Travel – vacation and dental treatment in hungary

Holiday and dental treatment in Hungary

Combine your dental treatment in Hungary with a spa stay in Hévíz and save up to 70% the cost of treatment!

A dental treatment in Hévíz is the best example of how to combine the pleasant with the useful:
At the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic you will find a competent and friendly medical team that can fulfill almost any treatment request, from aesthetic fillings to dentures to professional teeth cleaning and dental cosmetic procedures.

At the same time Hévíz offers all the amenities for a relaxing getaway: Our charming Hungarian town offers first class hotels and restaurants, famous thermal springs as well as numerous cultural and historical sights in a beautiful landscape environment.

The very low prices are another striking argument: So do it like many of our patients combine the dental treatment in Hungary with a relaxing vacation!

Medical care at Western European level – at Hungarian prices!

Our competent team of doctors always works with the latest standards in dentistry and offers tailor-made, holistic solutions at the highest level.

They are experienced experts in their field and carry out all dental interventions with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments.

Of course, our doctors speak excellent German and are happy to answer all your questions about teeth, gums & dentures!

At the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic, dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists and anesthesiologists work closely together.

Therefore, we can answer nearly all questions in our clinic under one roof and address them competently – the interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment planning is one of our strengths!

The cooperation between the doctors and our in-house dental laboratory is just as close: under the guidance of an experienced master dental technician, 8 qualified dental technicians manufacture individual dentures of the highest quality.

The implementation of dental work on site saves time & Ways; In addition, all consultation sessions around questions of dentures take place directly in our dental laboratory.

I was in the dental clinic in June. Very accommodating, nice u. I was kindly received. Everything went to my satisfaction. The two bridges did not cost half as much as in Germany. Great workmanship, fits and fits. I recommend everyone to inquire about an offer and to combine it with a vacation.

Combine your dental treatment with a holiday in Hungary!

The multi-faceted Magyar Republic in the heart of Europe has long been regarded as a special insider tip for travelers. For far beyond the traditional cliché of "Puszta, peppers and piroshka" This popular holiday destination offers its visitors countless holiday opportunities ↗.

Did you know that thanks to its over 1200 healing thermal springs, Hungary is also a true magical world for relaxation, cures and wellbeing?

The bright blue thermal lake of Hévíz is world famous, Its curative water has a positive effect on rheumatic and motor complaints ↗, Stomach and digestive problems. The warm water invites you to swim in both summer and winter, and the healing mud from the lake is also used for various physiotherapeutic applications.

In addition, Hévíz offers numerous Cultural-historical sights in the idyllic surroundings of a pretty small town and scenic surroundings.

For a longer stay, excursions in the area are also available. A particularly popular destination from Hévíz is the Hungarian sea – Lake Balaton! Here you can expect not only swimming fun but also untouched nature in the nearby national park, a thriving gastronomy & Cultural scene as well as romantic boat trips on the lake!

Well known and popular among connoisseurs the Hungarian wines and also the Magyar kitchen contributes to the well-being of our guests. If you visit Hévíz, you will experience true Hungarian hospitality in the restaurants, and our pastry shops and coffee houses invite you to linger!

The comprehensive health and tourism offer is rounded off by a particularly high-quality dental service nationwide, which is unique in terms of value for money across Europe.

The Medical education at Hungarian universities is internationally recognized, In particular, German-language courses attract many students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Therefore, it is not surprising that Hungary is firmly established in the field of health tourism For two decades now, thousands of patients from neighboring Western countries have been traveling to Hungary for treatment – and many are so satisfied that they want to return!

Another factor contributing to the attractiveness of Hungary as a tourist destination is its Location in the heart of Europe: Whether from Germany, Austria or Switzerland – the arrival routes are short! It does not matter whether you opt for a comfortable direct flight, travel by bus or train, or traveling by car – Hungary always awaits you with open arms!

If you have a dentist appointment or you need dentures, we would like to cordially invite you to Hévíz in the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic: We are sure: our offer ↗ will convince you!

Our service for you: travel organization for your stay in Hévíz

The Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic wants to help your combined treatment- & Relaxation stay in Hungary as pleasant as possible: We want our patients to feel completely comfortable – and that’s why we like to take over the organization, not only for your appointment with a dentist, but for the entire journey! So you can concentrate on your health and enjoy some relaxing days in Hévíz!

We offer Comprehensive travel organization support – from arrival to accommodation to transfer within the resort.

