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From the pacifier until the first time: Your child has a long development before reaching adulthood. Nevertheless, time often flies by, just as your child is still crawling through the corridor, now it brings the first friend home. Here you will find everything you need to know to promote and develop the child: from toddlerhood to puberty.

Your child is getting older: different stages of development

The development of the child can be roughly divided into five different stages of development. After the time as a baby, the child is referred to as a toddler. An infant is said to be from the age of three to six years old. This partly overlaps with the time the child spends in kindergarten. Then the children are elementary school age and are also referred to as school children. The development of the child is terminated by puberty. Now your child is no longer a child, but a teenager who soon becomes an adult.

After all, every stage of development prepares the child for growing up and for an independent and self-determined life. The older the child becomes, the more independent it gets and the more it gets rid of its parents. Nevertheless, the close connection between child and parent always remains.

Development and promotion of the toddler

As a toddler your child wants to do everything alone and rediscover. By refining his motor skills, the toddler can now make the house unsafe and explore everything. This is a step to independence. When tying shoes or eating porridge, mom and dad should not help anymore, because their child is finally already big.

Toddler dependent on parents

Despite the first self-assertion and independence, the toddler is still very dependent on his parents. There is an emotional, social and physical dependence between child and parents. The toddler relies on the love and recognition of the parents. Parenting will shape the child throughout his life. According to psychology, the early childhood phase and parenting and parenting have a significant impact on our character formation and psyche.

Therefore, a toddler needs a lot of love, time and attention from his parents. It also collects its first social experiences with the parents. After all, they are the first people the toddler interacts with.

The toddler is not only dependent on the psychological level of the parents, but also on the existential. After all, the parents ensure the survival of the toddler. The parents feed and educate it.

Parents as a model for the toddler

In infancy, parents serve as role models. "You are always right." And the toddler wants to be like her later. Now that the child can consciously distinguish between past, present and future and can talk about it, it is already forging plans for the future. Here it is based on mom and dad, the great role models. It also mimics the lives of adults in his games, such as Playmobile, dollhouse or police officer. So the toddler is playing in games for the future.

Toddler reflects on life

The adventurousness of the toddler does not stop at the meaning of life. The child wants to talk about and understand dying, death, sexuality, love and faith. Parents should meet their child with openness and understanding. Child-friendly teaching of difficult topics can be found in books and films.

Sexual identity of the toddler

The development of the toddler also includes the discovery of sexual identity. Many parents are shocked or ashamed when they discover their toddler in so-called doctor games. In infancy, however, it is normal for children to discover their own gender and the sex characteristics of the opposite sex. Toddlers are now aware that they are a girl or a boy. So they recognize their sexual identity. It follows that they explore their bodies through masturbation and nudity.

Parents should not forbid this to their children, but enlighten them in moderation and take care that nothing is introduced in body orifices. Discovering the body is very important as toddlers begin to feel well and understand their body.

Language development and language development of the toddler

By visiting the kindergarten, the vocabulary of the toddler increases enormously. Unfortunately, the toddler here also takes first curse words, such as "crap", in his vocabulary. To forbid the child to do this leads to nothing. Sentences like "that’s a dirty word, and I do not want to hear such bad words in our house" are completely sufficient.

In order to further promote the linguistic development of the child, parents should speak with them in complete sentences and not repeat the children’s speech errors. Playful, through children’s songs or reading aloud, the language development of the toddler can be promoted.

Pacifier away

Speech defects, such as lisping, can often be traced back to the pacifier in infants. When they speak with the pacifier in the mouth, their pronunciation is very unclear. This indistinct pronunciation, the toddlers get used to often and use it even without pacifier in the mouth. You can save a visit to the speech therapist by an early weaning from the pacifier.

Help my child has a speech defect!

Should your child nevertheless have a noticeable language error, such as lisping or strong mumbling, a visit to the speech therapist is recommended. Many children lose their self-confidence due to their language error, do not dare to talk to others, or even get laughed at. If the speech error does not disappear despite your hints, a speech therapist can help out.

Proper pronunciation also helps children learn how to write and learn spelling.

Children in kindergarten

The kindergarten visit is an exciting new section for the toddler and his parents.

Educator as new caregiver

The parents are now not the only role model for the toddler, but also the educator or the educator. In addition, your child makes the first social contacts in kindergarten and extends his vocabulary. Speak in front of the kindergarten with the educator about what your child needs for the first visit to kindergarten and what belongs in the kindergarten backpack.

Pack kindergarten backpack

Packing the nursery backpack is very exciting for your child. Make sure that the nursery backpack is not too heavy and that the nursery backpack packs everything that the nursery teacher or nursery school teacher recommended. These include lunch box, drinking bottle, change clothes, mud pants and maybe even a small stuffed animal. Slippers can usually be stored in kindergarten.

