Learning english with children: the audiobook as a learning assistant

You don’t only learn the English language with books and index cards. Audiobooks are also great for learning English with children. There are 5 good reasons for this medium.

The audio book is very suitable as a learning companion for learning English – and can be used anytime and anywhere © Tomasz Zajda fotolia.com

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The English language surrounds us all daily, no matter whether small or large. You can speak and understand a lot of advantages: Alone for Understand of many lyrics on the radio, the Do research on the Internet or for understanding when traveling in distant countries – English is world language. English also plays an important role in the increasingly networked and therefore increasingly international professional world. Reason enough to learn the English language! But how?

Sure there is the classic way: Get out the school books and cram vocabulary! Of course, this is still a central component of the English learning path. But not the only one. In addition to other colorful learning strategies, there are 5 good reasons why audiobooks are particularly good for learning English with children.

Learning English with kids: Kids learn about listening first

Suck especially in small children Children’s language like a sponge and parrot as much as you can remember. Adult phrases therefore automatically creep into the child’s language and quite often there are quite funny sentences that, like for Patricia Cammarata with “Very much like mom, you ass bomb”, even provide the perfect book title. In short,Speech development depends heavily on how well a child hears. This "dependence" can not only be used when learning the mother tongue. Even kindergarten children can accompany the little dragon coconut to his schooling with educational audio books or with small Witch Huckla practice spells. And Incidentally, they familiarize themselves with the English language before starting the controlled learning process at school.

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Learning English with children: combining the pleasant with the useful

With an audiobook, your child can learn at any time: whether for a walk, in their own room or on long car journeys | © pexels.com

Practical about audio books: you can heard always and everywhere become. Be it at home, on the bus and train or on long car journeys. It’s important, that Connect children with the English audio book something pleasant. Then it even helps to let a story run while playing in the background and the language becomes more and more familiar and natural by itself.

That is why they are particularly suitable at the beginning fairy tale or well-known children’s songs, that your child already knows well. Then not all words need to be known to understand the action and celebrate a sense of achievement. At the same time, the kids develop holistic understanding and fine feeling for the English language.

Learning English with children: Audiobooks as an alternative to the classic book

English-language children’s books have long been a popular tool for teaching the world language in a playful way. After all, who doesn’t like to follow spellbinding stories? Not all children like to read. Audiobooks offer this reading muffle of all ages A great alternative: On the one hand, the colorful world of books is not closed to children who have problems reading (motivation, reading flow and understanding …). On the other hand, the reader helps to understand important words and relationships better. When "Harry Potter" in the original version no longer causes question marks in the heads, but makes sense, This catapults the motivation to learn into unimagined spheres!

Because an audiobook significantly improves listening comprehension, it is easier for children to learn English as a whole.

Learn English with children: improve pronunciation

Just that English language differs in emphasis certain letters very strongly from the German. The German pronunciation of "th" is not the subject of numerous jokes for nothing. In the case of educational audio books in particular, the focus of the texts and songs is on clear expression of the readers. With repeated hearing of the segments, it becomes increasingly easier for the children to correctly emphasize individual silver words and finally whole words. If they are then packed into a gripping story or a rhythmic song – so much the better!

Learning English with children: motivation through adventure and digital

Children generally love to be with digital media to learn – this is also shown by the current FACT survey by scoyo. Everything that is digital, not analog, pen and paper, is first of all exciting and new. In this way, things that are actually dusty and boring for young people can be stored in the new digital shine shine. Audiobooks are therefore also a great companion for learning English. Vocabulary not only has to be repeated like a tough piece of chewing gum, but is the gateway to many great adventure stories. And grammar rules are the natural everyday life of the audiobook hero.

In addition, providers of On-line-Audiobooks Children and parents, for example, can access the large selection of digital educational audiobooks here at any time and very easily.

scoyo extra tip: Use the entire world of media

As you can see, the classic way to learn vocabulary is not the only one. Learning languages ​​is so much more than just rolling over books and index cards. A varied addition that represents this learning method Learn with digital media The possibilities here go far beyond the audiobook: Children’s websites, learning apps and online learning platforms also bring content to children lively and playful closer. Thereby the knowledge is passed through interactive, varied and multimedia-based learning stories to an exciting adventure that WANTS to be discovered. Try it yourself. (↪️ For one optimal use mobile please turn to landscape. &# 128077; The task comes from fourth grade. You can discover more exercises with your scoyo test account.)

* This article was created with the kind support of the audiobook provider audible.


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