Tummy care during pregnancy and at rest

Tummy care during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

During pregnancy the body is in a state of emergency. The stomach and chest gain in volume within a very short time. Fortunately, the female body is designed to store more water for the stretch and elasticity of the skin, and to contract the tissue after birth. But depending on care and disposition, it can still be the unpleasant Stretch marks come. With a good one belly care can the Stretch marks be prevented.

What are stretch marks and how do they develop??

Stretch marks, also known as stretch marks, are fine cracks in the subcutaneous tissue, which come about through a rapid weight gain or weight reduction. In early pregnancy, these often appear as reddish streaks. Particularly affected are often the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. After birth, the stretch marks fade, but are still visible with slightly silvery contours on the skin. A regular stomach care can prevent that.

To-Do’s for the care of the stomach during pregnancy:

  1. Intense skin care
    By the third month at the latest an intensive skin care should be operated. To “cream” oils are often used for the care of the stomach. Everyone has to decide for themselves which product to use. Ask your friends which oil or cream you would like to use. With a massage oil (jojoba oil or almond oil for example) you do not go wrong.
  2. abdominal massage
    To tighten the skin, the plucking massage is recommended. This should be done clockwise. For this, take small areas of skin between two fingers, pull up and let go again. With a little massage oil on the hands, massaging works especially well. Those who are prone to premature labor should refrain from the abdominal massage, which is also used as a home remedy for contractions.
  3. Measures for circulation promotion
    To avoid stretch marks, the skin must be kept moist. The prerequisite for this is good blood circulation. The blood circulation is promoted by massaging the abdomen with a skin glove or a sponge. Also changing showers and a body scrub do the circulation very well. When showering, make sure that the water is not too hot, that would not do the skin and the baby good. The measures for promoting blood circulation are also of particular importance for the well-being of the child, as this gives the baby extra portions of oxygen through the umbilical cord.
  4. right nutrition
    It is important to ensure a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy so as not to double the connective tissue. A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy with sufficient exercise is of course also included. Because even with the development of the child, the mother-to-be increases between 10 and 15 kg. The background is that the female body produces more blood and amniotic fluid for the development of the baby and enlarges the organs. A few fat deposits are fine as the body eventually needs reserves, but everything has to stay within limits. The weight gain is checked regularly from the initial examination by the gynecologist. Expectant mothers should take the opportunity to seek advice from the doctor on nutrition issues during pregnancy.

To-Do’s for the care of the stomach after pregnancy:

Even after delivery, intensive breast care for regeneration should continue to be used during lactation. As in pregnancy, “creams, plucking” and blood circulation should be promoted, and healthy and properly nourished. In order to get everything back in shape, the newly minted mother should take part in a recovery course. Those who can style should, in our view, also do so, since the process of recovery is also accelerated. If there is still time in the new situation, sports activities should be pursued, as this will promote the elasticity of the skin and stimulate the metabolism. Pregnancy yoga is a safe variant of physical activity and is increasingly practiced by young mothers.

Let stretch marks lase

To get rid of the stretch marks quickly, there is still the alternative of laser treatment. The stretch marks are removed by flashes of light that penetrate into deeper areas of the skin, stimulating the processing of collagen. After treatment, slight swelling occurs around the sites of the stretch marks. These disappear after 24 to 48 hours after the laser treatment. The laser is painless, but should be discussed exactly with the treating dermatologist. The stretch marks are so easily get rid of, but there is no guarantee that they are really no longer visible. The removal is also possible by micro needling. Here, the annoying streaks on the skin are removed by needles that make small holes that are filled with the active ingredients for regeneration. The removal of the stretch marks is also possible through an ultrasound treatment. Even gentler than the path-lasering and the micro needling is this type of treatment.

Getting rid of the stretch marks or stretch marks is not always easy. Prevention through targeted and regular abdominal care is the best treatment approach. A gentle removal often costs a lot of money, because the funds do not pay. Prevention, however, is inexpensive.

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By the way: In order not to irritate the uterus, you should omit the pubic bone during your massages.

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