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Europemobile: the first address for everything to do with buying a car

Europemobile is one of the largest independent multi-brand dealers in Germany and imports EU new cars, offers German new and annual cars as well as leasing new vehicles. The constant expansion of the sales channels enables europemobile to offer you your dream car at the best possible prices as a re-import.

You can save money on the reimport of EU new cars. The purchase offers price advantages of up to 47 percent compared to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price. If you are interested in a German model, up to 30 percent discount will be obtained. Stock vehicles are available immediately.

Get to know europemobile

At europemobile you can rely on 20 years of experience in the EU car trade. As a member of the federal association of independent car dealers, europemobile represents only reputable car dealers of the leading manufacturers throughout europe.

Europemobile is one of the market leaders in Germany for reimports and is at your side with optimal advice. Buying a new reimport car is safe and uncomplicated for you. Take advantage of the know-how of the specialists when buying a car. The all-round service includes personal contacts, from on-site advice at the branch in saaldorf-surheim (140 kilometers from munich) to live video advice. During the entire purchase process of the reimport, a competent team of customer advisors is at your side. the satisfaction and manufacturer’s guarantee is included with europemobile, a lifelong help desk and free support is available to you after purchase. In the event of problems with the vehicle, the offer includes a free callback service.

The latest car reviews and tests in the car magazine

The latest driving reports and car tests in the car magazine

In the blog, the vehicles are put to the test in detail. The driving reports in the car magazine provide a comprehensive insight, offer information and your own experiences. In the car test, Europemobile objectively examines the advantages of the cars and puts them to the acid test. Fuel consumption, performance, suitability for everyday use, safety, costs – the car testers take up all these points in the practical test.

Profit and time saving

Profit and time saving

With the purchase of a reimport EU new car a substantial price advantage goes along. Reimported vehicles were originally produced for another country and can be offered by the car dealer or the manufacturer at a lower price in this country.

More price advantages of over 15% and more result when buying from the different tax rates in the individual EU countries. in addition, luxury taxes or registration taxes from the european foreign country do not arise in germany.

As an online dealer, europemobile benefits from a lean sales structure. The wide range of vehicles does not require a costly maintenance of appropriate car dealerships or a branch office. This cost savings and the wholesale discounts obtained through the purchase of numerous cars are immediately passed on to the buyer.

Europemobile also saves you time and money when reimporting a new EU car vehicle of your choice. No more searching for the right car, no more travel and administration costs. You don’t have to sign contracts in a foreign language, take out the necessary insurances and get the German short term license plate for the transfer home. With EU reimports from europemobile all these hassles and worries are eliminated.

With us you do not conclude an intermediary contract, it is a question of purchase contract, which is drawn up according to german law. claims do not have to be made for the car abroad. The security of the warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty is included in the offer.

The documents required at the time of handover for German registration, TuV, insurance and contract workshops comply with German requirements. By e-mail and telephone you are always kept up to date when buying a reimport.

Always over 300 new cars in stock



Advantages and purchase procedure

Get into your dream car directly from the comfort of your sofa. With europemobile you can do exactly that. ÜAbout the car configurator you can configure your favorite model and find online a large number of new cars and EU-reimports at top conditions. As a private or business customer, you can benefit from these advantages. The price comparison of the reimports shows that the offers of europemobile are unbeatable. Many new cars are immediately available from stock.

Once the vehicle you want has been put together, you can start few more clicks the order of the EU new car on the way. Alternatively, you can request the order documents from one of the sales consultants at europemobile. You do not have to go to a branch.

The sales transaction is simple and reliable. Once you have signed, the main work is done for you. The europemobile team is at your service as a car dealer and service provider. This combination has many advantages for you as a buyer. If you are convinced by the price advantage, you will be impressed by the service of the reimport.

With europemobile you decide for the safe way. The manufacturer’s warranties and service entitlements apply to the EU vehicles purchased, just as they do for a German model purchased in this country. The warranty is at least 24 months with german brands and with manufacturers from the asian and korean area up to 84 months. If you wish, you can order through europemobile warranty extensions by up to 4 additional years configure and finalize.

Inspections and necessary repairs can be done at your authorized workshop or at an independent authorized workshop on site. The choice is left to you, long journeys to specified workshops are not necessary.

Choice and options

Car manufacturers offer their vehicles in different countries at different prices, in the quality are with the EU new cars no differences to be found. Differentiation between countries would cost car manufacturers more money than it would save them.

You do not have to accept any losses in the components, the technology and the processing when buying an EU reimport vehicle. The quality and manufacturer’s guarantees are identical in the EU new cars, in the scope of equipment can be different.

This is not a disadvantage, the models from the European foreign countries are usually better equipped, than domestic cars. Reimport vehicles included in special offers often free equipment packages, which are expensive to pay in germany. thanks to the cost savings you can treat yourself to additional special equipment and increase the value of the car.

