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A project to promote first aid in primary and special schools

Children feel natural compassion. Full of zeal, they respond to your need to help other people. The project “Children help children” introduces children to first aid in a playful way with the support of their teachers. The small first-aiders are familiarized with the basics of first aid at an early age. This prevents an inhibition threshold from being built up in the first place.

What is the aim of the project “Children help children”?

Children learn by means of age-appropriate, practical examples, how they can

  • Prevent accidents
  • to properly assess their abilities,
  • Get help,
  • comforting and natural
  • help yourself.

Who can get involved in “Children help children”?

For the project “Children help children” we are looking for teachers and carers in schools who would like to offer first aid in their schools.

The project “Children help children” is aimed at primary and special schools in Hesse. In principle, however, children can learn to provide first aid from pre-school age onwards. At secondary school level, the school medical service’s “Schüler helfen Schülern” (pupils help pupils) project offers a good opportunity to promote young people’s social awareness.

We would be pleased to inform you! In addition to a contact person in the JRK regional association, there is also a contact person for the “Children help children” project in most Hessian district associations.

How can first aid be integrated into everyday school life?

There are many ways to familiarize children with first aid, such as

  • in the classroom,
  • in a project week,
  • in a joint venture or
  • outside school life.

First aid at school can be fun. In addition, the children develop self-confidence and action competence and strengthen their social skills. First aid can be combined well with many topics and offers practical variety in everyday learning, for example:

  • German – Emergency call
  • Ethics – Help and Comfort
  • Sachunterricht – Body and Functions

As a teacher you will be trained and supported by the German Red Cross. Teachers learn how to get their class enthusiastic about helping. They receive methodological and didactic suggestions and can use the “Children help children” work aid to acquire a teaching material that is suitable for children and easy to implement.

Work aid “Children help children” with CD-ROM

In addition to the “First aid to the educational plan” campaign, educators of the Red Cross Youth have created a work aid which they can purchase under the link on the right. The work aid contains teaching units that can be directly implemented. Access practical background knowledge on topics such as abdominal pain, burns or bone fractures. Or choose from many practical tools those that fit the time of year or your lessons, including baking recipes, experiments, PowerPoint slides and worksheets.

Would you like to get involved?

Would you like to get involved with the German Red Cross for children? We look forward to all volunteers – even if you are not (or no longer) a teacher! There are many possibilities for your commitment.

If you already have a more precise idea of how you would like to help, let us know more so that we can put you in touch with the right contact person near you.

Donate for the project “Children help children”.

You would like to support the project “Children help children” as a private person or as a company? Your donation is very welcome!

With your donation you support our work at primary and special needs schools in Hessen, the provision of training materials and the training of volunteers who are involved in the junior medical aid or school medical service.

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have!

Donation account:

DRK regional association Hessen e.V.

IBAN: DE73 5502 0500 0005 6011 01BIC: BFSWDE33MNZ(formerly account number: 5601101 and bank code: 55020500)at the Bank für SozialwirtschaftSpendenzweck: JRK – Kinder helfen Kindern

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