Patients: endodontics dr

Patients: endodontics dr

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Dr. Eggert really listened to me when I described my tooth root problems, explained the treatment I needed well and answered all my questions. What is particularly important to me is that I could see at any time during treatment on a screen what happens and Dr. Eggert also explained this very well.
This has given me confidence because I have understood how my roots are treated and why every step is needed to effectively fight the inflammation. Also an important point for me: “Hygiene and disinfection are actually exemplary lived in this practice.”

10-03-2019 Bettina Schwegmann

What I like about the dental practice Martin Eggert has enjoyed very well in the past years and still likes it very much:

There is a very high level of motivation, friendliness and great professional competence in the entire team.

All of this relates to the following aspects:

  • the assignment of appointments
  • the very professional advice that focuses on the patient in his entire person
  • the really extraordinary professional prophylaxis
  • the patient-oriented and factual flexibility
  • The quality of the surgical procedures, which are carried out with the utmost precision and whose primary goal is the preservation of the teeth: even difficult interventions are carried out with high professionalism so well that one feels in good hands at every moment.

R.H., Ennepetal, 19.01.2019

Dr. Eggert is a specialist in endodontology and periodontics. Optimum solutions for the preservation of the teeth are in the foreground of a treatment. Dr. Dr. med. Eggert through high professional competence, many years of experience and the use of the latest technology. The practice team is friendly and cares for the anxious patient. The initial examination is a thorough inventory. With a 6x magnifying glass even the smallest damage is visible and documented with the use of digital photography and digital X-ray technology. In a very detailed consultation, the patient will be shown damage on the basis of the images produced. To remedy this damage, the treatment methods are explained. Eggert has specialized. The goal is tooth preservation. The informatively designed web site of the endodontic practice provides the patient with many further information. The practice is equipped with a technologically high-quality Zeiss surgical microscope with 25x magnification. It makes it possible to recognize even the most filigree ramifications in the interior of the tooth and to optimally coordinate the working steps for root canal treatment through the visual inspection. Health and cost plans provide a very good cost transparency even before the treatment. Dr. Eggert puts the patient in the center and takes the necessary time, which goes beyond normal office hours if necessary.

The treatment is professional and competent. The patient is informed about the individual treatment steps and feels in the hands of Dr. Ing. Eggert and his assistant team in good hands. Even longer lasting and complex treatments are made as comfortable as possible for the patient. Fear of injections or pain are in the skilled hands of Dr. Ing. Eggert unfounded. The treatment methods with state-of-the-art technical equipment are described on the homepage of Dr. med. Eggert explained in detail. The results of the individual treatment steps are documented with digital photography and discussed with the patient. The use of high-quality materials guarantee good compatibility, durability and last but not least a good look from the patient’s point of view. Here too, the good cooperation and the high quality of the dental laboratory in practice Eggert to mention. All treatment steps to solve my dental problems have been carried out to my satisfaction. With the finished result I am also very satisfied with the aesthetic aspects. Thanks for the excellent competence, friendliness and excellent patient care. Eggert and his practice team including the dental laboratory.

Last but not least, I became aware of how important it is for patients to maintain their teeth, even with thorough oral hygiene. The patient learns the techniques in detail from the specially trained staff. Eggerts in prophylaxis. The recommended half-yearly prophylaxis appointments for the control and preservation of the now achieved treatment result, I will gladly take.

G. H. , Lüdenscheid, 17.09.2018

After an accident more than 10 years ago, when my right upper incisor lost a large part of the tooth substance, I had to undergo several unpleasant treatments. In the summer of last year, after a failed WSR, the search for a definitive solution began: I was supposed to get an implant.

However, I do not want to be content with this solution and have therefore, on the advice of my father, decided to follow Dr. Visited Eggert. Already in the first conversation Dr. med. Eggert through his professional skills, the highly technical equipment and its approaches, but above all, that he wanted to get the tooth, as far as possible. In addition, I thought it was good that he explained every step of the treatment, and that he did not hide behind “technical Chinese”.

Even during the prophylactic appointments I felt treated very well by the assistants and in competent hands. Besides, Dr. Eggert showed that you do not have to be afraid of stuns and thus helped me to work a bit on my syringe phobia.

