The best air sofa 2019 – can the summer come?

The best air sofa 2019 - can the summer come?

The Best Air Sofa 2019 – May the summer come?

Recently at the Baggersee: “Where is the air pump? I want to inflate the air mat! “

Now only a quarter of an hour of weight training is announced. Yes, I’m already warm.

Then I look over and see how our friend is waving around with a huge bag.

And wupp, the hose inflates and he falls five seconds later on his air sofa.

Chilling on the LayBag is the new trend – but before I buy my own airy beanbag, the quality in the air-sofa comparison is checked!

Best Air Sofa – Fatboy Lamzac
(see at Amazon)

Affordable Air Sofa – iRegro Inflatable Sofa
(see at Amazon)

The best air sofa

1. Recommendation Fatboy Lamzac Original Outdoor Air Sofa

  • Original from authorized dealers
  • tear-resistant ripstop nylon
  • water and dirt repellent
  • with carrying bag
  • Size: 200 x 40 x 90 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Pack size: approx. 35 x 18cm Ø
  • Load capacity: max. 200 kg
  • Price: EUR 74.50

The Dutch have always been known for their ingenuity when it comes to mobility and space utilization. So it is no wonder that the young designer Marijn Oomen revolutionized leisure time in 2010 with his patented Lamzac air sofa.

The design

Carefully crafted ripstop nylon in a wide range of colors characterizes the Fatboy Lamzac the Original Outdoor Air Sofa with high quality. Abrasive surfaces such as sand, rocks and concrete do not bother the sturdy material. It is not intended as a swimming aid, but that does not detract from the fun in the pool or swimming lake.

Two meters total length at 90 cm width corresponds to the space of a single bed. Used as a sofa, three people can settle comfortably on it, since a load of up to 200 kg is possible.

The lying comfort

The 1.2 kg lightweight air sofa can be carried on a 35 x 18 cm bundled in the appropriate transport bag on the back and set up on excursions, on vacation, at festivals or even in the lunch break in the park in seconds.

On long evenings or overnight, you probably will not need to top up the air as tests have proven to be tight for at least five hours. Since the extremely comfortable Fatboy Lamzac air sofa has been around, bulky and uncomfortable sleeping pads have finally become obsolete.


+ holds the air for a long time
+ ideal for backpackers
+ stable processing


– no machine wash
– Person sinks deeply
– expensive

2. Cheap – iRegro inflatable sofa

  • Original product
  • Rectangular headrest
  • Polyester 210T fabric
  • with transport bag
  • Dimensions filled: L 200 x W 76 cm x H 47 cm
  • Pack size: 34 x 18 x 14 cm
  • Load capacity: 200 kg
  • Water pressure: 5000
  • Weight: 880 g
  • Price:

iRegro expressly refers to its original product, from which you can conclude that identical air sofas from other manufacturers are on offer. The advantage here is the 3-month quality guarantee, which ensures high durability and longevity.

The design

Larger and well-built contemporaries will find enough space on the two-meter-long and almost 80 cm wide inflatable iRegro sofa to really make it last. The load capacity is 200 kilos, which can accommodate two to three people on the air sofa.

The lightweight can be easily transported in his backpack bag. There is also a detailed V >

The lying comfort

Outstanding is the integrated head wedge with neck support, which allows a relaxed lying position when reading and sunbathing.

The iRegro air sofa is made of 210T polyester with a 0.15 mm thick breathable and waterproof TPU coating. At high and low temperatures, the seams taped in the special process keep the air in the sofa for a long time, but before that, filling the relatively stiff material is a bit difficult for users without practice.


+ suitable for tall people
+ light
+ very convenient


– difficult to inflate
– loses air in heavy people

3. LayBag ™ Rocca – The Original

  • four color combos
  • Bag can be used as a pillow
  • Material: ripstop nylon
  • Dimensions: 90 x 70 x 60 cm
  • Pack size: 30 x 20 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Price: EUR 79.95

In most cases you want to sit comfortably to talk and have a drink. The mobile Rocca air chair, a young product from German development, offers maximum comfort.

