The special feature of dr

The special feature of dr


Zell Oxygen® immune complex is a specially developed product for a healthy immune system (1). It is characterized by its unique formula of sele.

The active complex in children immune to boost immune response.

Colostrum Immun + folic acid Dr. Wolz is used to support health in times of overexertion and change of season.
It is therefore recommendable for su.

Darmflora plus select Dr.Wolz contains 8 selected probiotic cultures at a concentration of 48,000 million lactic acid bacteria per dail.

Darmflora plus® select intensiv Dr. med. Wolz contains 18 selected probiotic cultures at a concentration of 100 billion lactic acid bacteria by there.

Darmflora plus® Dr. Wolz contains 4 probiotic cultures per day in a concentration of 24,000 million lactic acid bacteria.

Darmflora plus Kinder + Familie contains a well-balanced formula for a child’s health. It contains vitamin D for a child‘s immune s.

Curabiom® Baby is a product specially developed for babies and pregnant women. It contains a combination of special strains of lactic acid b.

Intestinal flora plus URO contains three specially selected strains of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus reuteri, Lact.

Intestinal flora AAD is a preparation for the dietary treatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD). The effect of specially selected lactic.

Sanuzella® D contains the vital special yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen CBS 5926, lactic acid bacteria from the culture Lactobacillus .

Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by chronic bowel movement.

Intestine active Wolz is a product for the dietary treatment of constipation. It is characterized by a microbiological operating principle.

Children Dual Lf contains a special combination of two strains of lactic acid bacteria (dual) and lactoferrin (Lf) especially for infants.

Achieve weight loss naturally! *

Probiocolon is the latest product drom. Wolz research – it has been developed to achieve weight loss in .

Gluten enzyme + calcium Wolz is designed to help digestion in a low-gluten diet. It contains calcium and a special digestive enzymes, proly.

Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline for training and competition.

A product specially developed for athletes for the normal functioning of the immune sy.

Liquid vital substance concentrate with bioactive herbal ingredients

Vitalkomplex Dr. med. Wolz supplies our body with numerous key vital subst.

Cell Oxygen® plus is a protective combination of vital substances from dr. Wolz for healthy cell function (1).

The effect of Cell Oxygen® p.

Zell Oxygen® + Royal Jelly 600mg is the unique combination of Enzyme Yeast Cells. Wolz® with power from the beehive.

Cell Oxygen ZYM anti-aging is a selected combination of vital substances for cellular regeneration (1)
Those who successfully combat free ra.

Osteo-Coral-D3 Wolz is a product especially developed for bone health (1-5). It contains natural sun-related and sea-based active substances.

Rheumatism effective Wolz is a product that – thanks to its highly dosed content of EPA which is extracted by a special technique – preven.

Joint Complex Dr. Wolz is a careful constitutive combination of micronutrients for maintaining bone and cartilage. An additional supply of.

The WSTC contained in Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz promotes normal platelet aggregation and healthy blood flow.

Thromboflow W.

Omega-3 fatty acids are categorized as essential fatty acids and so it makes sense to have a daily supply. Ocean fish contain abundant quanti.

Cardio care Wolz promotes blood vessel elasticity with highly dosed cocoa flavanols, thus contributing to healthy circulation of blood. .

Cholesterol reduction Wolz with oats-beta-glucans is a plant-based combination product developed according to the latest research through.

Metabolism gives rise to aggressive substances in the body’s cells. These aggressive substances are called “free radicals”. The body has pro.

Vitamin D has been used to prevent rickets in infants for 70 years. However, recent research has shown that vitamin D is important to the wh.

Vitamin D has been used to prevent rickets in infants for 70 years. However, recent research has shown that vitamin D is important to the wh.

The ingredients of Jod-Calcium Capsules Wolz are naturally sourced from iodine seaweed and coral algae. During the ice age iodine what le.

B vitamins are of special importance for our health. For example, they are key to the nervous system (8), cardiac health (6), the metab.

Acerola-vitamin C + citric flavonoids make sense in times of greater need for vitamin C, mainly in cold and damp weather, for fatigue, stres.

Active and natural combination of active substances. Taking the special formula has a beneficial effect on sk.

It is worth supplying your body with polyunsaturated fatty acids such as gamma linolenic acid on a daily basis. Borage oil, being a herbal o.

Prostate pro was especially developed for men’s health 1,2,3. Prostate per Dr. Wolz is a scientifically based combination of micronutrients.

Curcumin has already been used in Asian natural medicine for several thousand years. In the meantime there are more than 3,000 studies on th.

