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Dentures like natural teeth

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM) of high-precision dentures in the shortest possible time

Telescopic Crown – Dentures for the firm anchoring of a removable prosthesis or dental bridge

Costs of dental prostheses at a glance – Cost composition and what options are available for minimization?

Healing and cost plan (HKP) as a cost estimate of dental treatment for dentures

Partial denture – removable dentures in the rest of the dentition

Bite is the totality of all teeth in the jaw – with removable denture = dentures

High-quality dentures – for beautiful and solid teeth as naturally grown on the model of nature

Ceramic crown – aesthetically sophisticated ceramic dentures

What does dentures cost? – An overview of the fixed subsidy of the health insurance companies and the contribution of the same and different dentures

High-quality dentures – for beautiful and solid teeth as naturally grown on the model of nature

In dentistry is dentures a collective term and designates the shape, color and function of replacing the missing natural teeth. The interdisciplinary planning, dental manufacturing and dental integration of dentures as replacement teeth in the denture falls under the field of prosthetics.

Not only the well-being and quality of life of older people is closely related to general health. But also a well-fitting and functional dentures contributes significantly to each patient’s satisfaction with their own life situation. Especially a patient who needs a dental implant, appreciate his high-quality dentures.

Due to the rapid development and research in dentistry (dental implants), the loss of teeth today no longer has to be a handicap. This aspect is important in our older patients.

Implants and bridges ensure a well-fitting palate-free denture and a satisfactory, functional chewing ability. On the own teeth or by bridge (on the neighboring teeth), dental crowns, partial crowns as well as by combined fixed solutions a fixing of the denture is possible. In advance, the planned solution must be discussed and planned by the dentist with the patient.

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Dentist Seidel dentures

Dentures with missing teeth

If one or more teeth are missing, it is not only necessary from a medical point of view, to close the existing gaps by a denture. A tooth gap after tooth loss or diastema (tooth gap between middle and front snow />

Badly fitting full denture

A falling dentures with a bad fit affects the communication, in the worst case, a full denture leads to a passive social behavior, a silent retreat and too much loneliness. Who chatters or laughs with pleasure or appears confidently when the full denture on the remaining abutment teeth no longer has a firm grip?

Under badly fitting dentures can quickly form a stomatitis, which is caused by a fungus in the mouth. Thus, the restriction of the taste by a palate-covering dentures with a full denture or partial denture are not insignificant. Read more about:

  • What is a stomatitis?
  • The full denture as a denture
  • Removable dentures in the remaining dentition – the partial denture

Staple prosthesis as temporary

A staple prosthesis is currently used exclusively as a temporary denture and may damage the adjacent teeth on which it is anchored. But this should not only mean optimal hold of the new teeth for chewing function and language.

Patients are looking for an aesthetically pleasing denture with straight and, above all, white teeth made of all-ceramics.

What options are there as dentures?

Dental crowns and dental bridges made of ceramic, for example, conjure up a beautiful smile and are an effective denture for heavily damaged teeth. The crowns are used to restore the natural crowns and coverings are used as metal, porcelain or ceramic. The types of dentures can be combined together to provide better anchorage – for example, the crown with a dental bridge. Furthermore, dental bridges are also used to cover a dental implant holder.

dental bridges


This denture conceals discoloration and other irregularities on the teeth. It protects the severely damaged tissue and teeth. Especially after fillings or root treatments, the dental crowns provide good protection against fractures. The natural position and function of the teeth are also protected by the crown. The natural bite is restored and preserved. In combination with a bridge, the dentures are supported. The neighboring teeth remain untouched.

The material used for the dental crown depends on the individual needs of the patient. The metal-ceramic crown is commonly used and is a low-cost dentures. For this reason, she is favored by many patients. The contained metals can lead to incompatibilities and other problems in individual cases. A full ceramic crown costs more money, but it looks more aesthetic and is free of metals.

Telescope prostheses

The telescopic prosthesis is a very high quality and removable denture. It consists of the inner crowns firmly anchored in the jaw and the outer crowns of the prosthesis, with which they function according to the double-crown principle.

How much does a denture cost?

Depending on the optional tariff then the costs for dentures such as a partial crown or full denture up to 100%. In addition, also by elective tariff, dental implants or a partial denture are covered in addition to the costs for surgical services. Ask your dentist for a treatment plan and submit it to your health insurance company immediately! If the denture costs for the high-quality implant-prosthetic rehabilitation with implant should be very high, a factoring company can call for a financing example from the dentist for the implant prosthesis, telescopic prosthesis or partial denture.

What to look for when comparing prices of dentures?