The brand name “LayBag”, a sleeping bag, has since become a byword for this entire innovative product group, just as every tissue is a “tempo”.

The design

With the LayBag ™ – The Original, Rocca launches an improved version of the first-ever “LayBag Classic” in four flashy color combinations – an eye-catcher in its own right! Compared to its predecessor, the new Rocca can be built even faster and easier.

The seams of the 998 g light Rocca keep a maximum load of 150 kg. Tear-resistant ripstop nylon, which is also used for parachutes or kites, forms the upper of the Rocca Original Air Sofa.

According to the manufacturer, the air sofa consists of stony ground, water or snow, which promises longevity and comprehensive leisure time fun.

The lying comfort

The carrying backpack is designed to be used as a supportive pillow: an extra that many competitors lack.

A side-mounted pouch allows you to store EDCs like your cell phone and sunglasses. The ergonomically optimized “Urban Evolution” is the one-person alternative, from which you can get up much easier than from a deep air sofa.


+ robust and odorless
+ more comfortable than chairs and blankets
+ good workmanship


– inferior fakes in circulation
– Cushion attachment breaks off

4. ChillMoe air sofa Air Lounger beanbag

  • 3 colors
  • compact carrying bag
  • Ripstop nylon
  • Load max. 210 kg
  • Pack size: 35 x 25 x 12 cm
  • Size: 200 x 75 x 60 cm
  • Weight: 898 g
  • Price:

Anyone who chooses to sit on the ChillMoe air sofa wants to never get up again. Even in the garden it runs pool chairs or Hollywood swings the rank, because the durable material also absorbs chlorinated water and UV radiation without prejudice.

The design

The ChillMoe Outdoor Air Sofa Air Lounge Beanbag is currently available in green, yellow and blue. On the transport bag and the sofa side emblazoned the big brand logo, the gorilla.

Like any high-quality inflatable couch, the outer skin is made of durable but very light ripstop nylon instead of polyester. A coating makes the material water and dirt repellent.

The lying comfort

They lie very relaxed between the two ergonomically shaped air chambers with the dimensions 200 x 75 x 60 cm. Since the load capacity according to the manufacturer is up to 210 kg, several people can sit on it at the same time.

The comfortable Chillmoe Air Lounger has a large side pocket where you can stow your gear – even a bottle opener is integrated. The manufacturer is so confident in its product that customers receive a satisfaction guarantee that includes exchange or refund.


+ floatable
+ with satisfaction guarantee
+ big side pockets


5. Icefox Air Lounger

  • comfortable and durable
  • waterproof and transportable
  • for outdoor and indoor use
  • 12 months warranty
  • Price: Currently not available

If you are tormenting the mosquitoes at night, simply fill the icefox airbag lounger and sleep on the balcony. The simple and fast handling meets the spontaneous need for rest as best as possible, whether at home, at the long fishing weekend or while traveling.

The design

The icefox Air Lounger, Waterproof Inflatable Air Sofa with Carrying Bag weighs only 750 g, thanks to 210t polyester upper. The material holds according to the manufacturer 5000 mm water column, which makes it waterproof and thus buoyant.

Firm ground should first be checked for sharp stones or similar objects, as polyester is less stable than ripstop nylon. The pack size 34 x 18 x 14 cm is comparatively small.

The lying comfort

The spacious lying area measures 200 x 76 cm at a height of 47 cm and can be loaded with a maximum of 200 kg. The headpiece shaped like a cervical collar keeps your head from falling sideways while sleeping and increases the reclining position so you can comfortably read, talk or watch TV.

The manufacturer grants a one-year warranty on the well-made air cushions and a 45-day return period with reimbursement of the purchase price. That a good air sofa does not necessarily have to be expensive, reveals the first place in the Amazon sales charts in the sports category & leisure.


+ well processed
+ with transport bag
+ inexpensive


– no floor attachment loops
– too thin for stony ground

Which chillbag convinces in the air sofa comparison?