10.12.2017, J. St., Dortmund

About 5 months ago I came with a completely rotten root canal treatment, through internet research, to Dr. med. Eggert in practice. I got a first appointment very quickly. For this purpose, Dr. Eggert took a lot of time and explained things from the ground up and explained them in detail and comprehensible on the basis of many practical examples. After another x-ray, which gave more information, the treatment plan was determined. This is Dr. Eggert always a goal as possible to get your own tooth. For me now stood for a 4-hour root revision, which initially put me in a great panic. But here too Dr. Eggert and his team are available at any time, even by e-mail, for any outstanding questions. The treatment was made as comfortable as possible for the patient. Dr. Eggert has very high expertise, special empathy with a lot of rest. Quickly you notice on your chair that you do not have to be afraid of pain here. The ability and the cooperation with his assistant were very impressive. He is very concerned about the successful treatment and the tooth preservation of the patient. He works with very high quality materials and best equipment. According to the current state, I owe him my dental rest, which others would have long since wanted to pull, on the grounds that there is no treatment option here.

I am very happy, grateful and enthusiastic to have found such a dentist. I trust him to 1000% and will never go to another dentist again.

26.11.2017, Marianne Schulte, Bad Sassendorf

The first contact in practice Martin Eggert was different than I was used to from my former dentist. The extent and the care during the preliminary investigations have already impressed me. Everything about the X-ray images was explained to me in detail. The treatment was carried out with the utmost care and I was very satisfied with the final result and felt in good hands. I can only recommend the practice! The prophylaxis was much better than with my last dentist.

06.11.2017, p. B., Hagen

Finally found a competent dentist! After my move from Hamburg to Dortmund and two completely unsuccessful treatments with other dentists, I ended up with Dr. med. Eggert and his team a direct hit. After a very extensive consultation on tooth preservation (and not for implantation or Abflexen) I also got my most extensive support in the settlement with my private health insurance and the Beihilfestelle. My years of tooth root problem was resolved painlessly and optimally within two treatments. In the practice of Dr. med. Eggert and his team ideally combine competence, friendliness and time for the patient.

01.11.2017, Christian Hormann, Dortmund

As part of a complex and extensive root canal treatment on two adjacent molars, I would like to thank Dr. Ing. Martin Eggert and team express my special thanks and my satisfaction. After careful preliminary examination, comprehensible consultation and explanation of the treatment process, the treatment planning was carried out absolutely competent and in the best possible way. Both existing crowns were obtained without any visible traces.

My first positive contact with the practice, about 20 years ago, has always held and strengthened.

The (slightly annoyed) statement of a colleague was the best recommendation for me: “Man, he is always so fussy!”

November 2017, U. K.

The first contact to your practice was very friendly and straightforward. There was no long wait for the first appointment and not in the waiting room. The time management works flawlessly.

The preliminary investigations were very detailed and well planned and explained. All explanations of the pending treatments were understandable and complete. Based on the photos made synonymous for the layman comprehensible. The treatment was very time-consuming, but this was due to the individual tooth condition.

But I always felt that 100% of the work was really done. Dr. Eggert and his team are perfectly attuned to each other. Even with several hours of treatment, everything runs smoothly.

The treatments were thought through in advance and planned accordingly. There were no surprises in terms of the amount of time.

The team (reception + laboratory) was always very friendly and accommodating. Appointment requests were always considered.

The prophylaxis is given a special value. This speaks for itself and the experience so far shows that this is also so correct and effective.

After completing the work, I am convinced that my years of existing tooth problem has finally been resolved.

Due to my previous experience with other dentists, I could not imagine going home with the current result. My expectations were more than exceeded.

I am very satisfied with the practice of Dr. Ing. Eggert and can not imagine better care and treatment for me as a patient.

Thank you very much

19.10.2017, Marcus Wickel, Altena

Continuation of my opinion from 17.01.2016 on 25.07.2017:

After 1 ½ years, I draw a new conclusion, because I was very skeptical because of the high cost, whether the investment in a root canal treatment with surgical microscope is really worthwhile:

Thanks to the good work of Dr. med. Eggert be rescued, the inflammation in the bone is completely healed. The differences before – afterwards become clear from the digital X-ray also for the layman.

