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Cool party games

Even if one or the other party may get by without games, party games are generally part of the celebration. However, only games with the optimal fun and hands-on factor really get the party going. Those which you will find below.

Whether at the birthday party, the wedding shower or at the wedding: the right party games really get a party going. However, it only gets really funny when all guests join in and have fun playing the games. That’s why they should not only be themed for the party, but also for the guests. Nothing kills the mood more reliably than bored guests.

The right games for every party

Many cool party games for different age groups: Games from 13, from 16 and from 18 years.

The best drinking games for every party: drinking games with cards, games for two or three.

Classic and unusual games for the JGA and the wedding eve.

Here you will find the most beautiful party games for children: From classics like the whispering post to funny running games.

The right party games for every age group

Games at parties and parties are only a source of fun when enough people join in – not just because they have to, but because they enjoy and enjoy it. Nothing is a bigger fun killer than guests who are half-hearted or listless in the games. So that the party guests do not feel perverted, the games must fit the age group.

Birthday games for children

To encourage children to play at the birthday party is probably one of the easiest tasks. This is not least because children generally like to play, but also because of the cool prices that can be cleared away at the games at the birthday party. That’s why the small prizes are of course at the forefront at the children‘s party. For example, birthday games like pot-fighting are all about getting to the coveted prize, which is under the pot. But also games with gourmet factor, such as chocolate-kissing food, are very popular among the little ones.

Party games for teenagers

With small prices as a reward for participating in party games you can of course no longer impress young people. When teenagers play at parties, they are either about consuming alcohol or getting as close as possible to the opposite sex. That’s why drinking games are very popular with young adults. Only at games like Mäxchen is gebechert, so that with increasing alcohol level, the approach to the opposite sex almost comes by itself. Or the adolescents play party games that are primarily about boys and girls getting closer, such as card-sucking games, where players have to play cards by sucking from mouth to mouth. Kisses are pre-programmed in this game.

Games for adults

Even adults like to play at parties. Especially at parties with large numbers of guests, such as weddings, bachelor parties, topping out or even round birthdays, the right party games provide relaxation and fun. Especially when alcohol is involved, adults can suddenly become a child again in such games. So it is not unusual that at a wedding the mother of the bride with groom’s groomsman on the trip to Jerusalem delivers a hot head to head race for the last chair. At the party games for adults, of course, the alcohol is not in the foreground, no drinking games are held.

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