When comparing dentures on the Internet, you should take a close look at the listed dentists. Make sure that the selected portal works exclusively with domestic dentists. Since a comparison of the prices in the interest of health insurance, they often make recommendations for portals. Check if these special portals work with domestic practicing dentists and if a free price comparison is offered. Charges a portal for the dentures price comparison fees, you refrain from it. Help with the selection of the matching comparison portal is additionally provided by the Stiftung Warentest conducted reviews.

If you have decided on one or more comparison portals, you will need the cure and cost plan issued by the dentist. The information contained therein is entered in a few steps in a form provided by the portal. Within a short time, you will receive various cheaper comparison offers from different dentists and thus can save money for the same services.

A comparison of the prices can reduce the costs of the upcoming dental treatment including dentures by up to 45%.

Fixed denture instead of full denture

A fixed denture offers advantages compared to a prosthesis. In contrast, it does not have to be taken out and used for cleaning, and patients can taste and enjoy it again without any restrictions since the palate is not covered. Especially for older people crowns and bridges are more comfortable and feel more genuine than prostheses.

They can be attached to implants as well as your own teeth as pillars. Even lower costs can speak for the use of a fixed denture. In comparison, prostheses cost a lot more.

Dentures Berlin – Your contact person Seidel helps you

The practice of your dentist should not be far away and easily accessible by car or public transport. Criteria that are indispensable in an emergency when quick help is needed. For a prolonged treatment such as the placement of dentures (including the control appointments), it is pleasant to know the dental practice directly in Berlin and thus nearby. The dental practice Seidel fulfills these important criteria. It is located in traffic excellent position and is easily accessible by public transport and in a short time. So you are independent even in an emergency.

As a specialist for dentures in Berlin, the practice offers a wide range of services. The professional team is ready when a quick repair is needed. In this case, the practice is a perfect emergency service in Berlin, to solve problems with the dentures within a very short time. A short journey and some waiting time and the patient returns home with a beaming smile.

When it comes to new production, the Berlin practice shows its great competence. It provides you with customized dental prostheses, partial dentures and implants. This applies equally to metal-free dentures in Berlin as well as to replacement without additional payment or implant-supported full or partial dentures.

The advantage of a locally based dental practice in Berlin is clearly evident when it comes to new productions. Also for cheap dentures without additional payment in the Berlin practice only high quality raw material used and processed with great care. Due to the local closeness of the practice, you will be able to make enough appointments with sufficient frequency. Especially in the first few weeks after a certain period of wear of the denture often small changes are necessary. Since the dental practice of Dr. med. Seidel is located in Berlin, this is uncomplicated and requires little time.

Advantages and disadvantages of multiple implantations

If several teeth are missing, this naturally creates a large gap that significantly worsens the appearance. The gap can be closed by the multiple implantations functional, aesthetic and also with a high level of comfort again. This type of dentures is more expensive and expensive than single transplants. A big advantage, however, is that the patients can chew normally and are no longer restricted. The palate area, in contrast to the prosthesis, remains free.

Multiple implantation offers a high level of comfort, as the dentures do not feel like foreign bodies, but like natural, natural teeth. Transplants are usually performed on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia. The patient thus feels no pain. Even if the jawbone has receded, it is possible to build a jaw using your own bone material and the necessary number of abutments can be implanted for the denture. For this purpose, an augmentation is made. Once the implants have healed, the implant prosthesis can be anchored.

Dentures Berlin: What is important for the optimal fit?

The desire of patients for an optimal restoration through dentures is always in the foreground. Also to be considered are static aspects, such as the distribution of the remaining dentition and the willingness of the patient to clean his dentures conscientiously in the future or maintain. In periodontal care, temporary abutment teeth are pretreated for later dentures to guarantee long-term tooth preservation.

Lifelike dentures

By fixed dentures on implants (implant crown, implant bridge), which faithfully replicates the shape, color and especially the purchase functionality of teeth optimally. This is the general standard in our oral surgery dental practice.

Removable dentures

Also removable dentures on dental implants (attached to a telescopic prosthesis or Stegp Pothese as a partial denture) plays a not insignificant role in the implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of the residual dentition. In the case of uneven, severe bone loss, lost gingival profile can be reproduced very faithfully by dental construction materials. Thus, this type of care can be dispensed with multiple operations such as a pre-implantation augmentation or sinus lift. The implant restoration with teeth in the bridge composite has proven to be durable as a dental prosthesis with the Ankylos implant system.

How is the fixed dentures made for anterior teeth in Berlin?

Even for the missing front teeth, there is an individually fitting dentures. If only one anterior tooth is missing, a ceramic-veneered metal bridge can be used. If several anterior teeth are missing, a plastic veneer or a metal-ceramic veneer is suitable for this purpose. Alternatively, an implant with metal ceramic crowns can be used.

The GeguDent CAD / CAM system is the name given to a computerized system that can be used to make dentures. Extremely high strength, natural aesthetics and the biocompatibility of fully ceramic restorations made of zirconium oxide are the advantages.

