The best children’s flea market in hamburg

Yes, the Hamburg children’s flea market is worth it. There are great and worthwhile children’s flea markets in the city. However, it is difficult to find the dates. Not every operator enters his flea market everywhere.

Children’s flea market Hamburg insider tip

This flea market is only twice a year – nevertheless second-hits-for-kids is the mother of the children’s flea market in Hamburg.

Flea markets, including children’s and baby flea markets in Hamburg, updated in 2019

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Children’s flea market Hamburg Second Hits for kids. 3 minutes after opening. You have to be quick, worse than in summer or winter sales.

Flea markets with no focus on children:

There are a few exceptionally good flea markets in Hamburg. Here you benefit from the fact that the Hanseat is discrete and inconspicuous per se and is reluctant to show its nakedness and sell bad goods.

In contrast to Berlin, there is little junk in HH. Hamburg is rich and space needs to be created for new goods on a regular basis, so I mention this in more detail here. The flea markets in the ‘inner city’ are nice, but overrated.

Others, like the one on Else-Rauch Platz or the flea markets on the outskirts, are considerably better. In general, flea markets on the outskirts / bacon belt are probably better in every city in the world.

Selection of flea markets in Hamburg

  • Culture flea market around the Museum of Work
  • Eimsbüttler residents’ flea market on Else-Rauch-Platz
  • once a year the ultra-secret tip because the incredibly good flea market Bunte-Meile in Bergstedt
  • In the Goldbekhaus in Winterhude, the rich Winterhuder-Muddis brand children’s clothes sell for inconceivably little money
  • A classic is the antique and flea market "Flohschanze"
  • there is a good flea market at altonale
  • the antique and flea market Lehmweg is also very nice.

Now there is an article about a flea market from 2010.

It’s time again tomorrow. Second hits for kids children’s flea market in Hamburg Norderstedt on Sunday, March 7th, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. in 22844 Norderstedt in the sports hall of the Harksheide high school in Falkenbergstrasse 25 (click here for map on Google Maps).

A children’s flea market in Hamburg, or baby flea market, is one of the best inventions since sliced ​​bread. The child needs new clothes all the time and that costs money. It’s a good thing that there are a number of children’s flea markets in Hamburg where parents sell their children’s clothes and toys that are no longer required.

This is the best thing you can do.
Used children’s clothes from the flea market are not only inexpensive, no, they are also environmentally friendly, sustainable, ecologically correct. Washed umpteen times and less polluted than H&M New goods, plus recycling, there is hardly anything more sensible.

The flea market in Norderstedt impressed me the most of all the children’s flea markets I had visited so far.

A whole gym in which the clothes are sorted by size on tables. Sometimes even sorted according to summer and winter goods. Perfect!

You will get a plastic bag at the entrance and then you have to be very quick. Together with you, very, very, very many other parents go to the right table (you will meet us at the table size 92) and collect clothes as much as possible. First stuff in the bag, you can still sort out later.

After 30 minutes, extremely long lines form at the cash registers and the shopping pass is over. I have a video somewhere here from the penultimate children’s flea market … oh yes, there it is.

The organizer writes the following about his flea market:

Norderstedt’s large children’s article market! 200 sellers sell good spring and summer items for children up to size 176! Children’s clothing, bicycles, smaller children’s furniture, toys, books, strollers, etc. – everything is sorted by type and size – so browsing is even more fun! Since we also sell buggies and prams, they have to own unfortunately stay outside! … 20% of the sales proceeds will go to the Albert-Schweitzer-Haus eV children’s and youth work association in Norderstedt!

And do you know why I’m going to Norderstedt?

Very easily. You get the best price-performance ratio for children’s things in Hamburg on the outskirts or in the suburbs. Eppendorf and Winterhude are also ok to buy children’s clothes, but the suburbs are just the best.

Attention, now stupid boy talk comes with a spark of truth in it.
The Muddis in the suburbs often don’t go to work. They also sew a hole and make sure that they have much more time that the children’s things usually are much better preserved than in the inner city flea markets. You notice that at the funerary table. Not every trash is put there, you might think people are doing badly. So Muddi only gives the "good" things to the flea market, you don’t want to talk or anything. Overall, a good thing for buyers like me.
Stupid boyish end

The only disadvantage:
You can’t trade, all fixed price.

At some point I will write something about the topic of “inexpensive shopping and doing the right thing at children’s flea markets in Christian community centers”. You can have a lot of fun there. Until then, I’ll enjoy the hustle and bustle tomorrow, buy a piece of cake and various coffee and maybe there will be a new Wii game on the game table this time.

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9 thoughts on “The best children’s flea market in Hamburg”

Do you know what I’m doing this weekend with? – With children’s flea markets! Photo: Children’s flea market in Hamburg uploaded by Markus Merz We drive to a children’s flea market in Norderstedt. These children’s flea markets are a fine thing, but somehow they’re not compatible with boys. Beating, biting, bickering, crowds of people, women, crowd around tables that only have one number. I have to queue at number 68 tomorrow. The clothes I’m looking for have to do three things: they have to fit, they have to be pretty, the roommate has to find them pretty, too, and every male reader will agree that it’s almost impossible to do all three at once, but I give mine Best. Children’s flea markets are really hot, my first children’s flea market shocked me, I only knew such mass panic sales from television and from the Nintendo Wii sales start at Saturn (the story of my first children’s flea market is also told quickly. In a church parish hall, in which there was a strong smell of grandma / grandpa there were piles of clothes and at that time I didn’t know what a body was made of pullover different. I just went out and ate cakes. Our favorite flea markets around the child in Hamburg (under "Shopping -> Baby flea markets -> here “there is a very long list) Website writes about the flea market on Sunday:

… the children’s clothing market Second Hits for Kids, which is well-known around Norderstedt, takes place in the sports hall of the Harksheide high school. 200 vendors sell good used items for children up to size 176 for spring and summer. All goods are sorted by type and size, so that buyers get a good overview. Clothing, toys, books, smaller children’s furniture, bicycles etc., everything is sorted – so browsing is even more fun!

Source: The flea market is recommended. Since we have made really great bargains (you can not tell). There are each Lots of children’s flea markets in Hamburg – if you’re smart, go to those on the outskirts or to Eppendorf. Things are better quality and cheaper there. The muddies there are not so dependent on the money, they make it more of a place, so I’ll do that tomorrow. Buy piles of clothes and then watch the child grow out of them. In Berlin, I myself often sold at the flea market. It was a great time without any child’s stuff. That’s why there are points for Hamburg. Berlin 5-0similar posts

Was Norderstedt incorporated? So far I thought it was an independent city;)

Hi there
on October 30, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. we will be holding a similar children’s clothing and toy market in the daycare center Wernigeroder Weg 10, 22455 Hamburg. Come on by some time. You will see that Hamburg can too, not just the surrounding area.
And there is plenty of coffee in the cafeteria. The proceeds will go to the sponsoring association Kita Wernigeroder Weg.
Best regards
by the 1st chairman

Hi there,
we also organize flea markets for baby and children’s clothing.
The cafeteria is open during the event.

Flea market for baby and children’s clothing
The runner! You will definitely find something suitable for your child here.
Sat 19.02.11 14:00 – 17:00 € 20.00
Sat 25.06.11. 14:00 – 17:00 € 20.00
Sat 17.09.11. 14:00 – 17:00 € 20.00


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