With the exception of suvs and off-road vehicles, cars with summer tires delivered. The offroaders are partly equipped with all-season tires equipped. Among the used car offers there are models with winter tires.

If sellers usually have to commit themselves to one manufacturer, europemobile offers as free multi-brand dealer of reimport vehicles a unique selection. When searching for the car of your dreams you can choose from over 25 brands choose: from A like alfa romeo and audi to BMW from munich, citroen, dacia, fiat, ford, honda, hyundai, jeep, kia, mazda, nissan, opel, peugeot, renault, seat, skoda, suzuki, toyota and models from volkswagen and volvo.

Whether you are looking for the smallest car, the practical companion in the form of a station wagon or a popular SUV, europemobile is at your service with a extensive selection of new cars to the page.

In addition to the individual options configurator to put together his vehicle, there is the offer to buy a vehicle out of stock. The warehouse at the company headquarters in saldorf-surheim (ca. One hour forty minutes drive from munich) includes at all times more than 300 immediately available new cars. The assortment is supplemented by as good as new used vehicles. in stock and directly available, you will save additional money when buying these used cars kept in stock.

Payment and financing

once the decision has been made to purchase a new car, the question of financing arises. Europemobile offers wide range of financing options and works together with renowned banks. On request you will receive immediately a individual financing offer or a leasing offer for the EU new car. The favorable leasing conditions include optional maintenance and inspection packages.

With "0,99% effective annual interest rate!“ the desired vehicle can be financed with an absolute low interest rate and the flexible financing options can be used. The europemobile promotion is valid for new car financing without final installment. Used car financing and new car financing with final installment are available for 2.69% effective annual interest rate.

The possibility of trade-in of a used car exists to us likewise. In contrast to numerous dealers who limit trade-ins to certain brands, europemobile cars of all manufacturers in payment. the residual value of the old vehicle determined in the course of the trade-in will be offset against the purchase price of the new EU car. The transaction for the sale of the used car and the purchase of the new car go hand in hand and take place smoothly.

There is no risk for you when buying. Your service when ordering the EU new car no down payment (this is to be provided in exceptional cases, for example in the case of exclusive paintwork). The payment is due at the time of pickup or delivery of the vehicle. After delivery you pay within seven days by bank transfer. Secure payment methods are paid by onlinebanking and payment per.De guaranteed. This step can also be done easily from home. alternatively, payment by escrow account is possible, cash payment is excluded.

The prices indicated for the reimport car are final prices including the legal value added tax and all additional costs. The vehicle documents, a stamped service booklet, three years’ MOT and the transfer costs to saaldorf-surheim are included in the purchase price. There are no additional costs.

Collection or delivery

Europemobile delivers to the vehicles without registration an EC certificate of conformity (COC), this allows a immediate registration of the EU new car. Vehicles with export registration and foreign documents will be delivered with a data sheet for the registration office. for leased cars the registration service can be used. The vehicle is in all cases ready for registration in saaldorf-surheim taken over by the buyer. Your personal contact person welcomes you on site.

A collection in saaldorf-surheim is recommended in connection with a short vacation. 140 kilometers from munich, the team is at your disposal to help you find your accommodation. All-round service guaranteed for the purchase of a new reimport car.

the freeway, train and airplane connections offer a wide range of possibilities arrival options. In addition to the new car, there is the beautiful berchtesgadener land with its mountain and lake landscapes to discover. coming from munich, directly at the border to the "mozart city", you can afterwards you can discover the historic old town of salzburg and the salzburgerland in austria.

Alternatively, europemobile delivers on request to the new cars to the doorstep. Germany-wide, without advance payment and for a small surcharge. A credit report and confirmation from the bank are sufficient for the freight forwarding business.

delivery times

After receipt of the order confirmation, the delivery time begins. Various factors influence delivery times, reimports have to travel long distances. Depending on this the delivery times between two and four months depending on make and model. Particularly sought-after vehicles can result in longer waiting times. In order to shorten waiting times in these cases, models that are in high demand are offered as pre-production vehicles. These new reimport vehicles are immediately added to the stock.

Who at short notice in need of a vehicle, can access the stock of europemobile. The from over 10.000 vehicles in stock selected car will be provided within a few weeks.

Brand new: car live stream presentation

Increasing digitalization brings new benefits and new buying experiences. The car-livestream-presentation from europemobile allows you to get to know your dream car from the comfort of your own home. Per video transmission the salesman demonstrates vehicles in stock in a live stream and responds to your wishes and questions. one can communicate directly with the advisor online and have details on the vehicle shown to him or her.

The virtual format gives the feeling of sitting in a dream car
take. During the online presentation, you can order your desired vehicle live view from all sides. The salesperson demonstrates the car in detail and digitally presents different information about vehicle and equipment ready. Within the framework of the online live transmission, a comprehensive customer advice guaranteed.

Via livestream to the car of your dreams: make an appointment now via the contact form, by email or by phone (only possible for vehicles in stock) and watch the dream car in the car livestream presentation. At europemobile this and much more is possible.

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