Tour Thailand with children – tips from our own experience

Touring Thailand with children – Tips

Thailand is an ideal family travel destination: safe, affordable, relatively well developed, offering a good mix of Asian charm and Western comfort. With a tuk-tuk you visit temples, explore the jungle of Khao Sok National Park or snorkel at paradise islands. You will also notice that the Thai people love children and that when you travel with your children in Thailand, you simply come into contact with the local population. For the building blocks and Thailand family round trips, the recommended minimum age for each combination is given.

A long-distance journey with (small) children is always an adventure. On this page we give some tips from our own experience. If you have any questions, you can contact our experience-thailand-travel-travel specialists.

Do not forget your passport!

I pack my suitcase and take it with me?

Our first advice is: Do not take too much! You can wash your clothes on the go and bucket and shovel for the beach you can buy cheap on the ground. Otherwise, of course, your packing list depends entirely on how old your children are and what you want to do during your trip.

For us the following things were indispensable:

– light cotton clothes, for evening long pants & Sleeves against the mosquitoes
– good sunglasses and hat / peaked cap to protect you from the strong sun
– shoes or sandals with tread sole
– water shoes
– Swimwear and sunscreen with a high factor
First aid kit, travel pharmacy and anti-mosquito repellent with DEET (best available in Thailand)
– baby monitor and milk powder if necessary
– small flashlight and absolutely an adapter (for camera etc.)

Traveling with the baby Thailand …

Traveling with baby

When traveling with your children, who are even younger, there are several ways to transport your little one: a fold-away buggy, a stroller that your child can sleep in during the day, or a backpack that will keep you flexible and your hands free to have. Of course, it is also important in which mode of transport the child feels most comfortable. We can also recommend you to bring a light travel cot or sleeping tent … Then your child sleeps every night in a familiar and insect-free environment. Not all accommodations have baby cots and the quality can be different than at home. Then a private sleeping tent is pleasant. Child seats are not used in Thailand. Your child is sitting in your lap during the transfers or on your own seat (from 2 years).

The journey can start!

At the airport

With a good preparation you will start the long flight relaxed and carefree. Make sure you get to the airport in time so you have time to check in and reserve a good seat. If your children are old enough, we recommend that you let them run around as long as possible. So they can get rid of their energy before they get on the plane and are often calmer during the flight. At some major airports there is a children’s area.

If you bring a buggy, you can almost always take it with you to the gate. Make sure that your buggy is unloaded in the event of a stopover. The same applies to the arrival at the airport of your destination. Mostly the buggy is unloaded at the gate. So do not forget him!

In the plane with your child.

On the plane

For children it is a great experience to climb into such a huge plane. Young children under 2 years of age do not have their own seat and sit on the lap of their parents during the flight. A special strap that attaches to your own fixed strap ensures that the little ones are safe even when taking off and landing. For the little ones we can order a so-called cot (if available). In this shell, which you can attach to the wall, your baby can sleep during the flight. However, airlines prescribe a maximum weight and age for this purpose. Mostly 10 kilos and / or 10 months old. Children from 2 years on board have their own seat. When booking the flight ticket, you can reserve a baby meal or child meal. Most of the time the kids get their meal first.

The children paint in the plane.

For many children it is a long time that they spend mainly sitting and the chance of getting bored after a while is great. Most airlines offer the children z. B. painting supplies. Take enough toys with you on your own and take a little walk through the plane from time to time. During the flight, children may experience earache due to the pressure of starting and landing. Give them something to eat or drink or let the child suck on a pacifier, causing a sip. This reduces the pressure in the ears. We have found that nasal drops are good because they produce the same effect. It’s best to talk to your pediatrician. Make sure you have all the things you need within easy reach. You should also have a nasal spray with you or your children getting a cold through the air conditioners.

With the buggy on the way in Thailand.

On your arrival in Thailand

After landing at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi airport, you will first pass customs where you will receive a visa stamp. It may happen that you are queued up here and it takes a while. Then continue to the luggage belt. If your buggy is not at the gate, it is likely to be on your suitcase or odd-sized baggage with your suitcases. Most children have a surplus of energy after sitting for a long time, it is warm and after the flight you want to be right next to your hotel. Then it is pleasant that our driver is waiting with a sign with your name in the arrivals hall. It’s best to pick up some money at one of the ATMs in the arrivals hall. The drive to your hotel takes about 45 to 90 minutes, depending on traffic.

There is a good chance that you and your children will have jet lag in the first few days after your flight. Do not let the children sleep too much during the day, otherwise they will sleep worse at night and will not get used to the rhythm of the day in Thailand. At the midday nap, they will sleep especially tight and should then be woken up.

Even monks go to the supermarket …

to eat and drink

In Thailand you can eat and drink delicious and reasonably priced. You will see many food stalls or food stalls on the street. In general, the food is okay, the Thai people even eat at the stands. The basis of a Thai meal is rice or pasta with fresh vegetables and fish or meat. Some dishes may be quite spicy, but here’s the golden tip: Order your dish ‘mai pet’ (not spicy). In many restaurants there are also spaghetti and chips. The breakfast, which is always included with experience-thailand family vacations, consists of a mix of western and local food and is often offered as a buffet. In the local supermarkets you can buy milk and baby food. We advise you to take enough for the first few days yourself until you find your way around. If you are traveling with a baby, we recommend that you take milk powder from home, because the taste is often different than your child is used to.

The family at dinner – delicious!

Children often consume more energy on a trip than at home, a good lunch is very important. You can, for example, decide to eat a little more at lunchtime and then eat something light in the evening. Vegetarians will not have any problems in Thailand as there are plenty of vegetables and fish.

For you and of course for your children, it is especially important to drink enough water. Always check that the water bottles are sealed at the time of purchase and never let children drink from the tap. A tip from us is to take effervescent tablets or electrolytes from the pharmacy, since the water to be purchased in Thailand contains no minerals. Many travelers get stomach problems and think it’s Thai food, but from experience we can tell you that it’s the lack of minerals. Drink a water bottle of electrolyte every day and you will see that it is good for you.

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