Clever tips on the topic of washing

To wash

Tricks with which the washing works better

The routine is part of every household: wash, dry, fold. All these activities cost money, time and nerves. Nevertheless, washing clothes is a recurring task, even if you wash properly.

Cleaning with system in the house

Certainly you will like it, if the house is well cleaned and you feel comfortable at home. Nevertheless, at some point the time will come when you have to face the topic of house cleaning. Because who regularly regularly to spring his apartment […]

Use washing machine or hand wash?

There is a washing machine in every household today. It is not difficult to use the washing machine, but what laundry actually belongs in the washing machine? The following tips and tricks make it easier to keep your clothes properly […]

Cooking linen against stinking laundry kills bacteria

For stinking laundry helps a wash. This old and simple home remedy kills all bacteria and effectively combats the stale laundry from the washing machine.

Wash and dry the pillows and duvet

Wash and dry tips on pillows and quilts. With a few housewife tricks, the pillow and comforter is very easy to clean and maintain. This saves you the cost of a professional cleaning.

Home remedies and tips for healthy and beautiful skin

We have collected many natural home remedies and clever tips for a beautiful skin. With simple means you can get a completely natural and healthy skin. The natural substances supply the skin and ensure gentle skin care and facial care.

home remedies & Clean tips for the washing machine

We offer the best home remedies & Tips to clean the washing machine. Save yourself a lot of effort and try it out! The cleaning will be enjoyable and the laundry will smell good again.

The 3 best dryers in comparison

Buy new clothes dryer with tips and advice. Tumble dryer in the test and comparison. With us, only the top dryer at a glance. That makes the selection easier.

Clean yoga mat and rugs of pure new wool

Clean and care for a yoga mat or new wool rug. Here you will find a useful care instructions for your new wool rug.

Wash, dry and care for down comforters

Clever tips to wash, dry and care for down comforters. Now simply wash the beautiful duvets and down pillows clever.

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