Activate all functions from your guide

Activate all features from your guide

Travel planning made easy: this is how you get the most out of your travel guide!

Our goal is to make your trip to New York just perfect! Therefore, we have collected many tools and helpful tips here that will help you with the planning. But we still have something to make your guide even better: our free travel planner myNY.

With myNY you can add all the spots from the travel guide – you can also create your own – to your travel plan. As a guide, we show you how much time you should expect per spot, so that your daily routine is still relaxed on the ground.

And best of all, myNY also works with our free app for your smartphone!

Everything for your perfect trip to New York!

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where you‘ll find plenty of travel inspiration, tips and guides – at least two new videos per week will be added to New York alone!

Donkey ears adé! So get the spots from the guide on your travel plan and in the app!

Simply fast & free

This can our travel planner myNY:

My 3 favorite tools for you

Which district is the best for you??

We ask you 7 questions and you choose the answers that best describe you. It’s that simple and as a result, I’ll show you which of the many neighborhoods best suits your interests and characteristics. Try it now!

We bring light to the New York Pass jungle!

Which of the 7 New York Passes is the best for you, you can easily find out here with our New York Pass adviser. Just pick out the tours and sights of New York you want to see or do, and the New York Discount Pass adviser will tell you how much you save with which pass. Try it now!

Our transfer hero

How do you get the fastest from the airport to the hotel? Or the best from the Brooklyn to your cruise terminal? We show you your options and what advantages or disadvantages they have. Guaranteed to find the best way to your destination! All this and much more is shown by our New York Transfer Hero! Try it now!

Budget Tip: Save money on the sights with the right pass!

How to do that and what New York passports are there, you can see in my video (and here is the appropriate article)

You still want to indiv >

New York insider tips tailored to your trip!

We will provide you with individual tips from our New York expert Steffen during your trip preparation. Plan, save and experience – we’ll show you how to get the most out of your vacation!

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