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Partying party: The coolest mottos and ideas

In English-speaking countries like the US and Britain, theme parties have been a hit for a long time. There is hardly a birthday party, student party or New Year‘s Eve party that is not put under a specific motto. But even in Germany, the trend to place parties and festivals under a certain theme or motto, more and more in the party world. In the past, it was only carnival parties where the party guests celebrated in disguise, but in the meantime, they are also parties for their birthday or similar occasions in which the party guests are asked to appear disguised to match a particular party theme. The party copter introduces you to the most popular mottos and shows you how to optimally plan and prepare your theme party.

The most popular mottos at a glance

Before going into detail, we show you the funniest and most popular party mottos in the following article. Once you’ve found the right theme for your theme party, you’ll find planning details in our other articles.

The party copter shows you the funniest and most popular party mottos: from Hawaii to Mexico until the 1920s.

The theme parties in detail

Below we take a closer look at the most popular theme parties. In addition to the right guests, the right planning is the be-all and end-all of a party. Which decoration is suitable, how the invitations can be designed according to the motto and so on and so forth. The following tips should make your theme party a success.

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Themes for the children’s birthday

Even the little ones know how to celebrate: often, even at a young age, children have a concrete idea of ​​the motto under which their children‘s party should be celebrated. There are real evergreens that are always high in the price. The party copter gives ideas and tips to the most popular party mottos of the children.

The most popular topics for the children‘s birthday.

The famous theme party of Truman Capote

Like most party trends, the idea of ​​having parties under a specific motto or theme comes from the US and England. Probably the most famous theme party was celebrated in 1966 by American success author Truman Capote at the Plaza Hotel in New York. At the height of his success, the egocentric writer gave up with his Black & White theme party a feast that is still looking for its equal today. Truman’s theme party is considered the most famous and dazzling party of the twentieth century, not just because the guest list featured the A-list celebrities of the time – from Hollywood stars, European nobility, to heads of state. Trueman also asked his 500 party guests to wear only the colors black and white and, to the chagrin of the paparazzi, to hide their famous faces behind masks. The party was a complete success and made the theme Black & White is one of the classics among the party mottos.

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