A lot of time is invested and carefully controlled at a dental check-up.

Finally, a dentist who does a good job!!

25.07.2017, M.H., Menden

For your effort, your excellent advice and benevolent care of a patient who actually has fears of contact with dental care, I would like to thank you and your practice team.”

29.03.2017 G.H., Lüdenscheid

“After two failed root treatments followed by an unsuccessful WSR I turned desperately (and soon without teeth) to the practice of Dr. med. Eggert, after I got the recommendation from a friend. Since then, I know that even WKB can be performed completely painless and run with the utmost care, much effort and good craftsmanship. Much time takes Dr. Eggert also for the diagnosis, consultation and understandable information about upcoming treatments.
I feel treated by the entire practice staff highly professional, be it in larger dental interventions, as well as, for example, in the prophylaxis of the dedicated assistants. The entire practice staff encounters the patient as a functioning team with a lot of experience, but also friendliness and empathy. In addition, I see it as very positive that the appointment is excellent (long waiting times have been missing so far) and that in front of the practice patient parking is available. “

05.03.2017 Korinna S., Hagen

“I have been treating the dental practice since about 1996. Eggert. I had to undergo extensive dental rehabilitation, which initially required orthodontic pre-treatment to create a good base for the necessary dentures to ensure a lasting and durable restoration.
Previously, I was seriously afraid of dentists and did not have much experience. Through the extensive and good education in practice Eggert, who informed me about the advantages and disadvantages of various treatment methods and made the next steps of the treatment understandable and comprehensible to me, I was able to reduce reservations and fears.
The extensive dentures created at that time is still intact until today (2017) and the work has kept me my dental status until today. Mr. Eggert attaches great importance to the preservation of teeth and manages to obtain teeth that would probably have been extracted by the exclusive use of cash benefits through the use of know-how and good innovative technical equipment. These teeth are still in good health at that time, today. I am of the care and precision with which Dr. Eggert performs the treatment confident and the results speak for themselves. I am grateful and happy for that.

Both in the prophylaxis treatment, as well as in the further dental care, I always felt well advised and well advised about the costs and their reasons and was willing to take benefits outside of the cash benefit, which is a sustainable solution and Durability have led. “

02.03.2017 Klaus Kaiser, Hagen

“Dr. Eggert’s team: Friendly, flexible, helpful, always time for a few words in between, just very nice.

Dr. Eggert: Very thorough and careful investigation; he takes a lot of time for the examination and for the subsequent consultation; he explains his work steps, which I find very good personally; his perfectionist style benefits the patients. Although it is more expensive than the dentists I have had so far, his work is simply top!

In short: Although expensive, but top in advice, quality and climate! To recommend!”

22.06.2016 S.L., Remscheid

“For nearly 15 years, I’ve had a constant painful pull in the upper root area of ​​two incisors right next to my nose. Even on minor occasions, such as cold, wind, hard-to-chew food or mere nasal cleaning, it has increased to severe attacks of pain.
I had the questionable teeth checked at regular intervals, allegedly always without findings. Visits to the ENT specialist, the neurologist, a CT scan in the hospital as well as the removal of a wisdom tooth were unable to remedy the situation. Finally, the advised tooth cleaning (!), As expected, was unsuccessful.
First Dr. After a thorough and careful preliminary examination, Eggert diagnosed the causes and promptly started a treatment that made me pain-free after just two appointments. A feeling, a condition that only those who have undergone the same can understand. The treatment was tedious and time-consuming, but for the past six months I have been pain free. But not only that, I find it pleasant, but also the high level of information before, during and after the treatment helps me feel well looked after by this doctor and his team. To make a long story short: I had three other teeth refurbished at the same time, which was done with the same precision and the same optimal result as before. In my opinion a perfect treatment. “

10.06.2016, T. Z., Gevelsberg

“I’ve been a patient in practice for over 20 years. Eggert. Of course there have been very few pleasant appointments for me in the dentist‘s chair during these many years: root canal treatments, the treatment of extensive periodontitis, inlays and crowns were used – in no case did I lose a tooth.
This tooth preservation and the overall excellent preservation status of my teeth is primarily for me the merit of the reliably excellent patient care practice. Eggert. “

