Also in cape coral jetlag has the time change

Jet lag

Tips and tricks on how to reduce jet lag

Long-haul flight to the US and jet lag

In Cape Coral you can of course also one Jet lag and here we explain how to reduce this so that you can enjoy the holiday. On the way to the US you get first, depending on the time difference between five and six hours on the first day. That means if you have booked a direct flight you usually land around noon. Maybe at 16:00 clock and then it would be in Germany at 21:00 or even 22:00 clock.

Note the time difference

There you think slowly to bed and then it is dark out. But Florida is still very bright and the body does not think about sleep. This means You should try to stay up as long as possible on the first day you are in Cape Coral and then go to bed until around 11:00 pm The time would be in Germany already at 04:00 clock in the morning and then you would think again to get up.

How can you reduce jetlag?

So you should go to bed the first day at the time you have to do during the whole vacation time. Immediately after the first night you will immediately notice the time difference and the body wakes up at the time as in Germany. That means you wake up early in the morning in Cape Coral. There you should also get up and certainly you did not sleep so much the first night then. This is normal and you can relax and unwind at the pool. Of course you will be a bit tired and then you should always go to bed at the same time. Until you get used to the new time can already go a few days. Some take two to three days and that varies greatly from person to person.

But after that you should not have any problems with the jet lag. And the body got used to the new time and changed. That’s why you should spend a few weeks there and if you only stay there for a week, that’s just too little and the burden is too big for the body. Thus, no recovery can take place and one harms the body sooner.

return flight

On the return flight is then again the same game and usually you notice the jet lag there a bit stronger than the outward flight. You fly there over different time zones and you can hardly sleep on the plane. Thus, after a long-distance flight you are completely exhausted and the body needs more time for the recovery phase. Furthermore, then also missing the sun and heat you have had in Florida. In Germany, the weather is perhaps very cloudy and dark and then the body does not come up to speed.

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