Our view behind the scenes of the company * incl

Our look behind the scenes of the company reifen.com * incl. Contest

I recently posted on the blog about how I got ours old winter tires have up-recycled to cool stools . Today it’s back to the topic car tire – I became part of a cooperation of the company reifencom invited to take a look behind the scenes. In addition to general information, I’ll show you today what you‘re about buying tires should pay attention and what criteria you can neglect. At the end of the contribution there will be a raffle waiting for you.

By the way, during my visit I was accompanied by my 3 year old nephew, who is visiting Australia for a few weeks. For him, as a “car fan” of course, the visit of the workshop was particularly exciting and so we both enjoyed our little trip very much.

General information about the company reifencom

The Company reifencom With 37 branches and more than 600,000 customers a year, it is one of the leading companies in the field of tire service and online tire trade and has been named the best online tire retailer in the Handelsblatt ranking, for example.


reifencom offers various services around the topic of tires – and in its own words up to 25% cheaper than the competition:

  • Car tire assembly on steel and aluminum wheels
  • complete wheels & equipment
  • Tire disposal
  • Wheel alignment
  • tire gas
  • motorcycle tires
  • TÜV registration
  • Wheel storage (including tire washing)

Other information: By focusing on the topic tire are the employees of reifencom of course, absolute experts in this field and with the most modern Assembly and balancing techniques familiar. An appointment is not necessary. For longer waiting times it is possible to leave the car in the workshop and it is e.g. to pick up in the evening.

Our look behind the scenes

When visiting the reifencom branch, I was first led through the workshop together with my nephew. Here we were allowed to follow the individual steps. On this device, e.g. the Tires pulled on rims:

Subsequently, the tires were balanced. It was therefore ensured that the tires really run around. This was calculated by computer analysis and balanced by small weights glued to the rim. How important the regular balancing of the tires is becomes clear when one considers that an imbalance of 10 g due to the centrifugal force at a speed of 100 km / h affects like 2.5 kilograms! This in turn leads to a so-called “fluttering” of the steering wheel.

Finally, we were shown on the basis of my minis how the Wheel alignment With state-of-the-art diagnostic technology works.

For this were reflectors attached to the tires, which in turn were detected by a camera and could provide information about the exact values.

Wheel alignment with an optical-electronic measuring and adjustment method

I found these insights very interesting because I did not realize that one Adjustment of the axle geometry This causes the tires to wear much faster. In principle, this is of course logical, because if the tire is not exactly straight, but tilts outwards or inwards (= positive or negative camber), this leads to a strong one-sided tire abrasion.

Here are some interesting facts about tire purchasing that I have learned today.

What you should pay attention to when buying a tire:

There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a tire. The mandatory since 2012 tire label help as well reviews in orientation.

    It is particularly important on the Wet Braking The difference in braking distance between tires of Classes A and F can be up to 30% (= 30 meters with a braking distance of 100 meters!). Of the Rollw >

If you have specific questions, you can of course always synonymous in a branch advice. The individual steps are explained again in this video:

So, that was my look behind the scenes of reifencom . Do you have any questions, comments or feedback? Then I’m happy about your comments! &# 128578;


I have a little surprise for you: I’m allowed to be among my readers 3 tirecom vouchers worth 20 € each! To win, just tell me in which store you would redeem the coupon. You can find a branch near you here

The competition ends on 23.07.18, participation from 18, shipping only within Germany. The winners will be announced on 24.07.18 here on the blog and notified by mail.

The raffle has since ended. The winners are: Andrea G., Franzi R. and Burkhard K. Congratulations! &# 128578;

* The contribution was created as part of a cooperation, but was written by myself and corresponds to my personal opinion.

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