Surgery in the dental clinic Hanover, podbi344

The dental clinic Hannover in the PODBI344: Dentistry and service for your needs

“Small things are what make perfection, but perfection is anything but a trifle.”
(Sir Frederick Henry Royce)

This is how the philosophy of the dental clinic PODBI344 can be aptly described. It is the details that ultimately make up the overall result and are responsible for the success of a treatment. Especially surgery – and implantology in particular – requires a detailed, precisely planned procedure: from the admission of our patients to their adoption!

The personal closeness to our patients is important to us – especially when it comes to longer and more complex interventions. That’s why we take time for you, your expectations and your wishes!

If necessary, we will also take you to hospital and take care of you and your family.

The Podbielskistraße 344 Dental Clinic is the partner of the PODBI344 dental practice for complex surgical cases. Dr. Gerald Schillig and Sven Schwenke de Wall offer a highly motivated team of individual solutions for people with special expectations and demands on the dental care.

At the dental clinic PODBI344 we use:

  • Personal and seamless care of our patients
  • Quality management and hygienic standards according to the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)
  • State-of-the-art expertise – through regular education and training of our entire team
  • Treatments and therapies according to current scientific findings
  • State-of-the-art technology for precisely planned, gentle and safe operations
  • Special rooms for complex dental treatments and operative measures

The dental clinic in the PODBI344 offers service and care at the highest level! We will gladly answer your questions: 0511 562566.

Surgery and implantology in the dental clinic PODBI – personal, precise, safe!

In the dental clinic PODBI344 we carry out small interventions and extensive operations. Here we can wisdom teeth remove quickly and painlessly, or patients thanks Dental implants from Hannover too complete new solid teeth help.

When is a treatment in the dental clinic PODBI344 in question for you?

Together with the dentists of the PODBI344 we decide on a possible treatment in the dental clinic. This is all about the safety and comfort of our patients from Hannover, Lower Saxony and the neighboring federal states.

implantations and other surgical interventions In the dental clinic, for example, we perform in the following cases:

  • If the treatment goes beyond the possibilities of a traditional dental practice or if our patients have a very long journey.
  • If an operation can only be performed under general anesthesia or in twilight sleep, the anesthetists of the dental clinic PODBI344 are ready.
  • If the treatment takes longer and the burden on our patients is increased unnecessarily, we offer hospitalization. This leaves plenty of time for recreation and relaxation for everyone involved.

The dental clinic 344 meets the current hygienic standards according to the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

These are regularly checked by the health department of the city of Hannover. This gives us the certainty that strict hygiene requirements will always be met. The Hanover Trade Licensing Office has granted us the license to operate a private clinic.

DVT – digital planning in the third dimension

The dental clinic PODBI344 has a digital volume tomograph (DVT) as a specialized facility. The technology of this device allows three-dimensional recordings in the jaw area. Compared to Computed Tomography (CT), the radiation exposure in digital volume tomography is significantly lower without loss of image quality.

Before surgical procedures, we can therefore plan the scope and procedure of the procedure more precisely than with conventional two-dimensional radiographs.

We X-ray with the most modern technology – digital and three-dimensional! Your advantage: The duration of the procedure is shortened and the result becomes more precise.

High-performance X-ray technology helps us to diagnose hidden findings and to plan the best therapy for our patients. To minimize exposure to X-rays, we use low-radiation digital X-ray technology.

The X-rays are not projected onto a film, but onto a storage foil and further processed electronically. This is how we avoid environmentally harmful X-ray chemicals.

Another advantage of this technology: Thanks to digitization, the images are available via the data line at any time and at any place on the screen. Of course, in compliance with medical confidentiality and data protection.

X-rays with the digital volume tomograph (DVT) are not part of the service catalog of the statutory health insurance companies. We will inform you about the costs at any time. We are happy to answer your questions: 0511 562566.

Anesthesia – the right anesthetic for every patient

Thanks to modern anesthesia, pain and unnecessary stress in dental and surgical procedures can today be largely avoided. Depending on the type and extent of the procedure, we recommend the appropriate anesthetic form for you in the dental clinic.

The Local anesthesia (local anesthesia) and the Nitrous oxide sedation, They are usually used in simpler dental treatments. In the dental clinic we offer the general anesthesia or the Analgesic sedation (twilight sleep) for extensive interventions or at the request of our patients.

We make the decision together with our anaesthesiologist Dr. med. Martin Gotthardt and dr. Jürgen open sand. Experienced specialists will guide your anesthesia and monitor you throughout your treatment.

general anesthesia

For complicated procedures, such as extensive implantation or bone augmentation, general anesthesia proves to be useful. Especially with treatments lasting several hours, this strongest form of anesthesia ensures the necessary immobilization and relaxation of our patients. Our patients “overslept” the surgical procedure – it does not take place in their consciousness at all. After waking up, they recover in the patient room and can usually leave the clinic on the same day.


After general anesthesia, “deep sleep or twilight sleep” is the second most powerful form of anesthesia. Through a vein, special drugs are brought into the bloodstream that cause a sleep-like state. The patient gets nothing from the treatment. However, you breathe independently. This circumstance, combined with the swallowing reflex during the treatment, means that analgesic sedation is less suitable for extensive interventions.

Patient service – to make you feel good

The well-being of our patients is important to us! We want you to feel well looked after and comfortable – and not just for the immediate treatment in the dental clinic PODBI344.

The dental clinic PODBI344 offers on request Dates at unusual times and meets the needs of many patients for individual and flexible care. These include treatments in the evenings, on weekends and in individual cases on public holidays. We offer one for that Overnight service of our dental laboratory.

This special service is intended primarily for business people and guests from abroad who have to resort to these times due to their schedule.

For our patients with long journey is one inpatient stay possible. Upon request, ours will pick you up Shuttle service at Hannover-Langenhagen airport and bring you back there again

We also gladly organize the hotel stay for your escort, as well as a shuttle service to the airport or hotel.

Information about the hotel stay

The dental clinic PODBI344 cooperates with the Hotel Finkenhof – Haus Meersmannufer in Hanover. Here is no room like the other and each one with its unmistakable charm.

Let yourself be surprised by the warmth and personal service of our partner hotel!

Derma PODBI344 – Individual aesthetics for your skin and beauty

Beauty is a sensitive topic and is known to be in the eye of the beholder. If at a critical glance in the mirror you are no longer satisfied with everything you see – we are happy to help!

It’s not the teeth alone that make beauty perfect. The lips, the skin and the entire contours of the face shape your appearance.

We look forward to being your trusted partner: Trust in our many years of experience!

Everything you need to know about treatments and appointments from your dental clinic in Hanover can be found here: Derma PODBI344!

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