In combination with high gold-containing Galvanokäppchen this dental prosthesis system also in the bridge composite high strength, excellent aesthetics and, above all, a tension-free construction.

Through a precise impression, the dental laboratory can produce the optimal dentures. Modern photo optical impressions are taken with a camera and transmitted digitally.

The color selection for the dentures is extremely important and ensures that a natural look is created.

KZBV (Federal Dentistry Association)

In order to settle the treatment of members of the statutory health insurance with the statutory health insurance, a dentist must be a member of a Dentistry Association (KZV) of a federal state. On a patient website, the Federal Dental Association (KZBV) provides patient information on denture forms and the associated costs.

How is fully ceramic dentures subsidized by the health insurance companies in the regular care by fixed subsidy?

In the case of full ceramic dentures, the patient receives a fixed subsidy from the health insurance company as part of the standard care, regardless of the type of dental prosthesis which he has himself prepared. In order to get a comprehensive overview of the total costs, it is advisable to get an offer from your dentist in order to save the maximum. Statutory health insurance companies receive a fixed subsidy for crowns, double crowns, bridges and prostheses from your health insurance as part of the standard care. Patients are free in their choice of dentures – the fixed subsidy does not change.

Patients who regularly take preventive examinations at the dentist while having their bonus book stamped receive a higher fixed subsidy for dentures from their statutory health insurance. If the bonus booklet is run without gaps for five years, the fixed subsidy increases by 20 percent, after ten years by 30 percent compared to the basic subsidy.

For low-income patients, a hardship rule applies: you receive double (basic) fixed allowance, but at least the cost of regular care. Which fixed subsidy the health insurance pays depends on the individual dental findings. Dentists and health insurance companies have a catalog with around 50 individual findings available, for each of which an annual adjusted amount – the fixed subsidy – is shown.

Denture calculators are not the exact cost, since each patient must be considered individually.

Denture treatment at the dentist

Distinction after anchoring

When dentures a distinction between different anchorages. These are used in dental crowns as well as onlays and prostheses. In the case of model cast prostheses, the classic variant is generally used. In this case, the prosthesis is securely attached to the teeth with cast brackets. If a telescopic prosthesis is used as a partial denture, it is anchored via telescopic crowns directly to the teeth. Furthermore, there are also the dentures variants attachment prostheses and bridge prostheses. If a crown (onlay) is required, then it also has a suitable anchoring. For nerve-dead teeth, a pin is placed in the root for extra security.

X-rays, healthy gums and caries removal

To a comprehensive planning for dentures belong also digital X-ray and a healthy gums to the conditions. The removal of any existing caries on the prosthetic abutment teeth and the remaining dentition is an important success factor for the long-term preservation of the dentures.

dental impression

After the tooth preparation or insertion of the implant abutment, an impression over an individual tray adapted to the anatomical situation in the mouth is taken with an impression material (silicone) for the denture.

Optimal dentures by dental laboratories

The taken impression for the dentures is now given to a dental laboratory. In the meantime, photo-optical impressions can also be digitally transferred to the master dental laboratory by the dentist using a special camera.

A joint-related Bissnahme for the determination of the jaw relation allows following an accurate allocation of upper jaw and lower jaw. In advance of a treatment, the Berlin practice of Dr. med. Seidel for the dentures an exact functional diagnosis of the masticatory apparatus. In the further session, the scaffold for the prosthesis in the patient’s mouth is then tried on, and once again a defined bite-taking for the adjustment of the occlusion of the patient is taken. Now the framework for the future dentures can be veneered (ceramic, plastic).

Tooth color through thorough preliminary discussions

Also the tooth color is an issue and very important for many patients. The dentures should of course fit the other teeth and not artificially or act as a foreign body. Before the treatment is started, the respective tooth color must be determined. In the conventional color determination for the dentures color rings are used. These are color-coded and can be used for color comparison.

Some dentists or dental technicians also use digital gauges to determine the color of future dentures. The preliminary talk is very important and clarifies all open questions. The patients are informed about the tooth color and the right material is found. Allergies and other individual peculiarities can only be considered in such a conversation. Through this exact procedure can be ensured that the patients get color matching dentures. If a preliminary discussion were to be abandoned, problems can quickly arise.

Intermediate with provisional bridge

Important for the interim period of the prosthetic rehabilitation phase is a highly accurate provisional, which protects the natural tooth substance from thermal and chemical stimuli (sensitive teeth) and a comparable, aesthetic rehabilitation during dental treatment allows. The definitive incorporation of dentures should always be carried out with the responsible dental technician at the dentist in order to be able to promptly implement any corrections and wishes of the patient.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of quality dentures and possibilities of reimbursement by health insurance at the dentist?

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