A simple system conquers the world: For filling without aids, a nylon sack is swirled through the air several times, the openings are twisted together and there is already a feel-good oasis, whose sleeping comfort puts each folding bed or mattress in the shade.

Best Air Sofa – Fatboy Lamzac
(see at Amazon)

Affordable Air Sofa – iRegro Inflatable Sofa
(see at Amazon)

Of course, this innovative idea found many imitators and so many newcomers try the former top dogs to run out of rank. And yet the old master can still assert himself.

The deserved winner in this comparison, in my opinion, is the Fatboy Lamzac Original Outdoor Air Sofa, as it has the longest experience and sophisticated quality in every respect.

A cheap air sofa is the bestseller on various sales portals. The best Laybag alternative and price-conscious second choice as Fatboy Lamzac alternative is therefore the iRegro.

The chic air couch scores with comfortable reclining position by a molded headboard, the lightest weight and the manufacturer’s warranty.

The secret tip is not a direct airbed, but an inflatable bean bag: the LayBag ™ Rocca – The Original is the ideal mobile seat with extra cushions that attracts attention in fresh color combinations.

Buy an air sofa – 5 purchase criteria

Air couch, couch bag, Laybag: Many names describe the current summer trend. Such an inflatable lounger brings many advantages, but as with all other products, there are also serious quality differences.

In order to enjoy your outdoor couch for a long time, you should pay attention to these points before you buy:

1. The material

A high-quality laysack has a ripstop nylon outer skin and a thin plastic inner layer to better hold the air and also defy a borderline air sofa test. This tear-resistant, ultra-light fabric is used in many outdoor areas where special loads occur: in paraglider umbrellas, in tents, even in down sleeping bags.

Polyester is far from being so durable, which is also noticeable in lower durability compared to ripstop nylon.

2. The weight

Models made of ripstop nylon usually weigh 1000 to 1200 grams and are transported in a suitable bag. Polyester and PVC-polyester materials weigh heavier, which is already noticeable in backpackers.

3. How big is the lying surface?

Whether you are rather small or have grown extra large, is rather unimportant in a Laysack. The lying comfort is always maximum, even if the feet should overhang.

The dimensions of the lying surface are generally in the length between 200 cm and 240 cm, the width varies between 40 cm and 100 cm and the height is 70 cm to 90 cm.

4. How resilient is an airbag?

The maximum load capacity specified by the manufacturer is usually 200 kg or 210 kg, which corresponds approximately to the body weight of three adult persons. If these values ​​are smaller, this is an indication of not so densely processed seams.

Airbeds usually have greater capacity.

5. The equipment

Some models have practical side pockets, integrated cushions or ergonomically shaped neckrests.

Fill the aircouch

If you fly a kite as a child, you already know how the air gets into the Air Lounger. Nevertheless, we negotiate a brief guide to it.

  1. Take the air sofa out of the bag and spread it out smoothly
  2. Pull the unfolded closure side horizontally against the wind through the air
  3. Do not touch the airbag while lying with your body
  4. Repeat the scooping a few times and quickly turn the access together
  5. Close the system

If you feel unstable and are worried about drowning, the air in the chambers is too much compressed. Then simply loosen one or two turns of the fastener system to make the lying surface softer.

Attention low-flying aircraft!

When getting up, remember to protect the air-couch from flying away: Some models have tabs that allow you to put a herring in the ground.

If a device is missing, pull a lanyard through the closure and look for a beach umbrella or a post to tie it up. If there is nothing useful around you, you can build an anchor with thick stones or sand in the carrying bag or weigh the aircouch with a sufficiently heavy object.


For a long time we have been waiting for the sparkling idea to intensively relax in the tight free time without many circumstances. The aircouch makes it possible! You can call it the new megatrend, because the application possibilities are almost unlimited.

Best Air Sofa – Fatboy Lamzac
(see at Amazon)

Affordable Air Sofa – iRegro Inflatable Sofa
(see at Amazon)

A sturdy branded product makes (except for cat owners) also paid in any case, because an original Laybag or a Lamzak is not even in a hard air sofa test or contact with an edgy stone from the air out.

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