Why I want to lie more often – I live green!

Why I want to lie more often

I’m a bad singer and I can play an instrument just like a bloody beginner. How many times did I have doubts in my school days while lecturing to my class. Did I close my pants? Do I speak loud enough? Do you perhaps see how excited I am? Am I going to blush? There are thousands of situations that not only make me unsure. Many people have doubts about themselves. Above all, these are situations that are new and uncomfortable to one. An exciting and effective way to help yourself is optimistic self-assessment. In other words, the self-lie. Who am I, what can I do? I know optimists who see everything pink and flaky. I wonder if they ever have negative thoughts. Everything seems so easy. I also know very well chronic pessimists. They are mostly depressed, tend to horror scenarios and constantly wondering what if. I notice that optimists are better at managing their lives. They are happier and happier overall. Should I pretend to be something more often? That sounds kinda stupid. Lying is again such a negative word. In addition to the optimistic self-assessment, there is also the fine painting. No matter what you call the thing, it helps a lot in getting ahead. Let’s say I want to sing better now. Until now I thought that I just can not sing. But what if I’m not that bad? Maybe I’m singing well? Maybe I could even be one of the best singers if I practice a little? After all, there are only a few natural talents in the world, and most work hard for their performance. Do you notice something? Already I’m going to make my singing beautiful. And that is not so wrong. In fact, I feel more motivated to start singing – even though I did not really want it. :-)

This optimism makes me see things in a tantalizing light. You become more motivated, more confident and get more inner power to tackle difficult things. And somehow you feel better than you really are. I suppose such a support can be an advantage in important situations. We constantly hear: "Be honest to yourself!". But is that really good? Are not we too hard on ourselves then? So many tend to be more critical and in doing so we break down so many bridges. A little lie here and there will not hurt if you handle it carefully. Our imagination is so strong that not only does it improve our abilities, but it can also heal us. I have already written this in my article on the thyroid and self-healing power. Of course, a permanent self-lying is not an advantage. But there are situations that MUST be seen in a better light to take the plunge into the cold water.

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