Find a babysitter: get to know the 4 possibilities

Find a babysitter: Get to know the 4 possibilities

You would like to find a babysitter to be able to leave the house without the offspring? If grandma and grandpa do not have time themselves, you have to hire someone else. Usually for a certain fee. Free babysitters will only be found in families and friends.

But where do you start the search to find a good babysitter? There are different ways to do this. With our tips for finding babysitters, you will learn the modern ways of child care.

Find Babysitter: Our 4 Tips

After detailed research, we found 4 concrete ways to find a good babysitter. Please take some time to get to know these tips.

Babysitter find in classifieds

Teenagers, housewives and others are looking for a small additional income. Also, you will always meet in the classifieds on childminders, which still have capacity available. It is important to always get to know the background of this person. If you need to find a babysitter on the fly, this option will be out of favor for you.

Because with a clear conscience, you should carefully examine who is here for a few hours to take care of your offspring. Visit the local conditions or invite the potential babysitter to your home. Ask as many questions as possible. Especially how many times already worked as a babysitter. If you want to be a babysitter for young people, you should also get to know the parents.

In the end, this does not give you an absolute guarantee, but without a good gut feeling, you should not hire a babysitter.

In consultation with the kindergarten

There is also a chance for the nearby KiTa or kindergarten to look after your baby. Of course only within the normal opening hours. Ideally, your child has been going to this facility regularly for quite some time. Then you should just talk to the management if an exception can be settled. Because usually fixed hours are agreed.

Maybe you will find a compromise. For example. Oma looks after your baby in the morning and after the afternoon nap it goes into the KiTa. Which in turn gives you many hours to realize your upcoming appointments.

tip: You could also make a notice in the daycare. Perhaps you will find familiar parents who could occasionally look after your child.

Find babysitter online

Can a babysitter be found online? At least many parents are looking for it. There is a chance to get professional service. It depends on your place of residence. Frequently, such online babysitters have a proven contact network. It does not matter if you live in Cologne, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg or Munich. As long as you can find a babysitter who is not close to you, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

If you want to try such a babysitter service, please visit the following pages:

Find babysitters via app

If we are already on the internet at the babysitter, we must not forget the apps. There are some mobile applications that also rely on contact networks. Adolescents and adults can apply for babysitting and parents can choose one. During our research, we were recommended several times the Babysits app. These are available for iOS devices and Android. We have not been able to test them ourselves yet. Therefore, let your care take some time. Often the babysitters have already been booked and rated.

Find Frequently Asked Questions about Babysitting:

Where can I find a babysitter for free?

Teenagers want to improve their pocket money and professional caregivers calculate their set hourly rate. They only have the chance that grandma, grandfather, aunt or uncle can come to the rescue. The advantage is that your baby is already familiar with this person. If you offer yourself as a completely free, but strange babysitter, maybe not serious. Please do not act hastily, even if it should be urgent!

How to introduce a babysitter?

It is advisable to find a babysitter to take care of the child at home. Show all important routines to introduce the babysitter. Through its familiar spaces and procedures, your baby can build confidence in the babysitter faster. For familiarization you should invite the babysitter once or twice before the actual work begins. He or she will just join in and learn how everything works for you while you’re helping. At the same time your baby wins his affection for babysitting. And if nothing, then just the chemistry is not right.

Very important: Show the babysitter important aids such as the baby monitor, the nasal aspirator and your stock of diapers and wet wipes.

What do you pay a babysitter?

Here are the ideas far apart. With young people can negotiate an appropriate pocket money. Anyone who practices professional babysitting will usually suggest their fixed hourly rate. The question: “What is the cost of a babysitter”, can not be answered flat rate. But in the end, you have to be prepared to pay good money for the right quality.

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