Information for our patients

Information for our patients

Detailed answers to your most common questions

Dear patient,
Welcome to the website of our dental practice. We have set up this area especially for you. Here you will find detailed information on frequently asked topics relating to dentistry. We answer all questions in detail and comprehensible regarding the following points:

In addition, we provide in the download area further information material and an anamnesis sheet for printing. If you need dental help outside our office hours, please do not hesitate to contact the dental emergency service in Magdeburg.

Your first visit?

If you have changed to our practice, we welcome you. This information for your first visit can serve as a basic guide. Here you can find out, for example, which documents you should bring with you to the first appointment, how the first examination is carried out and what our individual prophylaxis program is all about.

Consulting – tailored to your needs

There have never been so many different treatment options as in modern dentistry. Since the numerous treatment options in terms of outcome and costs sometimes differ significantly, our patients are spoiled for choice and are often overwhelmed with the decision. Of course, the first consultant in this case should always be your dentist. Nevertheless, some patients understandably want to obtain a second opinion from an expensive and expensive treatment. For this reason, we provide information for consultation inside and outside the dental office. In addition, we present you the often unknown second opinion model for dentures.

treatment goal

Before each treatment and every intervention, we attach great importance to setting the therapy goal exactly. Only then can we compare your ideas and the results and adapt them accordingly. The following article explains the basic therapeutic goals of frequent treatments in the field of implantology and prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics and endodontics.

What to do, if.

In this section, we give you tips on the correct behavior in exceptional dental situations or complications after treatment. For example, we answer questions like:
What to do if I suddenly have a strong toothache?
How do I behave when my wound starts to bleed after a procedure or the gums swell?
How should I proceed when my dentures solve?

payment by installments

High-quality dentures, implantation or aesthetic dental treatment can be expensive. Such additional benefits are not covered by many statutory health insurance. Since we are aware of this situation, we offer a payment installment system for our patients in cooperation with a dental clearinghouse. See our Payment Advice Information page for more information on how to fund your therapy.

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