects." And adds, "We have 39 bishops in this country, and each of them is a leader in his own right. Moreover, we have a bishops' conference that is a very lively and active body."Peter Ingham, for example, is not only bishop in Sydney's neighboring city of Wollongong, but also president of the Federation of Catholic Bishops' Conferences of Oceania. Through this role he is very familiar with the consequences of climate change. That's why he's proud to have brought Catholics from Kiribati to Sydney for WYD: "They'll be environmental refugees very soon," he reports. "Kiribati is only two meters above sea level and is likely to be the first of the small South Sea islands to sink soon."For Pell, on the other hand, climate change is not a central ie. He thinks the excitement is exaggerated and refuses to see man as the cause of the world's environmental problems. Asked if he sees a "pellization" of the Catholic Church down under, Bishop Ingham says: "World Youth Day shows how diverse and vibrant the Church is. This is above these ideological things after all. We must go forward, not backward."

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For years, the Anglican Church has been deeply divided. Liberals want to make women and homosexuals bishops, conservatives threaten schism or even conversion to the Catholic Church – which has also already extended an invitation – if that happens. This weekend's annual meeting may bring decisions.

It is this man's fate to be judged by his commitment to the ordination of women and homosexuals. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual leader of the Anglican state church of England, faces a hot weekend. Anyone who remembers how exhausted he came out of the hall in 2008 when the Anglican General Synod won its laborious compromise on the future consecration of women bishops might guess the feelings with which Williams will open this year's Assembly in York. Weeks before this Saturday's debate, the Church of England's two archbishops, Williams and John Sentamu of York, flanked the renewed rift with a peace offering to the conservative wing. "Co-ordinate jurisdiction" – shared jurisdiction – is the name of the formula intended to make it easier for opponents of women bishops to say yes and thus preserve church unity.

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Concern about debate culture

Sylvester 2016 © City of Cologne

At the turn of the year, representatives of Germany's two major churches called on people to stand together. At the same time, they expressed concern about an increasingly harsh tone in public debates.

Pope Francis has taken up a lance for young people. During his end-of-year homily Saturday in St. Peter's Basilica, the Catholic Church leader condemned a culture "that, on the one hand, idolizes youth and tries to drag out this phase forever," but on the other hand, offers no place for young people themselves. He strongly condemned youth unemployment and precarious employment among young adults. Instead, he said, it is important to offer those affected prospects of dignified and free work.

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Mario looks thoughtfully at the photo. Two girls look at him, smile friendly, have long blond hair, wear colorful T-shirts – it's summer. "It's hard to say," mumbles the 12-year-old. "Maybe in the middle?"Completely wrong," responds Micha. "The two girls are the U.S. singing duo Prussian Blue, who are now icons in the American Nazi rock scene," explains the 29-year-old, who has invited people to a workshop on right-wing extremism in Bocholt this Saturday. And proves that you can't judge other people's political attitudes by outward appearances alone. Mario is amazed: "I wouldn't have thought that."Micha holds up the next picture: "What do you think, right, left, center??"Thirteen young people between the ages of 12 and 20 came to the "Cafe Karton" of the Catholic Student Youth (KSJ) in the town on the Dutch border. They want to "learn more about the right-wing scene in Germany" and also "get to know their own prejudices better". A workshop that may no longer be possible in this form next year: funding for the Cologne-based "Arbeitsstelle Rechtsextremismus und Gewalt" (ARUG), for which Micha works, is only secure until the end of the year. The federal funding program XENOS prefers to invest in "mobile outreach teams" in the future. Micha now shows a photo of a burly man with a bald head, holding a microphone in his hand. "He's right-wing," everyone agrees. "Unfortunately, bull necks and tattoos are no longer a guarantee today," the workshop leader said. Micha knows what he's talking about. The 29-year-old, who works for ARUG, was himself part of the "scene" for more than 15 years, with contacts throughout Europe, as he reports. Then, after the birth of his child, came the abrupt exit. He doesn't want to talk about the exact reasons, only this much: "At that time, I wanted to check off the chapter completely."In the meantime, however, Micha is doing everything he can to ensure that other young people don't have to go through the same experience as he did. "The right-wing populist potential in the population is great, we are just not sensitive enough to recognize that," the 29-year-old warns his audience. "What constitutes right-wing extremism??" Micha asks the group. "To be against foreigners", says Sarah. The answer is not enough for Derya: "Being right-wing also means being against homosexuals, disabled people and other religions. Actually against everything that is somehow different."The 20-year-old Turkish woman straightens up on the crumpled sofa: "Unfortunately, you don't hear enough about it because it's not talked about enough."Micha now divides the group into pairs that should know each other as little as possible. At the "silent interview" everyone will assess his counterpart – without words. Steffi chews thoughtfully on her ballpoint pen: I wonder what music her interview partner Alexander listens to? What is he afraid of? Has he already had experience with violence and exclusion?? The results are astonishing: Most of the time, behind the facade there is not what one would have suspected. "It's about you questioning prejudices," Micha wishes. But it should not stop there: On this Saturday it is also about quite tangible political questions. "Wouldn't it be simplest to ban the NPD??" Derya throws into the round. Micha thinks that banning the NPD in Germany is the wrong way to fight right-wing extremism. The people would continue to work in the same structures. He focuses on the preliminary stage: "We have to start much earlier and invest much more in prevention work that is long-term. The need in violence prevention is huge."Micha is pleased that everyone discusses so animatedly. He regrets all the more that permanent funding for the ARUG is still in the stars so far. He is not convinced by the "mobile outreach teams" planned by the federal government instead of the permanent institution of a workplace: "For people who are in trouble, a mobile team cannot replace permanent contact persons."

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Since the 1. October 2017 gay and lesbian couples can officially marry. Almost 33.000 have done so since then. However, the big rush that the registry offices were expecting, especially in large cities, failed to materialize.

The Bundestag argued about it for years, then suddenly everything happened very quickly: After Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), to the surprise of many, declared "marriage for all" a matter of conscience without parliamentary party constraints shortly before the Bundestag elections in summer 2017, the Bundestag passed the new regulation just a few days later in the last session before the summer recess. The law already came into force on 1. October of the year in force. Since then, homosexual couples can also marry in front of the registry office.

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