  • Our friendly team will be pleased to advise you on the various travel options. Whether by plane, train or coach or own car: We always have the latest information for you!
  • For our patients from South Tyrol there is a special one Tour Bus Service. If you wish, we are also at your disposal with cheap transfer options throughout Hungary and from the cities of the nearer border region.
  • We offer cheap and comfortable guesthouses and hotels in Hévíz ↗ to comfortably accommodate our patients.
  • Another offer for your comfort is ours Dental taxi service. Our friendly drivers will pick you up directly at your accommodation in the city and drive you to your dental clinic in a reliable and comfortable way directly to your appointments. Of course, after the appointment you will also be driven back to the accommodation.

Use our online contact form ↗ to let us know your travel arrangements. If you wish we can call you back to discuss everything in detail on the phone. So you can be sure that your stay in Hungary will be completely stress-free: from the arrival and accommodation to the appointment for a dentist!

To make sure we can best meet your travel and arrival requests, accommodation and wellness program, it is best to contact us 4 weeks before your planned trip.

May we introduce: Our highly qualified dental team

At the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic you will find our competent and friendly team of dentists, orthodontists and anaesthesiologists, specialist assistants and dental technicians.

Our dentists are not only first class, but of course fluently speak German – So you can be sure to handle all appointments without language problems!

The contact via the Internet as well as the welcome takes place on site our friendly reception, sales- & Office Team, which is available to you for all organizational questions and also ensures smooth processes behind the scenes.

Treatment spectrum Dental treatment Hungary

The Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic offers you one Highly qualified medical team and state-of-the-art medical technology.

This allows us to cover almost the entire spectrum of modern dentistry:

  • caries treatment & aesthetic fillings
  • professional tooth cleaning
  • Periodontology
  • orthodontics
  • Oral surgery
  • prosthetics & Implantology, i. the use of individually made fixed, removable or combined dentures: crowns, bridges, part- & Full dentures, and dental implants
  • Inlays, onlays & veneers
  • bleaching

With the Hévíz dental treatment, it is possible to solve almost all problems in the area of ​​teeth, gums and jaw bones – from aching molars to closing unsightly gaps in the teeth, to the cosmetic treatment of natural teeth.

The Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic always strives to make the treatments as comfortable as possible. Therefore, be all dental procedures painless performed – for minor interventions under local anesthesia, for larger interventions even in twilight sleep ↗. Here, our dentists are supported by two experienced anesthesiologists.

That is why it makes sense to combine a dental treatment with a holiday in Hungary

For most of our patients, saving money is the most important argument for having dental treatment done in Hungary: we offer you one at the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic Treatment according to Western European standards at much lower prices than in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

There are, however, other arguments that speak in favor of performing dental treatment in Hungary, that is, the pleasantness with the usefulness of combining dental health with holiday relaxation:

  • Successive appointments for optimal treatment planning: A simple tooth filling is done in one session, more extensive interventions, however, often require several appointments – from the first anamnesis- & Consultation about the actual procedure up to the follow-up. Through a stay of several days on site, you can tackle everything without deadline!
  • Follow-up by the attending physician: For oral surgery, a follow-up examination is required to check the healing progress and treat possible complications promptly. If you spend a few days in Hévíz, the doctor in charge can carry out this inspection himself – after all, he knows best what has been done and what to look for in the follow-up examination. Of course, he is also available for any questions you may have.
  • Bridging the waiting time when making dentures: Our in-house dental laboratory works precisely and quickly to make the required dentures individually for you. The resulting waiting time of a few days can be used to recover during a holiday in Hévíz.
  • Relaxation promotes the healing processThe more extensive the dental procedure, the more important the physical protection afterwards. Treat yourself to a two-day holiday in Hungary before returning to the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Even for anxious patients, it is often advantageous to face the intervention in a relaxed environment.

That’s what you need to think about when treating teeth in Hungary

The advantage of the Gelencsér Dental Dental Clinic lies not least in the fact that the reimbursement for dental treatment is standardized throughout Europe.

The same insurance subsidies are paid for dental treatment in Hungary as for treatment in Germany, Austria or Switzerland!

In other words, our patients only have to pay for their own portion of the treatment – which is considerably cheaper in Hungary than in the western neighboring countries!

The contact with your local health insurance in order Approval of the treatment and cost plan We take care of it for you: Usually there is a feedback within a few hours. Only in rare cases, if, for example, in particularly complicated cases an expert of the health insurance must be turned on, it takes longer.

In order to ensure a smooth handling of the financial aspects, we have put together a short checklist for you. The following things should be done or brought to Hungary before you leave:

We are happy to create one for you concrete individual offer based on x-rays and / or the cost plan of your local dentist.

The quoting is self-evident free – as well as the detailed initial examination and the consultation in our clinic in Hévíz!

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