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Hearing aids compared (FA.Geers and FA.Kind)

You can hear and read a lot about hearing aids on radio and television. One needs you, the other doesn’t. I once asked myself how good the hearing aids are, because you can see a lot on television from the Kind company and from the Geers company, with the sayings you can hear better for free and what other sayings there are.

Since I also have the problem of not hearing particularly well in one ear, I thought to myself, well then give it a try. No sooner said than done, I signed up for a Geers article using the online form as PROBANT to test such a hearing aid. Shortly after the registration I got a call from Geers, who made an appointment with me for the branch in Völklingen, by the way, at that time the only Geers store in Saarland.

On that day, I went to Völklingen. Getting a parking space there was an ordeal, since the main street in front of the shop is almost impossible. The parking garage was so crowded at the time.

When I got to the shop, I was greeted very politely by an employee and after a short conversation I started. Hearing test with words, on both ears in succession at different volumes. I should then repeat the words, which was sometimes very difficult, since my hearing was worse than I thought.

Then I got a tone on both ears, at which the volume was set a little more and more, until the point when it made me uncomfortable, which was the maximum gain for my test devices.

After all tests, the ear was then sprayed out with a compound so that the earmold that comes into the ear to transmit the sounds could be made in the ear. So everything was ready and I had to wait about 1 week until the device was there. I immediately ordered a device to try it out that was not the normal cash register device, since this was recommended to me, of course I also wanted to try the cash register device in order to be able to compare it, but this was no longer possible due to health reasons on my part.

I then picked up this device at the branch in Völklingen. There the hearing aid was adjusted to my needs and I was able to test it for several weeks. I was very happy with the device. It has brought my hearing back almost 100%. You will not achieve 100%, but the success has been very good, said the employees of the Geers company, which incidentally advised me very well in everything. Here is a picture of the hearing aid.

As a comparison for the size, I once put a 2 euro piece between the hearing aids.

Now continue with the Firm Kind hearing aids.

I also made an appointment there. I made this out by phone with the employee in the branch in Ottweiler. The branch is not far from where I live and was therefore ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I CHOOSE THE CHILD IN THE END EFFECT BUT NOT ONLY.

All of the tests were also carried out there as described above. There, too, the earmolds were specially made for my ear canal and I also had to wait about 1 week there. There I tried the cash register frame first and I have to say, the difference from the cash register frame, in which the insured person has no costs compared to the better model from the Geers company, was frightening.

The sound of the cash register frame is very muffled, but according to the employees you can adjust it a little. For television, the cash register frame is not necessarily suitable, since at least I didn’t get the right volume in my case, but I think that is individually different. In any case, first test the till frame before deciding on something else.

In the end, I also decided there for the variant that has to be paid for, which I also tested at Geers. Now you have to honestly say that both models, that of the company Geers and that of the company Kind are in no way inferior. Both models are equivalent. A picture of this model too.

The difference, which was decisive for me again, was the earmold piece, as I call it, it is correctly called otoplastic. The lower one from the Kind company still leaves air in the inside of the ear, which is very important for me, since I sweat very hard on the ear. That of the Geers company had covered the entire ear interior. From my point of view again a plus for child hearing aids.

But now the most important thing, the prices for the devices. I am writing the regular prices here (I would have saved a few euros for the Geers company because a campaign was currently running) to compare the difference. Because as already written, the hearing aids are BOTH EQUAL.

Geers own contribution Hearing aid itself 1,850.50 1,240.50 per ear

Otoplasty (earmold piece) 133.50 100.00 per ear

Flat rate for repair costs 120.00 00.00 per ear

Protection letter security 299.00 for 5 years PER EAR

13 pack batteries a. 6 pieces 71.00 71.00

Clean and Dry Box (to remove moisture) 59.00 59,00

Child own contribution

Hearing aid itself 1,325.00 675.00 per ear

Otoplasty (earmold piece) 33.50 00.00 per ear

Flat rate for repair costs 120.00 00.00 per ear

Protection letter security 75.00 for 5 years PRO OHR

13 pack batteries a. 6 pieces at Kind hearing aids for batteries and

Clean and Dry Box (to remove the moisture) cleaning box together 81.00

As the insured, you have to bear the 81 euros for the cleaning set and the 150 euros for the 5-year insurance, but that should be worth it to me.

At the Geers company I got 200 euros on the hearing aid discount, 200 euros on the protective letter discount, and 30 euros discount on the batteries, so I AN OWN SHARE HAS TO BE PAID OF FULLS 2,979.00 Euros. A bit violent for me, since I’m unfortunately early retiree. I could have financed these 2,979.00 euros in 12 monthly installments, which was also not possible for me.

I pay at Kind without discount 1,446 euros for both devices.

For the price of 428.00 euros I bought a TV set and a telephone set that I can connect to the television, connect to my home phone and so I have the sound in my ear straight away through the hearing aid. Likewise, I can also connect the remote control for these two devices to my cell phone via Bluetooth and thus have the phone in my ear even while driving and do not need any more hands-free equipment for the car. With the additional devices, I just paid 1,874 euros, and can pay in up to 36 monthly installments, Of course, a certain percentage of interest is added, which is also interest-free at Geers but only 12 months. At 12 months, I don’t pay interest at Kind.

I hope that I can help some who may need a hearing aid. In this sense. I have TWO CHILDREN IN THE EAR.

2 thoughts on “Hearing aids in comparison (FA.Geers and FA.Kind)”

I have an offer for 3294.40 € of the same devices from Fielmann 1480.00 €
and get the batteries for 1 year free from Fielmann.

Good day,
this is a very informative article.
I have often thought about this topic.
It is difficult to find differentiated information about it online.
This will help me a lot in my research on this subject. However, I have heard that pre-qualification of hearing acoustics plays an important role before you buy such a device.
Thank you.

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