Cape Coral tolls over the bridges you have to pay

Cape Coral tolls for bridges

Who drives from Cape Coral to Fort Myers must pay a toll

Tolls in Cape Coral

If you want to go to Cape Coral from Fort Myers with the rental car then fall tolls. One must inevitably over the Cape Coral Bridge or the Midpoint Bridge drive. These are very long bridges where you have a great view on the crossing Caloosahatchee River Has. However, this is one chargeable bridge ( Great bridge ) where you have to pay a fee for the crossing. Surely you can imagine that the construction of such a bridge has cost a lot of money. The maintenance of the bridge is financed by tolls.

Payment of the toll

If you go with the rental car on the bridge then come first different ways how to drive through there. For tourists who are there for the first time it is best that you have a little cash in the car and then paid the employee who is in a shelter. There you have to “Attended Lanes Change Receipts“Drive through and stop briefly. You give the employee two dollars for the crossing and then you can drive through. It is important to know that this amount is the same for the return trip to Fort Myers and you do not have to pay anything anymore. In the past there was also a paying agency which was abolished in the meantime. So you pay for the return trip and you can then go through without waiting.

Sun Pass

In no case you can pass without paying through the toll booth because otherwise you have to pay a high fine. There are cameras everywhere and the whole area is strictly monitored. It should be no problem for the staff there to read the license plate from the rental car. Anyone who has vacationed frequently in Cape Coral can buy a Sun Pass where the amount for the passage is deducted automatically. If necessary, you can then recharge this card so you can drive through again.

In Florida, there are many toll roads and bridges where you have to pay tolls. The process is always the same and there are two ways to get in immediately Cash can pay or over the SunPass. Many car rental companies offer the tourist but also to the one there simply durchfährt and the amount is then simply debited from the credit card company which is very convenient. If you have a Sun Pass then you can be in Cape Coral at the sign saying “Only Sunpass“Drive through. Then the amount is simply deducted. If you do not have such a passport you can not drive there and you have to drive to the sign “Attended Lanes Change Receipts”. Before you should ask the car rental provider if the car has a Sun Pass or not. After all, you do not want to get into trouble with the law on your Florida vacation.

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