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The future has long since arrived in modern prosthetics. Progress is on everyone’s lips, so to speak. Also with us. The most important thing for the integration of optimal dentures is and remains the individual tooth image of the patient. Dentures in Berlin can be divided into several categories. There is on the one hand the fixed dentures and on the other hand the removable dentures. Fixed dentures is the most realistic variant of the dentures, since the usual chewing and speaking function can be almost completely restored.


CEREC is one of the most advanced procedures in dentistry. Using special software, 3D models of a patient’s teeth can be created on the computer. Many people with dentures have problems with the passport function or unpleasant pressure in some places in the mouth. These problems can now be circumvented by CEREC, as it pays special attention to the perfect passport function. The dentures Berlin can virtually be created accurately, that guarantees no later when wearing nothing more or does not fit


This term includes, among other things, bridges, partial crowns and complete crowns made of ceramic. Fixed dentures made of all-ceramic is a possibility of dentures in the case of still existing teeth. This type of denture is attached to the existing teeth. Many people prefer this new possibility of full ceramic dentures, because the feeling and the compatibility are more realistic and pleasant.

The own teeth support the full ceramic, for example, when chewing, because the pressure which arises during chewing is placed on the retained teeth, which protects the gums and the jaw bone is not additional to the load.

attachment prosthesis

Attachment prostheses are partial dentures. In appearance, this denture method is similar to a brace, except that there is no wire in front of the teeth. The insert, which is made of plastic, artificial teeth are attached. With the help of a wire or strap, the prosthesis is then placed in the mouth. It is important to note that this measure is not a permanent solution because a partial denture can damage the remaining teeth, gums or underlying bone.


Telescopes are a removable denture. They have a better supporting and holding function than other types of dentures. It is a removable denture that is used to replace missing teeth. It can be thought of as a dental prosthesis, fixed in some places to gum-mounted abutments.


Removable dentures is the counterpart to the fixed dentures. Removable dentures include the prostheses.

If there is no tooth healthy or stable in the mouth to hold a prosthetic limb, a full denture must be constructed. Although a full denture is considered as a removable dentures, but in the mouth it still sits well and firmly. This is done by the negative pressure which arises, which is generated during insertion. In some cases, full dentures are supported by a metal insert to aid stability. As a rule, a maxillary total denture holds better than one in the lower jaw, which can happen due to the larger contact surface in the upper jaw.


Zircon can be used for bridges as well as for crowns. Interesting is zirconium for patients who want to have less metal in the mouth. In a zircon treatment, ceramics are used instead of metal.

Zircon bridges are aligned teeth which are inserted into the gaps in the dentition. There are many different types of bridges, some can be removable, but still count as a fixed dentures, since the oral mucosa is not affected and the construction of a fixed dentures closer.

Furthermore, there are zirconium crowns. More specifically, crowns are not a denture, but rather a means of tooth preservation. One distinguishes between dental crowns and partial crowns. A tooth crown completely covers the damaged tooth and a partial crown is used on teeth that are not completely damaged and partially covers the tooth, as the name implies.

The lifetime of a crown or bridge is on average ten to fifteen years. It always depends on how, for example, the previous health situation of the remaining teeth or the regressing of the gums, which is one of the main reasons for the failure of the fixed dentures.

An in-depth and detailed consultation, a 100% diagnosis of the present conditions and state-of-the-art technical procedures enable us to find and realize the perfect solution in terms of your quality of life – from appearance to wearing comfort. We take the time to achieve the best results for your dental health and your future quality of life. Because: simply everything has to fit.

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