Pool cleaning in a cottage in cape coral florida

pool cleaning

The pools in Cape Coral are cleaned regularly

Most of the holiday homes in Cape Coral have a pool and so is the pool cleaning always very important. What you have to consider as a tenant of a villa there we have put together once. Especially the children love to splash around in the water. You have a lot of privacy and can loosely spend the whole day at the pool deck. Therefore, many families decide to go on holiday in Cape Coral.

Who cleans the pool

In no case you may clean the pool itself with funds that are poured into the water. If you moved into the house then usually comes on the next day the property management and explains to the tenants what to pay attention to everything. This also includes important information about the pool. It will be communicated when the pool is cleaned. In most cases, the property management has commissioned an external provider with the pool cleaning. There are a lot of companies in Cape Coral that specialize in it. These usually come on the same day. That is, if the pool was cleaned on Wednesday, for example, then the staff of the pool cleaning again on this day. However, it may be that some pools are cleaned every week and some only every two weeks. This should definitely ask the property management how exactly it works.

You can go back in after the pool cleaning

The kids often can not wait to jump back into the pool. But if just the pool cleaning has taken place then the staff usually still chlorine and other chemicals in the pool so that the water stays fresh. When the employee is ready then he will turn on the pool pump so that the water can circulate. This mixes the chemicals better and faster with the water. But this can take a while and you usually have to wait at least an hour or two to get back to the pool. You should therefore ask the employee how long you have to wait. He can say that very well.

chlorine allergy

However, then the most beautiful pool in Cape Coral does not do any good if you go from the water chlorine allergy gets. There are providers who pour a little more into the water than necessary and others abide by the regulations. If you have a sensitive skin then you can get an allergy from it. Most of the time it is a rash which then gets better again if you do not go into the water. You should also inform the pool cleaning if you can get an allergy from the funds used.

May you clean the pool yourself

As already mentioned you can not clean the pool yourself. For this, the property management company always hires an external company. But if in the pool, for example, grass is just when the lawn was mowed fresh then you can of course clean it yourself with a fishing rod. Mostly in the pool area there is a door where this is available. If this is not the case then you have to wait until the pool cleaning comes back. Or you can also call the property management and tell the pool is dirty.

Access to the cage is not lockable

The outdoor area of ​​the house where the terrace is located with pool is usually provided with a cage. This is a large mosquito net so that the inhabitants are protected from mosquitoes. There is then a door where the pool cleaning has access. That means if you are not in the house as a tenant then this must have access to the pool even if you are not there. Otherwise, this would have to come back again. This is not the case, there is a door that can not be completed. In principle, everyone has access to the area of ​​the pool. That is why it is always important to keep all the doors of the holiday home closed when leaving the house.

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