Weather in karwendel – the weather forecast applies

Weather in karwendel - the weather forecast applies

The weather in the Karwendel

What is the current weather in the Karwendelgebirge??
Would you like to know what the weather is like in Karwendel? Due to the size of the Karwendelgebirge there is no blanket weather forecast or a weather forecast for the entire Karwendel. I have often driven from the Innsbruck area to the central Karwendel around the Ahornboden and have encountered two different weather conditions. It may be wonderfully sunny in the northern part around the Ahornboden, while it rains in the Inn Valley. Or the other way around.

In the Karwendel the weather is not the same everywhere!
Own weather conditions also prevail in the high valley around Seefeld in the Karwendel. As a rule of thumb: If you plan an activity in the Tyrolean Karwendel and this requires a forecast for the weather, the weather around Seefeld (a few kilometers above Innsbruck) is a good reference.

For the Bavarian Karwendel the weather report of the Ahornboden is more informative. Up-to-date and accurate here is the Ahornboden weather with Hinterriß and Eng

The Karwendel weather by region

You find the Karwendel weather data here for:

Current weather in the Karwendel webcams

The webcams in the Karwendel
If you want to see the current weather in the Karwendelgebirge, the view on the webcams in the Karwendel is the fastest way. Depending on the webcam, you can also view the webcam images from before. Here I have a small overview of the Karwendel webcams

Karwendel weather forecast

The best weather forecast for your trip or holiday in the Karwendel
So you know the weather as accurately as possible depending on your goals, I have to the larger places here the current weather and a detailed weather forecast. You can see the expected sunshine duration, wind speed and rain probability for each day. This information is available for the current day and for the next 6 days. So you can plan well.

If you want to know exactly, there is another weather map for each location where you can see the weather for every 3 hours. So I like it so that I can plan on vacation, when I go hiking outdoors, mountain biking or skiing and when I better visit a place of interest or a Musuem inside. I have a few pointers on what to do in the respective area in the expected weather the best.

It’s worth it in Karwendel in summer

Hiking, cycling, with children in the Karwendel – inspiration & our tips for the summer holiday in the Karwendelgebirge

It’s worth it in the Karwendel in winter

Skiing, tobogganing, winter hiking in the Karwendel and the most beautiful ideas for a winter holiday in the Karwendelgebirge

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