Convince landlords: 10 tips for visiting the apartment

Once you have found a suitable apartment, the next step is to convince the landlord or broker. However, due to the large number of competitors, this is easier said than done. Because nowadays, an apartment tour is like an interview. Therefore, you should show your best side as a potential tenant. If you follow the 10 tips below, you are already one step ahead of many competitors.

Before the visit

You should act in a targeted manner the first time you contact the landlord. Indecisiveness can easily be seen as a lack of interest. Ask your first questions about the apartment in a factual and friendly manner by email or phone. You may have to make a list beforehand. Then ask for a short appointment to view the apartment. Your name should be easy to understand so that the owner can remember you later. If you contact several people, create a manageable list with telephone numbers and apartment details. This way, the offers are not confused and the contact persons are not confused.

The famous first impression counts

Even if it sounds a bit hackneyed – the famous first impression counts. He often decides whether one as Tenants are shortlisted. To leave a good first impression, you can already score with courtesy and good manners. A positive impression is rounded off by a well-groomed appearance, which is why care should be taken when making initial contact with clean and orderly clothing. Exaggerated styling is not recommended. In any case, come to the apartment on time, do not let the landlord or broker wait. This can be interpreted as general unreliability and reduce their chances of selection.

Be natural and confident

Present yourself in a relaxed manner and of course, how you really are. Avoid anything that seems artificial or exaggerated. So you should e.g. Avoid stupid comments or sayings just to make you seem more interesting. A landlord will do his part, and you may not prefer it when choosing. However, avoid too much reluctance. Actively seek the conversation by asking questions about the rental property, thus signaling your honest interest.

Bring full documentation

Both owners and brokers appreciate complete documentation when applying for a flat. If you don’t bring the usual documents or only bring them incompletely with you, this significantly reduces your chances, at least for coveted objects. On the other hand, anyone who appears organized has a good argument with which to convince the landlord.

Required documents for a home inspection

  • identity card
  • employment contract
  • proof of income
  • Tenants Questionnaire
  • SCHUFA credit report
  • Certificate of freedom from rent from the previous lessor
  • possibly rent guarantee (if the income is too low)
  • possibly references from the previous lessor
  • possibly curriculum vitae (will be requested in a few cases)

Ask the right questions, give the right answers

Show genuine interest by asking appropriate questions about the rental property. This is always well received. Inquire e.g. according to the existing equipment, the correct maintenance of the floor, the neighbors or shopping opportunities in the area. If you ask for many details, you will be better remembered and will be taken more seriously as an applicant. The landlord will probably also ask you a few questions, such as about your professional activity and your financial situation. You should be well prepared for this. Because the owner is entitled to information regarding the affordability of the rented apartment. The situation is different when it comes to topics such as pregnancy, the desire to have children, health, religious attitudes or musical tastes. Here allowed to You answer elegantly evasive.

As a tenant, you should ask these questions

  • What belongs to the rental property? (e.g. basement, car parking space, garden, attic, etc.)
  • Equipment / condition of the apartment
  • neighborhood
  • Shops in the area
  • additional costs
  • What are my obligations as a tenant? (e.g. cleaning the stairwell, clearing snow, etc.)
  • Pets are allowed, if yes?

Arguments that convince the landlord

If the apartment is actually suitable for you, you should make this clear. If the target move-in date fits your needs exactly, this is a big advantage. This also applies to any work that obviously has to be done in the apartment or that has to be done on request. In this case, ask what is required and how the renovation work should be carried out. Owners are often happy about tenants with manual skills. This may even save you a monthly rent on the way. If you are the right tenant for the apartment, the landlord will not miss this.

Honor yourself?

Then put it in the application folder or out with it in conversation. But how do I convince with it the landlord from me? The answer is simple: volunteering shows commitment, reliability and initiative. This can also be transferred to other areas of life, e.g. the punctual payment of the rent or the careful handling of third-party property. Especially when there are many applicants for an apartment who all have good references, such a detail can make the difference. It is not for nothing that volunteer job applicants are preferred in some professions.

Don’t trade on the rental deposit

Applicants who negotiate the amount of the rent deposit are not welcome at home owners. If the deposit is too high, you may get the impression that you are not solvent. At this point, it should be borne in mind that the rental deposit represents an essential security for the owner of a rental property, which he can hardly do without. However, questions about the amount of the deposit and the form in which it can be presented are legitimate. Many apartment rental companies now accept a rent deposit guarantee instead of a cash deposit. Important: Only clarify these details when the promise for the apartment has been received.

Show determination

When the tour of the apartment is over, the landlord will choose one of the applicants. Which criteria he uses (finance, sympathy, order of applicants) remains his secret. The only thing you can do now – if it is your dream apartment – is to stay tuned and to express your interest again and again. So don’t wait for him to answer you on his own, but pick up the scepter or the handset.

Put yourself in the landlord’s house

If you want to be shortlisted, you should try to put yourself in the position of a landlord. The best question to ask is: What does a landlord actually want?? Ultimately, the person (s) who most likely meet the criteria will be awarded the contract.

  • timely payment of rent
  • careful handling of third-party property
  • Tenants should fit into the environment
11 thoughts on “Convincing landlords: 10 tips for visiting the apartment”

I rent apartments in the bacon belt of Munich myself. If someone puts an apartment in at Immoscout, you have a hundred or more inquiries within a day. Among them are dozens with a perfect application portfolio. But somehow you have to make a decision. Therefore, it is very important to stand out from the others. Do you have an honorary post? Then put it in the cover letter. With the volunteer fire department? In with it. That impresses the landlord. At my last rental, a woman wrote that she was going to bake me a chocolate cake -> Tenant found.

Thank you for your tips, we have gladly published.


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