Pulling in the bar

Pulling in the bar

If you have pain in the groin (in the area between the abdomen, the hip and the thighs), then this can have different causes. The pain is usually a pull, but it can also occur a squeeze. Men are generally more affected than women.

There are relatively many causes of a pull or pain in the groin, but there are also sex-related causes. Some are less harmless than others, and the pain varies.

In most cases, a hernia is the cause of a pull in the bar. However, such a hernia is not always painful, sometimes this shows up only in a kind of protrusion in the groin area. Other causes may include joint wear, hip or bone disease, varicose veins, urinary tract infections or sports injuries such as muscle strain. Also, certain inflammations or pinched nerves can trigger pain in the groin, as well as lymph node swelling. A pull in the groin can also be triggered by a urinary stone or osteoporosis. There are relatively many causes and in any case they should be checked and diagnosed by the doctor.

Pulling in the groin in men

One of the most common causes is inguinal hernia, which occurs more often in men. A hernia is caused by a pressure in the abdomen, which may have different reasons. For example, a hernia may result from a chronic cough, constipation, overweight, or lifting and carrying heavy loads. Other causes of a pull in the groin in men can also be a disease of the genital organs, such as an epididymitis. Pain in the groin may also be a symptom of prostate inflammation and testicular cancer. In the case of a man, the pain may also be due to a twisting of the testicle, and it may also be that certain viscera or nerves are pinched and therefore cause pain.

Pulling in the groin in women

Pulling on the groin in women is in most cases rather harmless and most commonly occurs with menstrual pain. In women, it can also lead to a groin pain before or during ovulation. These are usually stinging or pulling, but are also very different from woman to woman. Not every woman will feel such a pull during her cycle. Even during pregnancy, such pain can occur. Again, these are usually rather harmless, although a pregnancy can be a trigger for a hernia. But other causes can also be more serious diseases, such as the so-called endometriosis or acute fallopian tube or ovarian inflammation. In some cases, pulling in the groin in women can also occur due to a cyst in the ovaries.

Due to the many different causes, there is also a large number of therapy options. Especially if the pain in the groin is very strong or regular, then definitely a doctor should be consulted. This can make an accurate diagnosis and therefore treat accordingly. If it concerns a muscle injury or a strain, then usually already the saving and cooling of the bar helps. However, if you have an inflammation that causes the pain, then usually already help medications and antibiotics. In some cases, you may need to see a specialist. This can be the case if you have problems with the bones and these are the cause of pulling in the groin. In some cases it can also lead to surgery, which is usually the case with a hernia or a cyst. When the symptoms in women due to the rule or ovulation, then heat is usually very helpful. Especially a warm bath can help, as well as a hot water bottle or a cherry stone pillow and also a warm tea can cause an improvement.


Pulling in the groin can be triggered by many different causes and usually occurs along with other symptoms. In general, men are more often affected, especially if it is a hernia, but also in women, a pull in the groin can occur more often, especially during ovulation or the rule. Some causes are rather harmless, although some of the causes can be very painful and acute and should definitely be examined by the doctor. However, it should also be said that almost all causes can be treated relatively easily.

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