Cape coral beach to relax and relax on vacation

Cape Coral beach

Cape Coral has a small but beautiful beach

The beach in Cape Coral

Of course there is also one Beach in Cape Coral where you can swim with the family. This is located in the very south of the city on the Driftwood Pkwy and is easily accessible by rental car. There are also plenty of parking spaces where you can park for free. Right next to it is the Cape Coral Yacht Club where you can park your boat if you have one. Very nice is the beach and you should know that this is not very big. But it is very clean and well maintained where you can spend the whole day.

Costs this entry

You do not have to pay an entrance fee and you can lie down for free and enjoy the sun. During the week there are usually not many visitors and you have your peace and can lie down under a palm tree. Of course, more visitors arrive at the weekend and then things could get tight. The beach also has a building where events take place regularly and markets where you can buy something such as specialties of the inhabitants.

Sanitary installations

The events usually take place only on weekends and there are weddings in the neighboring Cape Coral Yacht Club. There is also a shower where you can rinse off the sand and a small playground where you can let the children play. Very nice is a barbecue that you can find on many beaches in Florida. There you can end the day with a cold beer and a steak as you would imagine. But also on weekends, many visitors come to barbecue there. There is always a lot going on, especially on a public holiday. Next door there is a tiki bar and grill where you can treat yourself to a cocktail or a snack.

Everything has been beautifully done and a visit is definitely recommended. From there you can also go out to the Cape Coral Pier where you can watch the sunset. These are beautiful and you will be delighted. But if you are looking for a large and wide sandy beach then you better go to Fort Myers Beach which is much bigger.

Can you go swimming there

Of course you can swim on the beach of Cape Coral and you should not go too far. The water is very clean, but right next to it, boats are let in and you always have to expect that there will leak some gas. Those looking for natural beaches should go to Sanibel Island or Captiva Island which are better. But there you always have to expect more mosquitoes. Usually every holiday home in Cape Coral has its own pool and most people prefer to go swimming there. Therefore, the beach section has also been made a little smaller.

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