05.04.2016 Eberhard Kranert, Hagen

“For many years, my husband and I have been satisfied patients with Dr. Ing. Eggert. Throughout the period we have Dr. med. Eggert experienced as a always well-advised dentist. Priority was always the goal to get teeth. This could be achieved with both of us by precise and qualitatively very good work.
In doing so, Dr. Eggert attaches particular importance to prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning, X-rays of the teeth, pictures of one’s own teeth, etc.)
We would like to emphasize the competence and friendliness of any appointment, treatment and preventive care. “

16.02.2016 Carla Bäcker, Hagen

“For about 30 years I am now with Dr. med. Eggert and thus has good knowledge and experience with his practice. I like the friendly and factual atmosphere in which each treatment process is explained to me understandable. Advantages and disadvantages of different treatment methods are clearly explained. Dr. Eggert is always up to date with the latest technology.
I would particularly like to emphasize the rescue of a tooth, which another wanted to pull in the emergency service and the recently used aesthetically and technically perfect implant.

The whole team is always very friendly, without being overworked. One has the impression that one is well-balanced here. This also applies to the coordination with the in-house dental laboratory. Appointments are punctual, rarely with a short waiting period of max. 10-15 minutes.

Dr. Eggert attaches great importance to prophylaxis and I am very pleased that he has specialized in tooth preservation.
My expectations have even been exceeded and I have every confidence in future treatments. “

12.02.2016 Dieter Göbel, Hagen

“I had big problems with chewing. Having already had two other dentures available, I asked Dr. Eggert for his assessment. I felt very well advised and decided after a short consideration to implement his offer.
My last seven teeth were badly damaged and acutely threatened by loss. Among other things, with five root canals, it was possible to preserve all the teeth and build a reliable foundation for my new dentures.
After careful and painless treatment, I now have a “steaktaugliche” prosthesis in the lower jaw, which I had not dared to hope. For four and a half years I am happy every day to be able to bite with my own teeth again really strong and carefree. There were and are not the slightest problems.
I appreciate that all the more, as I can watch with my peers so often that they can not chew properly with their teeth. After careful and painless treatment, I now have a “steaktaugliche” prosthesis in the lower jaw, which I had not dared to hope.

08.02.2016 H.R., Hagen

“In search of a dentist who performs a microscopic root canal treatment, I have Dr. med. Eggert found over the internet. I got an appointment for a first preliminary talk within two days. Dr. Eggert first made a detailed preliminary examination and then explained to me on the basis of recordings in detail how the treatment will proceed. Not only did he spend a lot of time doing this, he also explained the procedure very clearly.

The following treatment appointments were timely. Unable to imagine how to survive a four-hour dental appointment, I was grateful that the entire team understood my fears. Everyone was very friendly and sensitive – short breaks I wanted were implemented immediately.
I have dr. Eggert experienced very carefully. During the treatment, camera shots were taken continuously, which were used after the treatment to show me the procedure.
All in all, I felt very well looked after in practice. Since the treatment was not favorable, I hope that it has paid off in the long term. “

17.01.2016 M.H., Menden

“If you are looking for a dentist, you should consult the practice of Dr. Ing. Look at Eggert. He did that, which nobody achieved before him. However, what feels like a miracle to me is a well thought out strategy. Dr. Eggert takes his time, he listens to you and works very precisely. I am deeply grateful to him and I am very happy that I have found my specialist. “

27.11.2015 Patrick Schwalm, Hemer

“I’m on the Internet looking for” treatment of root canal inflammation “on the practice. Eggert bumped.
For months I was in treatment with other dentists – without success. I had already lost two teeth because the treatment there was not successful …
Dr. Eggert was literally my last hope! After a first contact via the e-mail address, I immediately got an appointment.
Meanwhile, the inflamed tooth has been successfully treated and rescued. When you have an appointment, you never have to wait long. Everything is planned precisely and well organized! The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. The advice of Dr. med. Eggert is very thorough and detailed.
I feel very well looked after in practice – after a long history of suffering! That’s why I’ll stay there for treatment. “

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