Weanle and fall asleep, mom ocllo blog

Weanle and fall asleep, mom ocllo blog

Let nature take its course: from weaning and staying asleep (1)

Weaning and staying asleep – WHEN, HOW and WHY does it just not work like other babies? Which is why, after much headaches, I simply decided to let nature take its course.

Breastfeeding YES, but how long?

Long before Miguelito’s birth, one thing was certain for me. I wanted to breastfeed in any case, nature should give me enough breast milk. Breastmilk is something valuable and it would be a pity to deny Baby the best that nature has for her.

However, I did not believe at that time that I would still breastfeed Miguelito for one year. Originally, I only intended the first six months of my life. Because that’s how I knew this from my own family.

However, after Miguelito was struggling with mild eczema for the first few months, I was advised to breastfeed for as long as possible. And I must confess, this was contrary to my own feelings. Because, after feeding Miguelito for half a year, I did not feel the need to change it so quickly. Eight more months followed until Miguel gave up all by himself.

Weaning means releasing and separating

Weaning means releasing and separating. Anyone who was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed knows this indescribable closeness between mother and baby, which hardly amounts to anything so quickly.

This feeling of closeness is beautiful. And, as we all know, we humans tend to want to hold on forever to all that is good and fulfilling us. But even when breastfeeding comes sooner or later the moment in which we have to let go. There are enough reasons for this. And every mother has to find the right time for it all alone.

Natural weaning – our way of gently letting go

After I was able to distinguish myself from the voices and opinions around me, and decided to let nature take its course, we found our very personal way of natural weaning.

At four months I was advised to introduce the first supplement, at six months I was asked more and more, how long I still breastfeed breastfeeding and with 12 months I reaped not only once foolish glances, which signaled to me that it really at the time would be to quit.

And I have to admit, I was thinking a lot about when and how to best breastfeed without causing a tearful break. Only after a long conversation with my midwife did I begin to hear my inner voice. I caught myself and Miguelito at night – for the last few months I only breastfed at night – consciously watching to find out what hunger was, what habit was.

In this way, I quickly found out what Miguelito really needed and we reduced the breastfeeding phases together more and more, until my little man suddenly started to grab his bottle of water all by himself and learned to sleep without my doing anything.

Our path – which relied on the natural course of nature – led to a weaning without tears and thus to a gentle letting go.

Similar experiences made me with the big topic sleep. Fall asleep, fall asleep, sleep rhythm. You will learn more about this soon.

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