Fares – the earlier you book, the cheaper the flight

Fares – The sooner, the cheaper

The pricing of the airlines and thus of the travel agencies is based on the demand and the competitive situation in the market, not on the length of the route. A longer flight over various stopovers may therefore be cheaper than a direct flight to the destination airport.

Of course, the fare is also influenced by the different seating contingents of individual tour operators and by the travel season. Decisive is the price of the country of departure, a flight Germany – USA therefore basically has a different price with the same airline than a flight USA – Germany. There are many reasons for price differences.

In order to build a unified global system of scheduled flights, airlines have the "International Air Transport Association" (Official website) founded. Prices, services and benefits should be consistent across the world and IATA tickets should be recognized by all companies. This system still exists today. The prices are determined by the IATA or the individual airlines and published in tariffs and reservation systems.

children Under 2 years of age, most airlines are entitled to a seat free of charge or 10% of the fare. For older children (from the beginning of the third to mostly 12 years) are accompanied by full-paying guests discounts on the fare up to 50% granted. After an investigation of the portal billigflieger.de for the year 2008 is in particular the lead time an important factor for the amount of the fare. In general, the formula applies: the earlier the booking, the cheaper the fare. Whether domestic German, European or transatlantic flight: the price of a flight is usually the most expensive for a booking within the last week before departure. After the investigation also determines the departure the amount of the fare. If you are free with regard to the flight day, you can save. The following recommendations have been made:

departure Lowest teuerster
inner German Friday Wednesday European Friday Thursday Sunday Monday rest of the world Friday Thursday Sunday Monday

When it comes to booking flights, you should hurry: If you book on time, you will often be rewarded with reasonable prices.

The cheapest return flight days are Sunday and Monday for all three regions. In addition to the pure flight costs are also effective additional costs on the amount of the total fare. Here are above all the airport taxes and Flight safety charges to call. Each airport and country on the itinerary require different fees for take-off or landing as well as for security checks, often by transit passengers. Especially in Germany, the amount of fees varies greatly.

You should always clarify which taxes and fees are included in the above-mentioned fare, because some of these are not calculated and payable locally (and no departure without payment). If the ticket for collection at the departure airport deposited, fall more deposit fees or courier costs.

In response to the rising kerosene prices, the US airlines have initially started on domestic flights, the Taking along luggage to pay separately in Economy Class. Now with them even on transatlantic flights, taking a second suitcase is no longer free of charge. US Airways, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines collect $ 50 for the second piece of baggage. Continental issues $ 5 when checking in online, while US Airways charges $ 5 to check in at the airport.

For European airlines, the transport of a second suitcase in Economy Class was previously free of charge. However, since 1 November 2009, KLM and Air France have been charging a supplement of 50 euros or 50 dollars for the second piece of luggage (for ticket purchases from that date); see. Air France press release.

Since the piece concept with two free suitcases was an invention of the Americans who like to travel with large luggage, it is probably only a matter of time, when other European airlines give up the fee. For Economy tickets to Canada, Mexico and the US, which will be sold after January 1, 2010, a fee of 40 euros or 50 US dollars is now also due at Lufthansa for a second piece of luggage. Exempt from the fee are passengers of First and Business Class and frequent flyers with “Miles & More “status. Even if the start or destination is not in Europe or North America, the new regulation does not apply. Alternatively, you can currently save on airlines flying over Germany to the United States, such as Singapore Airlines or Air India.

Even with transfer connections, two cases are often still free, e.g. on flights with British Airways via London to USA. However, it is always recommended a current demand for the airline, with which one travels.

Keroseneuschläge in package holidays

Should tour operators request a fuel surcharge depending on the flight route for bookings in retrospect due to sharply increased kerosene (petrol) prices, this is not always justified. Such a fuel surcharge is unfounded if

  • between conclusion of contract and travel less than 4 months,
  • the letter with the request on the 21st day before departure did not exist yet,
  • the travel conditions do not include a price increase clause,
  • Transport costs / fuel costs in the travel conditions of the organizer are not mentioned as reason for price change,
  • details of the calculation of the new price are not included in the contract documents,
  • the price change to the customer has not been declared immediately after knowledge of the increase in fuel prices,
  • the increase in fuel prices was predictable and could be included in the price.

Flight bookings on the Internet

The Internet is a good source of information to find out about the price structure for a desired destination or to book flight tickets directly. After entering the start and finish (meaning the respective airport or its short name) and the travel date brings a click on “flight search” with appropriate providers usually quickly success. It should be noted in principle, whether actually “available” – so still bookable – flights are displayed. With low-cost flights are often also rebookings and cancellations more expensive than with “regular tickets” or not possible and usually the flights are connected with stops (although direct flight, but not non-stop).

Internet research sources include airline websites, online travel agencies and specialized search engines. There are a variety of offers in this segment, for the occasionally traveling tourists almost unmanageable.

With the Star Alliance alliance under the heading Book and Fly (official website), even complicated flight routes can be planned, booked and changed online worldwide.

Search engines that evaluate existing offers and display the results of the search are helpful. The portal fluege.de is known for fast flight search on the Internet. The site compares around 750 different airlines. Already three times we were able to convince ourselves of the website. In February 2016, we booked a flight to New York City (€ 608.84 per person), to Los Angeles in June 2017 (€ 747.00 per person) and to Chicago in May 2018 (€ 526.84 per person). We had nothing to complain about all three bookings. For flights to and from the US, the ideal time to buy a ticket is approximately 54 days before the event.

Parking at airports

The plane ticket is ordered and the holiday is almost nothing in the way. It is only necessary to regulate how you get to the airport from home. Even driving to the airport by car is, of course, the easiest and you are not dependent on friends or family. In addition, you can avoid the constant delays of public transport and you do not have to worry about how much luggage you take with you because you do not have to carry it around with you.

Of course, your car must be safely stored during your trip. The prices for parking at airports can shoot up quickly. In general, applies
Here: The further away the parking lot from the airport, the cheaper it is. But at which parking company can you best park now? On parkenparkos.de you have the opportunity to compare different parking providers quickly and easily. To get an impression of all providers, you can read in advance the reviews of other customers and test for satisfaction. Once you have made a choice, you can make a reservation directly. A US counterpart to parkenparkos.de is bestparking.com.

For example, if you park at Cologne Airport, you have two options: valet parking and shuttle parking. You can park your car yourself during the shuttle service. Afterwards, the shuttle bus will take you directly to the airport. In general, the offer of shuttle parking is cheaper than valet service. If you want to use the valet service, you can drive your car directly to the departure hall. An employee of the parking company will already be waiting for you there and park your car safely on the company‘s park. This saves you time and allows you to travel as fast as possible.

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