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oral hygiene

oral hygiene

In dentistry there is always talk of a good home oral hygiene. She seems the A&O to be the dental health and neglecting the triggers of any disease. Unfortunately, few people really know what a good home-based oral hygiene is.

Home Oral Hygiene: What do I need?

  • Brush teeth

To a good oral hygiene counts natural daily brushing. This should be done 2-3 times a day for 3-5 minutes. Whether you use an electric or manual toothbrush does not matter, it depends on the right technique!

  • 30 minutes waiting for the meal

Acid-forming substances soften the enamel after eating and drinking (except water) for about 30 minutes. If the teeth are brushed during this time, the tooth enamel is literally scrubbed off. Therefore, it is worthwhile to wait with the teeth brushing until the tooth enamel hardens again.

Especially in the interdental spaces food leftovers can accumulate and form disease centers. That’s why it’s important to use dental floss daily.

Inspection dates should be strictly adhered to. Only then can diseases be detected and treated in good time.

At the professional dental cleaning in Berlin also places are cleaned, which can not be reached with the manual tooth cleaning. Here, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned, hard plaque removed and cleaned gingival pockets. Afterwards the teeth are polished and fluoridated and thus additionally protected.

For a good oral hygiene, it is important to drink a lot. Only then are deposits removed from the teeth and the production of saliva stimulated. This in turn protects the tooth in addition. Because bacteria can develop particularly well in a dry mouth.

A dry mouth is dangerous. Especially snorers or people who talk a lot have to pay special attention to their oral hygiene, as bacteria can develop better in the dry mouth.

When crunching the teeth of the lower and upper jaw are rubbed together with extreme force. As a result, the enamel is rubbed off and the teeth lose their hard tooth substance. As a result, teeth are more prone to disease and external influences. Crisis should definitely audition with your dentist Berlin by CASA DENTALIS. An individually made crunching bar can protect and protect your teeth!

Even a balanced diet is part of good oral hygiene. Because a high sugar consumption means a constant attack of the enamel and thus endangerment of the teeth.

Good oral hygiene – what should I avoid?

  • mouthwashes

If your Dentist Berlin at CASA DENTALIS you the use of a mouthwash, e.g. in case of inflammation of the gums, not expressly recommended, you should keep it away. For mouthwashes have the purpose to stop bacterial growth. However, they do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria. When using mouthwashes, the ratio of the bacteria in the oral cavity is thus completely out of balance.

Our Dentists Berlin by CASA DENTALIS advise again and again to keep away from whitening toothpastes. In such products are usually small particles contained, which should serve the purpose of brushing discoloration on the tooth surface. However, no individual dosage or monitoring is guaranteed. Ultimately, such toothpastes wear off the enamel piece by piece and the underlying greyish tooth layer becomes visible. With such “beauty” products, you do more harm to your teeth than good!

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