Foreign dentures – alternative to – made in germany?

International dental replacement – alternative to “Made in Germany”?

What is the difference between foreign dentures and dental tourism?

When it comes to dentistry, there are many questions that you pose as a patient. Of course, you have high demands on your dentures: It should not affect your everyday life, be reliable and still inexpensive. Have you ever thought about dentures from abroad? Abroad, there are also good dental laboratories that make and use dentures. Since material costs, wages and rents are lower, especially in Eastern European countries, dentures can be cheaper there than in Germany. Travel agencies now offer complete packages that combine travel with treatment abroad. You will also be refunded the health insurance by the health insurance company. Nevertheless, consumer organizations advise patients not to get their teeth on vacation or abroad. One reason for this are u.a. The materials that are used abroad and usually do not meet the German standard. Because certificates are created quickly, but how valuable are they really?

What is dental tourism?

Choosing the right dentures is not easy. A good advice, which shows you different possibilities and leaves you room for reflection and questions, is the alpha and omega. So you can weigh up, compare and decide for your personal solution. While you have the opportunity in Germany to get comprehensive advice in a dental laboratory, to get to know different types of high-quality material and to ask specific questions, it is difficult to do so abroad: especially in the case of Dental Tourism, where you travel abroad and have your new teeth made there. There may be language barriers, and the temporary stay may lack the peace of mind for a thoughtful decision.

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Especially with extensive work, personal contact is very important. In most cases, a longer pre-treatment and several sessions have to be planned in order to do a very good preliminary work. As with a house building, the foundation must be stable and correct. This time is often missing and the beautiful dentures can quickly lead to problems that are really expensive and painful.

What is foreign dentures?

At the foreign dentures Is it the case that you are being treated by a German dentist in Germany? There are not the above problems as in dental tourism. If you’ve decided to have your teeth made in China, you’ve probably considered pricing issues. For clothing and other consumer goods that makes a lot of sense, but when dentures you should listen to your inner voice, as feels the feeling with China dentures for you. If you do not feel good, you better keep away from it. If your dentist advises you to import China, you should be alert. Why? Continue reading:

Know the 3 types of dentists who import dentures from China?

Of the a dentist Order the dentures in China because you want it as a patient. He responds to your needs and wishes because you probably want to save money. If he has not refused your request (which makes up over half of the dentists in Germany), he wants to meet your request and does not want to lose you as a patient. He will still earn his money with his dental work. He passes on the saved money through the foreign import 1: 1 directly to you. You have now saved perhaps 50% or more of your own contribution.
On another dentist China Foreign Dentures will offer you as an alternative. This dentist wants to earn more on the treatment and buys the dentures that a dentist does not produce himself, just cheaper, and then raise his own prices for it. You still save, but maybe only 15%.
Another dentist again should have the dentures manufactured at your request in China and therefore takes a so-called “risk surcharge”. After all, the dentist has to give a guarantee for your new teeth and also increases his prices because he does not know the quality of the Chinese laboratory. At his German partner dental laboratory, on the other hand, he knows what quality he gets. Again, your savings go down quickly to maybe 15% of your own share.

How is your denture bill actually put together?

she save up when foreign dentures only the laboratory costs, never the dentist costs. Did you know that? If you are promised in glossy flyers, you would save up to 80%, that is true only in very few individual cases. So always check very carefully how much you actually save on your own contribution. 80% hear a lot, but there are often only 300 €, which actually pay you less. And that is 10 years only 30 € a year and not even 3 € a month. So think carefully about what your decision will be. With dentures made in Germany, you can also go to the dental laboratory and find out exactly about the many possibilities. You can look over the shoulder of the dental technician as your new teeth are made.

Who is the world champion of dental technology?

Although there is not a cup as in football, German dental technology is really the best in the world. Many people come to Germany to have their new teeth done here. This is comparable to the German cars, which are also the best in the world. However, I have not seen any Chinese or Hungarian cars in Germany yet. Also keep in mind that there is no dental profession in China. Do not be fooled by big advertising promises that German master dental technicians check all the work. How should 5 masters control 1000 employees?


When it comes to dentures money often plays a role, because the production is very complicated and not cheap. But it’s worth every penny, that’s why we speak of cheap dental technology from Germany. For really good new teeth it needs a lot of know how, good dental technicians and good dentists. There are also people who are satisfied with theirthird parties” from abroad. It is important that every person has a good feeling about his own decision regarding dentures. No matter how it turns out. New teeth should never be “cheap”. But they have to be affordable. And there are also financing possibilities in this area. A BMW is not cheap either, but you can finance it and pay for it.

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