The special feature of Broccoli Extract + Active Enzyme Wolz is the provision and good bioavailability of healthy sulphoraphane. Broccoli e.

We chiefly use ginger as a spice. Furthermore, Ginger has been familiar with natural history in the Asian cultural area for centuries. The rea.

Saffron, rhodiola and vitamins have traditionally been used for cases of mental stress, excessive stress and mental deteriorat.

Green Tea Extract Wolz contains valuable green tea ingredient concentrates. For example, it contains a high proportion of natural phytoc.

Dr. Wolz specialty – Enzyme yeast cells

Our core expertise is health centering on cells. Using a special technique for oxygen enzyme fermentation the company‘s founder Siegfried Wolz managed to cultivate enzymes yeast cells that remain biologically active and to directly supply them with a wide range of bioactive natural substances. Enzymes Yeast Cells Wolz® form the basis of many highly effective products from the Cell Oxygen® line.

Enzymes Yeast Cells Wolz® – a unique natural product!

The enzyme yeast cells are the product of many years of research. They are cultivated in a multi-day special manufacturing process – oxygen-enzyme fermentation according to the special Wolz technique – while being oxygenated on a selected nutrient bed of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This process is unique in ensuring that the enzyme yeast cells remain biologically active.

Every single Enzyme Yeast Cell Wolz® acts as a carrier for these numerous bioactive nutrients, which are thus preserved in their natural form – like a natural pharmacy from the cell. The fact that all cell processes in yeast cells and human cells function in a cell biology research. The Zell Oxygen® products contain thousands of millions of fresh enzymes yeast cells!

Enzyme yeast cells can not be equated to other yeast products. The production process guarantees that:

  • enzymes yeast cells may not be multiply in the human body!
  • The enzyme yeast cells are not subject to any thermal or drying process, as well as yeast tablets or yeast powders, all the proven ingredients are retained in a natural, unimpaired form.

the cell ingredients are absorbed optimally in the bowels, something facilitated by enzymes yeast cells’ resistance to gastric acid and bile acid!

Enzyme yeast cells can not be equated to other yeast products. The production process guarantees that:

the cell ingredients are absorbed optimally in the bowels, something facilitated by enzymes yeast cells’ resistance to gastric acid and bile acid!

The formative background to Enzyme Yeast Cells Wolz®

Angela Wenzel Wolz: “My father collaborates scientifically with Nobel laureate Prof. dr. Feodor Lynen on isolating coenzyme A from yeast cells. As of 1969 he researches and cultivates enzymes yeast cells in his own company. The whole organism is healthy. My brother, Dr. med. George Wolz, and I am glad to be allowed to continue our father‘s life’s work. The special feature of Enzyme Yeast Cells Wolz ® is their incredible abundance of vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals and precious trace elements. “

Dr. med. George Wolz: The biological active substances are easier to absorb by the human body than synthetic ones. It is important to preserve the natural biological effect of the ingredients. That’s why Enzyme Yeast Cells Wolz® can never be available in “dry” form, i.e. in tablets or in powder. The fascinating Thing about Enzyme Yeast Cells Wolz® is the human organism in the location where power and efficiency originate: in the cells of the human body. Enzymes Yeast Cells Wolz ® are at elixir of life for mitochondria, our cellular “power stations“. They shield us against free radicals and nourish the body’s cells. “

The cell is the lynch pin of our health

The cell is the lynch pin of our health. Since then, we have become aware of the importance of vitamins and substances in our health. But, in nature vital substances are never found in isolation, rather they are always integrated into a food matrix in conjunction with other substances, such as flavonoids (water-soluble plant pigments), proteins etc.

Our body needs this matrix in order to be able to process concentrated vital substances. Enzymes Yeast Cells Wolz® reflect this matrix and thus ensure this good bioavailability. They contain, for example, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids.

Despite their own abundance Enzyme Yeast Cells Wolz® are thus fortified in various combinations of active substances for different uses. During Dr. Wolz oxygen-enzyme fermentation yeast cells absorb these substances and integrate them into their cell matrix, like a plant does. This means we can now ingest concentrated nutrients in a form to which our body reacts as is the case with food.

To be able to work optimally, our cells have 100% efficiency. Cells want to be and optimally by nutrients.

To example:
the functioning of our cellular power stations (mitochondria), in particular, has to be used as a basis for intact cell structure and function. Mitochondria are thus dependent on special anti-oxidative protection, which protects them against "free radicals". Such a protective agent is glutathione which is in a particular abundance in Enzyme Yeast Cells. Wolz®.

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