Cape coral attractions to see and top 10

Cape Coral attractions

For tourists and visitors of the city there are numerous Cape Coral attractions

There are a few Cape Coral attractions which one can look at as a tourist. But in no time you can reach beautiful dream islands and even more sights from there. The location of Cape Coral is excellent and a favorite destination of many tourists from Germany. You should therefore have a rental car. In the US, you are practically in a fix without a car.

Cape Coral attractions

Certainly the most famous Cape Coral attractions are the beautiful marinas. You will not find better in southwest Florida. You can sit down at a bar there and round off the day. It is especially nice to enjoy the sunset from there. You just drive to the Cape Coral Pier and then you will be thrilled. At weekends there are often weddings. But there is much more to discover in the city. Here is just a list of what you should look at and Cape Coral vacation not miss. We recommend tourists a combination of sightseeing and beach vacation. Thus, you have seen both and the recovery has not come too short.

Cape Harbor

Be sure to check out the beautiful Cape Harbor Yacht Community in Cape Coral. This is located in the south of Cape Coral and is highly recommended if you want to go shopping in the evening. Just stroll past the marina and look at the luxury yachts. Then you look at the many shops or visit one of the numerous restaurants such as the Rumrunners one of the best restaurants in Cape Coral. Many wealthy people have built huge luxury villas around Cape Harbor, making it the most expensive area in Cape Coral.

Tarpon Point Marina

Nearby is another beautiful marina called Tarpon Point Marina. There is a beautiful marina, restaurants and many shops. The complex also includes The Resort at Marina Village, where you can spend the night in Cape Coral. There is also a nice bar where you can get good cocktails. At the weekend, there is always more going on than during the week. This marina is certainly one of the most beautiful Cape Coral attractions.

The beach in Cape Coral

The beach in Cape Coral is a bit small but beautiful and you should look at this. There is a pier where you can walk out and from there you can watch unforgettable sunsets. For golfers Cape Coral is of course a paradise because you have only a few minutes to the next golf course. If you are looking for a wider beach then you should drive to Fort Myers.

Pine Island

The subtropical island of Pine Island should definitely be looked at as many citrus orchards and palm trees are grown here. One drives kilometerwise past these plantations and to the south is St. James CIty and in the north Bokeelia. In both cities there are very good restaurants where you can eat something. You can reach Pine Island via Pine Island Road passing Matlacha.

Sanibel Island and Captiva Island

The chargeable Sanibel Causeway provides access to the natural islands of Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. They are beautiful tropical islands with the best beaches and sunsets. There is a lot of nature here and you can also watch wild raccoons if you’re lucky. On the islands there are also some hotels and good restaurants. Golfers will also get their money‘s worth here. A very nice beach is Bowmans Beach.

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

The most famous and famous attraction of Fort Myers is the Edison & Ford Winter Estates. From Cape Coral you can reach the Museum with Botanical Garden in a few minutes. The museum used to be the winter residence of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, and Henry Ford, who founded the well-known car brand. A visit is very interesting and reminds of the earlier time.

Fort Myers Beach

The most famous beach in southwest Florida is located in Fort Myers Beach. Here you can go swimming or go for a walk on the beach. You should definitely visit the Fort Myers Pier where you can run out. At Fort Myers Beach there are many restaurants, hotels and shops where you can buy souvenirs. When parking you should always make sure that you pay something, otherwise you will be towed.

Shell Factory & Nature Park

Tourists interested in shellfish should visit the Shell Factory & Visit Nature Park. There is the world’s largest collection of exotic shells. There are more than five million shells in the Shell Factory. There is also a botanical garden and for the children a playground with driving opportunities. Of course you can also buy shells in the Shell Factory.

Cape Coral Pier

The pier in Cape Coral you should absolutely look at the certainly one of the most beautiful in Florida heard where you can run out very far. There you can make great vacation photos of the Cape Coral holiday and best you drive there with the car. Head south down the Coronado Parkway and then east to the Lucerne Parkway and the destination is the Driftwood Parkway. There are also plenty of parking spaces where you can park the car. But you should always pay attention where you park your rental car before you tow this.

Cape Coral Yacht Club

There is also the City of Cape Coral Yacht Club where events always take place and tourists like to watch as this is very interesting when, for example, a wedding is. From there you can also reach the beach of Cape Coral which is very nice but a bit smaller than other cities. There are many benches where you can sit down and also have the opportunity to barbecue. It is very nice if you grill at sunset with friends. There you will find impressive Cape Coral sights and you do not need to leave the city. It’s certainly a paradise in sunny Florida.

Bars right on the beach

A small beach bar is also nearby where you can eat and drink if you do not have it. Then most tourists go on and look at the pier. Especially in the evening a visit is highly recommended as many locals go fishing there and take them apart right on the pier. If you have never seen this before, this is certainly interesting. The sunset in Cape Coral should not be missed because this is one of the most beautiful places in the southwest of Florida. Especially for newly in love couples this is a very special place in Cape Coral. Nearby many Germans own luxury holiday homes where you can dream of it. Namely, Cape Coral is one of the most popular destinations of German tourists in the southwest of Florida.

Sun Splash Family Waterpark

If you feel like visiting a water park then the Sun Splash Familiy Waterpark is the place for you. There are 14 different attractions of pools and slides. It will certainly make the children a great pleasure. Maybe you have rented a holiday home that does not have a private pool. You do not necessarily need to go to Orlando to visit a water park. So there are many Cape Coral attractions to see.

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