Kindergarten changes toddler

Noise level increases

After the first days in the kindergarten, it suddenly gets loud in the house. Studies show that a day in kindergarten has the same effect on children as visiting a disco. They have to stand up to the other children, to speak out. S0 increases the volume level and take over the toddlers even at home. Just let your child down a bit, often noticing its volume.

craft alarm

Have you been successful in crafting so far? With the kindergarten time this is definitely over. In order to employ a large loud group of children, the teacher or the educator like to fall back on the crafting. If your child comes to kindergarten, you can be equipped with color pencils, colored paper, scissors, glue and other crafting utensils.

No worries, for parents without creative vein there are simple crafting instructions and craft ideas on the Internet. And for the child anyway, the most important thing is that you both have fun.

Primary school children

The next stage in your child’s development is elementary school. The enrollment is associated with a lot of excitement and anxiety. After all, elementary school is very different from kindergarten.

Social development of primary school children

In elementary school, the children learn to act in a group, abide by rules and resolve conflicts peacefully. As a result, they gain independence and self-confidence. For the first time, the children also have to prove their achievements and abilities in front of others.

Detachment from the parents

In elementary school, children’s friends become more important. Although parents are still the most important people in the child’s life, parents are often embarrassed by their peers. Primary school children develop their own opinions, often against their parents. This is how the children gain independence.

Children in puberty

Girl in puberty

From the fourth grade onwards, the taste of many children is so much developed that they choose their own clothes. By the end of the fourth grade, girls’ bodies begin to develop, turning from child to teenager: puberty begins. Her breasts are growing, they are getting interested in boys, alcohol, make-up and sexuality and, above all, the parents are written off at puberty.

Boys in puberty

In boys, puberty often starts later than girls. It manifests itself through the voice break and the growth of the male sex organs, as well as the pubic hair. Boys, often more often than girls in puberty, think about their sexuality and sex for the first time. This is because they are often insecure and afraid to do something wrong with sex.

Parents in puberty

Adolescent children develop their own identity during puberty and try to find out who they are. Parents are often embarrassed and adolescents are distancing themselves from them at puberty to develop something of their own. If daughters bring their first friend home or parents find a condom in boys, they would like to talk about it.

Education about sexuality in puberty

It is important that parents educate their children during puberty. Enlightenment should not be embarrassing, but be characterized by openness and the opportunity to ask questions. If a conversation about education with your child is impossible, you can make an appointment with a gynecologist. It is very important that adolescent girls and adolescents are educated about contraception. You should not forbid them their sexuality and first sexual experiences, but educate them about contraception and have an open ear for adolescents at puberty.

Alcohol and drugs during puberty

Many children gain their first experiences with alcohol during puberty and unfortunately also with drugs. Talk to your kids about drinking alcohol. Here, however, parents need to know for themselves how much alcohol and from when they allow it. Remember as parents perhaps your puberty and youth, and how then your consumption of alcohol was. Young people often drink to test their limits and get to know each other. If you are attending a party or meeting friends, parents can ask if there is alcohol.

But you should forbid drugs to your children during puberty. Drugs harm the development of adolescents and have a negative impact on adolescent growth in puberty.

Make-up and mascara: Teenagers make-up

"You can not go out of the house like that!", Many parents call their makeup-bathed daughters in puberty in the morning. Most girls begin to make-up during puberty. This is partly because they like to look older and grown-up.

Another reason is that girls are very insecure during puberty. They have to first arangieren with the new physical changes and often feel uncomfortable in their body. Through the make-up they look prettier and that makes the girls appear more self-confident in puberty.

Teenagers experiment with their appearance

In addition, teenagers like to experiment with themselves during puberty. They dye their hair, wear eye-catching clothes or become emos, punks or goths. This is because the children are in the puberty in search of their identity and develop their own personality. Experiments with make-up, clothes and hair help them to find the right way.

As a parent you should not worry about it. The pink hair, the layer make-up or the fishnet tights are usually embarrassing for the adolescent in a few years.

Acne causes insecurity during puberty

Many teenagers struggle with pimples and acne during puberty. As your adolescents feel attacked very quickly anyway, pimples cause insecurity and inferiority complexes. The young people feel ugly and that makes for an unsafe appearance.

What should parents do with acne in their children?

As a parent you can help by making jokes about the bad skin. The teething of the teens may be fun for you, but a quarrel with your kids in puberty leads to conflict and hurt. The best thing you do not point out the adolescents on their acne, the teenager notice any new pimples on the next look in the mirror anyway.

Instead, you can buy or recommend toner and cleanser to your children. If your children are struggling with very severe acne, a visit to the dermatologist can also help. If the skin is very bad, the health insurance also pays special care products.

Children in puberty sweat stronger

Teenagers sweat more during puberty than before. At the beginning of puberty, point out that now they have to shower more often than as a child. You can also buy Deo together with your children during puberty. So you protect the youngsters from bullying or embarrassing comments in the school.

However, taboo are jokes or sarcastic comments about the sweat of your children. At puberty, your children are very sensitive and quickly injured.

Consistent rules instead of education

In addition, the parents should know that now the actual education is over. The children have to try themselves in puberty and need consistent rules and no more educational measures. Rules and limits can best be reconciled with adolescents at puberty by making it clear to your children that if you want to be treated like an adult, treat your parent as a grown-up, with respect.

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