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Balcony renovation: Does the cost bear the owner community?

In condominiums with condominiums, there is often a dispute over what is to be regarded as community property and what as an individual, so belonging to their own apartment property. This dispute also often occurs when it comes to a balcony renovation.

Barrier-free bathroom: What costs are to be expected for the old building and the new building??

Whether one thinks of the provision for later age, of the children or simply of the comfort: making a bathroom barrier-free is worthwhile in many cases. Which costs thereby with the planning in the new building and with the subsequent conversion

Bankirai Terrace: What are the costs??

Natural terraces of solid and elegant tropical woods are still in demand. Especially very popular is the very hard and durable Bankirai wood. What a terrace can cost from this wood is explained in detail by the cost check expert in our interview.

Remove bamboo: What costs must be expected?

If bamboo is planted in a garden, usually a so-called rhizome barrier is also incorporated. It prevents the roots of the bamboo from spreading over the entire garden over time. If an introduced rhizome barrier is damaged, it can be the foothills

Balcony door: what costs you have to expect?

Of course, if you have a balcony or a terrace, you need a suitable access. Depending on the type and design of the balcony door, however, the costs can be very different. A small overview of the costs that you expect for a balcony door

Install balcony door: what costs are incurred?

A new balcony door must also be installed professionally. This can mean a great deal of effort in individual cases, but then it can be expected with correspondingly high costs. How high the installation costs for individual balcony door models can be and what they depend on,

What does a residual debt insurance cost?

When borrowing, many banks offer their customers an optional residual credit or installment insurance. However, this relatively expensive insurance is not always the best option, you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from credit risks. What costs caused a residual debt insurance,

Every year a new indicator: What does the moped insurance cost?

Although a moped does not have to be specially licensed and you do not have to pay any vehicle tax. Nevertheless, you may not participate in road traffic without this vehicle having a valid insurance number. What the moped insurance costs, where you get the license plate and many more

How much is car insurance for novice drivers??

Finally, you hold the driver’s license in your hand and have registered your first own car. But for many drivers newcomers looking at the contribution statement of the insurance is a small shock, because the car insurance for novice drivers is significantly more expensive than expected.

Balcony railing made of plastic – what costs you have to expect?

If a subsequently built balcony is to be provided with a railing or the old balcony railing to be emptied, plastic railings are the variant with the best cost-benefit calculation. Question: What do balcony railings made of plastic cost? Cost Check Expert: Plastic handrails are a very cost effective option. The prices for

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